September 25, 2020

Irony alert: Ruth Bader Ginsberg to win award from National Constitution Center

In an ironic twist, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be winning an award from the National Constitution Center.

This, from the justice who has openly condemned the Constitution as outdated.

The Hill reports:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be awarded this year’s Liberty Medal by the National Constitution Center.

The Constitution Center said it is honoring Ginsburg with its 32nd annual Liberty Medal for her efforts to “advance liberty and equality for all.”

Let’s go back to 2012, when Ginsburg was asked about the constitution-making process for Egypt. According to ABC, Ginsberg replied:

Asked by the English-speaking interviewer whether she thought Egypt should use the Constitutions of other countries as a model, Ginsburg said Egyptians should be “aided by all Constitution-writing that has gone on since the end of World War II.”

“I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the Constitution of South Africa,” says Ginsburg, whom President Clinton nominated to the court in 1993. “That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, had an independent judiciary. … It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done. Much more recent than the U.S. Constitution.”

Again, this is from a woman who has sworn to uphold the constitution but has done much to undermine it, weaken it, and manipulate it under the guise of the “living document” theory.

We wish Justice Ginsburg the best of health, but cannot ignore the fact that she has done much to denigrate and undermine the constitution.

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66 Responses

  1. It is time for Ginsburg to retire. She needs to take care of her health, not sit forever on the Supreme Court. There should be term or age limits in the court as well. It should not be a lifetime appointmentz

      1. Is it just me or is everything in the world upside down right now she was elected to defend our constitution and she’s trying to change it and alter it to suit the Democrat party not the constitution as originally written this is wrong she should not get an award she should retire and leave the bench it’s time to put somebody new in her place this old lady has lost it

    1. Absolutely agree with you!!! Term limits, age limits, and absolutely no lifetime appointments! Retire Ginsburg – it’s way past time for you to go!!!

    2. U agree wholeheartedly. She should retire now. Live what life she had left. Her history of upholding the constitution is grim at bedt.

  2. When you are a Communist, you will always Rule against Americans. That has been Ginsberg’s stand while serving on the Supreme Court. If she thinks she can hold on until Trump is out of Office, She would be defeating death itself.

  3. Awards lost any real meaning during the Obama administration and any supreme court justice nominated by the left do not rule on the constitution as its written by the founders the only awards that mean anything are those to the military police and first responders and thats it

    1. I agree Peter! The rest have been granted to nobodies. or for nothing they did, like the bama guy 2 weeks into the presidency! What kind of merit is that? just like now with her.

  4. Ginsberg should step down now. You can see it is a struggle for her to sit there day in and day out every day. Let some one that is healthy and that can give 100% of themselves to the job. But I have a feeling that she is going to stay as long as Pelosi tells her to stay.

      1. If the Constitution is a “living, breathing, document then why do we have to amend it? Just let it morph into whatever it should be. And if we should take the laws of other countries into account then we could cut the hands off thieves like they did in Saudi Arabia. Now that’s considered cruel so they surgically remove the hand. Maybe toss people off roofs too.

    1. That is my understanding, also!!!! Quite some time back, she was quoted as saying, she will stay as long as Trump is in office (and she doesn’t like him; therefore, any request from him, she will not vote for!!). With her health, she really does need to retire!!

    2. Nothing to do with Pelosi. Ginsberg hates President Trump and she will stay as long as she can so that he can’t appoint another Conservative.

  5. Another bunch of left wing nuts. Ginsburg should be condemned for what she said about our Constitution, not given an award. The left wing has turned out Great Country upside down. Put her in an old age home. She’s a disgrace to our justice system and country.

  6. That dirty old Communist Bolshevik should have been disbarred and thrown off the Court DECADES AGO!
    She is a CRIMINAL HACK who only votes liberal agenda when she should be voting what’s Constitutional. I can’t wait for her to retire or drop dead so Trump can replace her. She should also have been forced to retire for medical and mental health reasons.

    1. I agree Jack. Doesn’t she have any family that she wants to spend her last days with.? She said she would step down when she couldn’t do her job 100%. There is no way she can be doing her job 100%. She sits there and doesn’t even move. My husband made a comment wondering if she was alive or not. Its sad that the democrats won’t even leave when they aren’t able to do their jobs anymore. She needs to go.

  7. The US Constitution is kept up to date by Amendments. What Ginsberg failed to tell the Egyptian inquirer is that fact. And our US Constitution has been amended as needed. If more is needed and placed into law by Congress, it can be done.

  8. This worthless old woman who by her own words admits that in her estimation the document she is supposed to use as a basis for every decision she makes as a member of the SCOTUS is not what she considers a good model for other like documents has by those comments essentially disqualified her self as a true unbiased jurist who rules based on a strict interpretation of said document.

  9. Ginsberg is a hopelessly demented communist. Time for her to say too-da-loo and take her lace collars with her. But of course she won’t. She’s too far gone to recognize that whatever mind she had exists no longer.

