April 18, 2021

POLL: Is Joe Biden Mentally Fit To Be President? [VOTE]

Joe Biden wants to be president of the United States, but he can’t make a public appearance without forgetting where he is or what he was saying.

Biden’s memory lapses and gaffes have gotten so bad that Biden very rarely makes his own media appearances anymore. Are you comfortable with someone in his condition leading our great nation?

Donald Trump held daily press conferences for 40 consecutive days during the coronavirus crisis. Joe Biden hid in his basement. 

Biden is claiming that Donald Trump is the one that isn’t fit to lead the country, but anyone that has watched Biden stumble through even carefully curated press conferences knows that it can only get worse from here.

If Biden can’t be trusted to speak in front of the nation now, is he fit to lead the nation for the next four years?

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2 Responses

  1. In his present mental condition and age, he is definitely not fit to run the office of president. In my opinion, If he is elected, Obama will become the power behind the throne.

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