July 4, 2022

Israeli soldiers kill four Hamas militants in gun skirmish

Israeli Defense Forces killed at least four Hamas terrorists during gunfire on Sunday during conflicts in the West Bank, according to a military spokesperson.

“The cell planned to conduct a sequence of kidnappings and murders across the country, defense officials told Channel 13 news. The group did not, however, have the capability to commit suicide bombings, the network said,” according to the Times of Israel.

“Officials estimated to Channel 12 that the cell had also been planning a major attack in Jerusalem, similar to those seen during the violent uprising in the early 2000s, without elaborating further,” it added.

The IDF also tweeted information regarding the raid, “Last night, based on accurate intelligence, IDF, ISA & “Yamam” forces operated in Judea & Samaria to stop Hamas terrorists from carrying out attacks against Israeli civilians.”

It added, “During the operation, two IDF soldiers were seriously injured.”

“Two IDF personnel, an officer and a soldier, were seriously wounded during the overnight operations in the town of Burqin west of Jenin and have been evacuated to the hospital for treatment. Their families have been notified and the circumstances surrounding their injuries will be investigated,” according to an official IDF statement.

The actions follow the Gaza War in May during which thousands of rockets were fired by Hamas into Israel. The Iron Dome served as a vital part of the protection, a project funded in part by American support.

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