  10. Refuses to retire Due to her HATRED of Trump, We still pay her and she sleeps a lot on the Job, We MUST either have term Limits or else Age Limits, She may have been on the Ball at times in her life, But at close to 90 Years old she is like any other Human, Brain Slows Down, She is no longer able to work on all cylinders, She is now & has been for Many Years, NOT Capable to Serve as a Supreme Court Justice, SO SAD !

    1. I agree, what if the entire Supreme Court had these aged judges, they could all sleep through sessions, not fair to the country.

      1. If she is even still alive the Dems could have her stored in a funeral home somewhere till after the election I would not put anything past them they are so evil

  11. As far as putting her in a nursing home that’s a great idea but send her to New York we’re Mario Como can put her in one of his nursing homes. It’ll be a short stay

  12. Lord forgive me but, please take this woman back home, wherever that may be. She is determined to live long enough to help destroy our country.

  13. I believe she/ RBG has long been dead; she did not attend the State of the Union address; notice the Media is mum when it comes to talking about her.

  14. She should certainly have been gone once she started deciding what she thinks the Constitution says, instead of actually ruling on what it says. If she did, she would have noticed it says nothing about life-time appointments. And if she had gone to school to study the Constitution, she would have found out why, the Founders wanted nothing to do with life-time appointments. They can be asked to resign .

  15. This lady has done well until 31or so years ago,someone got to her &wrecked her AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL THINKING !!! SHE IS JUST LIKE JOCKITCH O’BIDEN her stage of DEMENTIA IS keeping her from making a reliable,honest decision. Dementia puts a person in a non cooperative situation in most conversation !!!

  16. How can you wish someone who hates and doesn’t follow or believe in the very thing she is sworn to uphold and to date has made so many illegal decisions as a so called supreme court justice? This person is part of our problem and is directly responsible for the genocidal murder of over 60 million of our unborn youth! Anything bad that happens to someone like this is well earned and when she stands before God and tries to explain her way out of the hell that she is responsible for creating and supporting here on earth she will be damned to HELL forever and all I can say is good riddance! There will be no statues or rewards for the treason and death you’ve allowed to run rampid in our country!

    1. Yes I totally agree. There should be term limits on all Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congress. When the brain begins to deteriorate with the body and those who represent Americans tend to sleep on the job while pulling down their salaries it is time to retire.

  17. This is BS. Old Bag Ginsburg does not follow the Constitution and she made up her own Constitution that she follows

  18. The Only reason Ginsburg is staying on the court is to try to undermine the President, she has no use for our President as the Democrats are telling her what to do, she needs to retire and as soon as possible

  19. Speak against our constitution and you receive an award for it no wonder our legal system is in a mess and seemingly corrupt.

  20. The old diehard Democrat needs to take her little award and stop trying to hold out from retiring till after the election.trump is going to win.

  21. The best of all worlds would be, Trump gets reelected on 3 Nov. Ginzy, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Waters drop dead of natural causes on 4 Nov. The squad disappears (literally) on 5 Nov. to some landfill in NJ. Just wishful thinking.

  22. The National Constitution Center probably work for the Nobel Peace Prize people. At least the NCC waited more than a few months before making a mockery of the prize.

  23. I agree with Patty and many other people commenting that Ruth Ginsburg should NOT receive this award due to her ANTI CONSTITUTION BELIEFS AND ACTIONS. Also agree we need term limits and age limits for the Supreme Court appointees.

  24. I wonder if all federal workers are the same. I worked for the federal government, but I never wanted to stay there till I died. She reminds me of someone that worked at the same place and was more than old enough to retire, so she did, but by the time she had lost her husband and her daughter, really sad. But, that’s what you would call, dedication of greed!!

  25. I sort of left out why I wrote the comment about the woman that worked way after she was supposed to retire, and by the time she retired, sh had lost her husband and her daughter, which I think is really sad when something like that happens! So, I don’t know whether it’s dedication or greed.

    1. And least we not forget nadler he is always falling asleep just set and watch him on national tv and he gets paid for it yes I totally agree must have limitations on terms served!! And it should be on a ballot for we the people to vote on reason being they are elected by we the people! There for we the people should decide by we the people on a ballot to decide the term limits !! Not anyone in the government elected positions in any house senate and liberal’s in my opinion !

  26. So many of us think pelosi,maxine w. schumer,schiff har paying the protesters to destroy this country before the election to make it bad for trump.
    Ginsburg in her old age and cancer problems are messing her mind up badly and for the good of our coutry retire and get out.

  27. Why does this not surprise me? Libtards get everything even if they are against it. This shows that the people never looked into her decisions on the bench of the SCOTUS. Justices are to rule by the CURRENT constitution. And stop all this talk about a “living constitution”. The current one is just fine thank you. Just when you thought you heard it all something like this comes up. LOL is all I can comment.

  28. The DNC has been using duct tape and super glue to keep this old slut upright . Ginsburg should have retired a long time ago , but the old wench is playing politics . The box is waiting ,,, tick tock

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