August 19, 2022

Jen Psaki admits Biden’s handlers don’t want him to answer unscripted questions

President Joe Biden has been dodging tough questions from the press since the 2020 presidential campaign. In a stunning admission from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, it’s intentionally been that way.

Psaki admitted that letting Biden take candid questions was “not something we recommend,” according to Fox News. She made this stunning revelation on CNN podcast “The Axe Files” Thursday.

The host, David Axelrod, asked about an incident when a CNN reporter got Biden to admit that the $15 minimum wage would not be included in the coronavirus relief package passed earlier this year. Psaki had gone home for the day and Biden was headed back to his residence when the reporter, Kaitlan Collins, asked him about it .

“That is not something we recommend,” she told the host about allowing the president to take questions from reporters. “In fact, a lot of times we say ‘don’t take questions,'” she continued. “But he’s going to do what he wants to do because he’s the president of the United States.”

Psaki went on to say that the administration was trying to stay focused and that they have decided to only take questions on specific topics during press conferences. However, Biden didn’t hold his first solo press conference until March 25 — nearly two months into his term.

During that press conference, many eagle-eyed observers noted Biden was using cheat sheets and calling on friendly reporters. He appeared to have one sheet with facts about topics he would be asked to discuss and another with reporter’s photos and identities with some of them appearing to be numbered.

The president’s handlers seem reluctant to let Biden speak off the cuff about anything. Several times, they’ve simply ushered him out of a room after a speech or appearance, the New York Post reported.

There are many troubling signs that Biden is on the decline, physically and cognitively. However, it’s not so much that his people are trying to hide him as it is that the media don’t seem to be curious enough to find out why.


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Saira Merrie (@guest_1243422)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1243693)
Reply to  Saira Merrie
1 year ago

You know, you would think that a person who is a front runner for President
would have to get a physical and mental evaluation before voters voted. The Democrats did all they could for this idiot to take the WH. I read somewhere that the WH Doctors where changed right before Biden got sworn into office.

Evente61 (@guest_1244427)
Reply to  Saira Merrie
1 year ago

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James 75th Regiment (@guest_1243667)
1 year ago

Perfect…A President to incompetent to answer questions, that explains why him and Jimmy Carter or on the same page. Obama what can I say???

Chris Robinette (@guest_1243686)
Reply to  James 75th Regiment
1 year ago

Biden has recently made millions of tax payers very happy when stating that anyone making UNDER $400,000 will not have to pay a single penny in income taxes. HOLD BIDEN TO HIS PROMISEING STATEMENT AND PAY NO TAXES IF MAKE UNDER $400,000 FOR 2021 TAX YEAR.

Steve Lujan (@guest_1243717)
Reply to  Chris Robinette
1 year ago

Can you believe the crap that they keep putting out there what’s really weird is I think it’s like maybe 30% people voted for Biden the destroyer is what I’m wondering is what’s wrong with those 30%

Margaret (@guest_1243909)
Reply to  Steve Lujan
1 year ago

They don’t let him answer questions because he can’t. He has dementia, doesn’t bode well to try when your mind is going fast, doubt he will be more lucid at all. Obama is running his third term, Biden can’t, have an idea this was planned from the start. Guess they would have put a monkey in just to have a warm body.

Mr. Phil (@guest_1247120)
Reply to  James 75th Regiment
1 year ago

Jimmy was and is a good man, not the same can be said about the criminal traitors Joe Dominion and bathhouse berry O . I suspect they will have a special place in HELL.

Purple heart (@guest_1243674)
1 year ago

Situation normal all fouled up. Four years with a senile brain dead pervert, joes bernie world thanks snowflakes shows your INTELLIGENCE LEVEL.

Greta (@guest_1243675)
1 year ago

He can’t answer anything without the puppeteers pulling the strings. His mind is gone, you can see it in his blank eyes. Elder abuse is very evident and we real Americans are paying dearly.

Purple heart (@guest_1243676)
1 year ago

Say it ain’t so Joe

Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement (@guest_1243678)
1 year ago

Biden’s handlers don’t want Biden to answer any kind of questions because they know for a fact he will lie on every one of them or not answer the questions that is ask of him in the right way. Biden mind is all most gone and his handlers know that to be true.

MICHAEL (@guest_1243904)

Ok, you got 23 years in Law Enforcement and thank you from one Vietnam Veteran to another. Myself 7 years in Marines 1968-1975 and 14 months in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat 1969-1970 but I have a question, with these riots,looting and destruction of property that we saw and are still seeing, how can a Mayor, one person, tell the Police not to ENFORCE THE LAW AND STAND DOWN?? I just don’t get it. Can the MAYOR tell the Police not to respond to robberies? Domestic violence calls and other crimes?? How can that be?? These are LAWS and no ONE PERSON can say, “IGNORE THESE LAWS… Can you maybe explain??

