June 12, 2021

Israel rejects Biden administration’s calls for ceasefire

Israel has rejected a call for a ceasefire from President Joe Biden, noting it’s not the time to pull back, as the Middle East’s most enduring democracy faces attacks from Hamas.

“I don’t think it’s the time to talk about the calls for a ceasefire,” Israeli Foreign Affairs ministry spokesman Lior Haiat told reporters Wednesday. “There’s nothing really to talk about,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced he would send the State Department’s top official for Israel and Palestinian Affairs to attempt to work toward a ceasefire, according to The New York Times.

“These people of darkness, these Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, have blood on their hands,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday during a visit to a hospital where children injured in the rocket attacks received treatment.

“An hour ago, we assassinated senior commanders in Hamas’s headquarters, including the commander of Gaza City and other commanders. This is just the beginning. We will hit them with strikes they have never dreamed of,” he added.

Biden has sought to deescalate the situation in Israel. Blinken has noted, however, the “very clear and absolute distinction between a terrorist organization, Hamas that is indiscriminately raining down rockets, in fact, targeting civilians” and Israeli operations, according to a Bloomberg report.

“But whenever we see civilian casualties, and particularly when we see children caught in the crossfire losing their lives, that has a powerful impact,” Blinken added Wednesday.

“And I think Israel has an extra burden in trying to do everything it possibly can to avoid civilian casualties, even as it is rightfully responding in defense of its people.”

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71 Responses

  1. I support Israel right to defend their nation and their people. Remember God is watching everything we do and who we support. This could be happening where you live and i am sure others that believe in our Lord God would be praying for you and the holy spirit would protect you

  2. I think Biden is running a new company
    “Missile’s for Morons.”All he needs to do
    is show up on camera with a Kufi on his

  3. It won’t be long before we start Seeing Rice with
    a Hijab on her head and waving a picture of Kerry
    and the Ayatollah Counting Money in Tehran where
    he is still selling the United States with the promise
    of more subsities for Missiles to shoot at Isreal.! Why
    has’nt Biden sent Harris in to talk to the Palestinians
    to cease fire,She did a hell of a job at the border did’nt
    she now.What a joke.!!

  4. Biden has sucked up to Iran in the past now he want to let Hamas do everything to Israel citizens and get away with it. We have a panty waste in office never served his country in uniform , but now knows how to control enemy’s. I do not think so and his Admin. will get in a war either here or over seas.

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