May 28, 2022

Jan. 6th committee subpoena’s five House Republicans

Democrats are still hoping to find a pot of political gold somewhere in the events of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Their next move is an escalation of that effort.

The congressional committee investigating Jan. 6 subpoenaed five House Republicans Thursday after allegedly finding evidence “they simply cannot ignore,” the Washington Examiner reported. They were told they must appear for a deposition at the end of the month.

The Republicans include House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as well as Reps. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, and Jim Jordan of Ohio. However, it’s unclear whether any of them will comply.

Congressional investigations reporter Jackie Alemany said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday that it’s unlikely they would. She further stated the committee decided to provide these GOP lawmakers “the opportunity to respond to evidence that they had found throughout the investigation,” she claimed.

Alemany said that McCarthy, Perry, and Jordan had already been asked for voluntary cooperation. “It is clear [that] along the way, they’ve found evidence that they simply cannot ignore that involves and indicts these lawmakers in some way, which is why you’re seeing them now escalate this and call them in via subpoenas,” she said.

“You know, lawmakers yesterday — Democratic lawmakers at least — did not want to even flirt with the contempt conversation and what they’re going to do if these lawmakers decide not to comply with these subpoenas,” Alemany said they’ve held back for the sake of time and resources.

“But they’ve clearly made the calculus that in the interest of democracy and their investigation … they needed to take further steps to bring them in,” Alemany said. However, the “calculus” likely has more to do with the upcoming midterm elections, where the GOP is likely to sweep the House and throw out the entire investigation.

The probe into Jan. 6 has turned up nothing to support their claims of a coordinated insurrection. However, it is the only thing Democrats have to fundraise on at this point since their leadership has been an abysmal failure — and even their voters know it.

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Eleanor H Korf (@guest_1287167)
13 days ago

Insurrection:A rising or rebellion of citizens against their government, usually manifested by acts of violence.

What portion of that January 6 debacle was a true insurrection. If that were so it would have lasted a whole lot longer with a whole lot more people involved.

Thomas Sellers (@guest_1287208)
Reply to  Eleanor H Korf
12 days ago

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chuck (@guest_1287171)
12 days ago

The republicans being asked to appear should agree only if Pelosi is required to appear to answer one question Why was the offer of the National Guard to help maintain and control the crowd at the Capitol turned down.??? Pelosi was well aware that the protest could turn into a riot. The refusal of help from the Guard put the Capital police in danger and the protesters in danger but I firmly believe Pelosi was taking advantage of the situation to get back at Trump as she was made a fool by the Russian collusion and her failed attempt of impeachment. The January 6th so-called insurrection is just another attempt by a woman who is displaying her hate and revenge in another of her fiascos. She should be held accountable for her refusal of the Guard if they had been there no riot would have occurred. the old saying no fool like an old fool but whats worse is a woman with revenge on her mind.



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