PopPopB (@guest_1244518)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Can a mayor tell the police not to answer calls, Yes! Is it against the law to do so ,Yes. The problem is if the officer or officers do not do what he said,they will be fired and have to spend money they do not have to try and get their job back. I was a police officer for 35 years and saw this happen in other Departments over this time. Most of the officers never did get back to work.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1243681)
1 year ago

We the people will suffer for him being that way too. Can not wait to see him go up against putin.. that guy will crush biden. Then there are the terrorist, after that comes china.. king biden will bury us all by then.. if their is not a dictator with a set coming straight for usa i would be shocked.. get yourself ready we made be headed for hand to hand attacks soon.. peppermint patty should know when to keep her trap shut. Maybe not…

Larry (@guest_1243694)
1 year ago

Biden’s handlers or controller don’t want him talkin to reporters unless they have approved the questions and have made up the replies and put on the teleprompt for the same reason Obumer kept him silent in the background for8 years. Biden does not have the intelligence and ability to talk to reporters and the public

Linda (@guest_1243697)
1 year ago

Lying demented biden IS NOT PRESIDENT a fraud put in office to only get rid of our true President Trump. An to destroy, divide our country an hes also trying to bankrupt America. Obama in continuing where he left off to destroy n etc where he left off for Soros New World Order. Biden has no business in office if he can only read whats wrote for him. They all need to be removed arrested.

IlliniGuy (@guest_1243708)
1 year ago

Typical BS after BS after BS. Biden’s presidency is a joke if it wasn’t so bad.

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1243933)
Reply to  IlliniGuy
1 year ago

Joe Biden is a TURD !

Stephen Russell (@guest_1243726)
1 year ago

Wonder why?? something may slip?
Gaffes galore, Trained mind for Joe
We control Joe
Name the we who control Joe
Americas Puppet President

sue (@guest_1243830)
1 year ago

I truly also blame his wife——its senior abuse and she should have known he was not fit for office…..what a shame…..any legacy he ever had wil be totally destroyed if he had any to begin with. How low the Dems would stoop to put someone in power who probably can’t even remember what he can do on a daily basis.

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1244055)
1 year ago

In the 47 years that creep was in politics he has never done anything for this country. His wife should be jailed for elder abuse. A wife has to know her spouse has onset dementia.

Katydid (@guest_1244068)
1 year ago

Who ever heard of a United States President not being allowed to answer questions. What are they hiding? That he is incompetent or that they have a communist agenda or both. What a disgrace it is for our country to have such lame brained people in our government and especially as our President and Vice President. I keep asking for just one person that voted for Biden to tell me how they think he is doing and not a single person is brave enough to answer that question.

ajk (@guest_1244087)
1 year ago

How is it that the President of these United States cannot make his own decisions about “what” he is to say or not say?”…WHY DID HE RUN FOR PRESIDENT?? (or, is it ‘WHO MADE HIM RUN FOR PRESIDENT?.. “WHO” IS THE ACTUAL PRESIDENT…(THE ONE WHO IS MAKING ALL THE CALLS ETC.) THIS WAS A FRAUDULENT ELECTION…&THE WHOLE GROUP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED A.S.A.P!!

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1244093)
1 year ago

The media is in on it so why would they question it. The questions that he is asked have been submitted in advance so the people controlling Biden can come up with the answer for him and he just has to read it when asked the question in the press conference.

TC (@guest_1244186)
1 year ago

time to remove all teh crooked democrats from office and also the puppeteer and arrest him for doing so, there is no 3rd term Presidents in USA he is evil, works for the dark side, pobably the leader of that too.

Kathy Carter (@guest_1244304)
1 year ago

I read A article today that said Biden’s wife is helping him make school decisions None of us voted for her or Obama to run the country.At least before all the election fraud we can say we had a damn good president.Thank you Donald J.Trump

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1244436)
1 year ago

Democrats are still chasing each other’s tails trying to determine who the alpha dog is. The scents can be confusing when senses are always numb.

bonboyl (@guest_1245772)
1 year ago

Kathy Carter: President Trump is appreciated more and more as time and the Biden destruction goes on. He was a great President and it’s a crime that he has been treated with so much hatred. Anything good he did for the country, they have to destroy. It has to end if we are going to save our country.

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1246634)
1 year ago

Even more pathetic than this administration is the fact Biden still managed to screw up his answers on the teleprompter

HerminiaJarrett (@guest_1246747)
1 year ago

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