March 5, 2021

Iran issues an arrest warrant for President Trump for killing of Solemani

America’s enemies hate President Trump with a passion.

The latest proof of this came with the news that Iran has issued a warrant for President Trump’s arrest for the killing of General Solemani.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Iran issued an arrest warrant for President Trump over the killing of top Iranian military official Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Tehran prosecutor Qasi Mehr asked the International Criminal Police Organization for help on Monday to arrest Trump and 35 other U.S. political and military leaders accused of being involved in Soleimani’s death, according to the government-funded Islamic Republic News Agency.

Of course, the warrant is an absolute joke. Iran has much more to fear from Trump than Trump from Iran.

That didn’t stop the terror-sponsoring nation from whining about Trump’s termination of their terrorist-in-chief, Solemani:

Iran called Soleimani’s killing “murder and terrorist acts,” and asked Interpol to issue “red notices,” which are requests “to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.”

The president is in no danger of arrest, and Interpol’s guidelines prohibit the international group from “undertaking any intervention or activities of a political” nature.

I wonder whether the media will dare to say what they really think – it’s hard not to imagine that they’re rooting for the terrorist nation of Iran on this one.

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79 Responses

    1. Damn Straight!!! I’m tired of all the bulls^%# against President Trump! If they arrest anybody it needs to be the ones (Obama, Hillary, Biden, Schumer) and the list goes on for treason!!!

      1. And Nadler And Shifty sh-t face Adam Shift and On and on ,if the shoe were on the other foot somehow they would find a clause in the law that wouldn’t protect them and they would throw away the key.What’s wrong with people that they can’t see the truth ,after all media is owned by Democratic billionaires that hate Trump because he’s in the way of their dirty deeds of stealing people’s money through scamming and shady business deals especially with ties to other countries ,can’t use $through the White House Like they did with Obama.They need Biden to use to get back to power and control of money and people

        1. Yes I agree with you they’ve taken bribes and they’re in trouble if Trump gets back in once you take a bribe you’re in for good

        2. Brenda B. ‘Those types of people you mentioned above are not in power to protect the people of our country , no more then they are with our president Donald J. Trump , and Trump been a thorn in their evil butts even before he gotten into his race to the white house , and now that Trump is our president , he may be the thorn deeper into their evil butts , and they are showing us every time they open their crooked evil mouths , with their crooked evil schemes , that are nothing short of lies , and our President Trump , told those evil types of people as much so , ever since those types of people came up with their evil crooked ways of attacking Trump , and those types of people you mentioned of , should of all been removed from power years back , as they have proven to we the people of our country , that they are the enemy within the government , and those X Presidents that still live , where their boss ,while they where sill in power over we the people of our country , and if we the people of our country think those attacks on our President Trump are bad , “What dose one think would take place if one of their own party got to run over our lives and country , Those attacks on our President would look like a mole hill , compared to what those types of evil minded people that you mentioned above are bad , as those are only the front leaders , that work for their bosses , as puppets , and those are the types of people , we the people of our country , are not to know their names or ever see their faces , as they do not have the guts to do so , and why they need those types of people mentioned above alone , to do their dirty work for them ,just like all this evil crap that is taking place within our country alone , that we are seeing and hearing of today.

          1. All of the above mentioned people should wear clear mask so that we can see their lips moving, when their lips are moving you know that they are lying.


      3. Middle East terrorist s totally wrong. President Trump has authority to kill the leader of terrorist organization. They murdered innocent peoples.

        1. Would that include the Aitolia Homaine. he is guilty of killing people not in his country but all over the middle east, by supporting terrorist in a number of country. That make him an international terrorist. So let’s put a target on his back, and get a arrest warrant too, Interpol should agree to that and other countries should issue warrants for this nut, and all of the military officers under his command.

      4. I thought they were Iran’s buddies. WE need to arrest them for treason. A little bit if Gitmo would do them good.

    2. Right on, Keith. These cretins don’t deserve a hearing or any consideration. They should have considered the consequences when they first started trying to take on the US of A.




    1. Agree-very low [+] Democrats have been trying to get President Trump since day one. Those name mention should be the one be investigated and for sure they will find wrongdoing and can be arrested and or locked up. They all looked so innocent especially when they are wearing their face mask.

  1. “I wonder whether the media will dare to say what they really think – it’s hard not to imagine that they’re rooting for the terrorist nation of Iran on this one.”


    1. The media is being paid off by the rich elites to do their biden’ so I wouldn’t count on them to change, and support the people any time soon.

    1. Most Americans that care about our country know President Trump is doing what needs to be done for our country and not a corrupt politician who is just looking out for their own political gain, agenda and profit. The difference is look at these corrupt politicians who have made millions while in office vs Trump who came into the WH as a billionaire? So who do you trust with your country, jobs and your income?
      Proud Veteran & Patriot

  2. This is part of the leftist campaign. We do not recognize Iran, and it is a stupid idea to try to keep report this which is nothing but propaganda. The media by continuing to play this is proving that they are sick, sick and sick. I do not recognize them. The general had caused many American deaths. He deserved what he got.

  3. All is fair in love and war, they say. How many of our men and women in uniform have been killed at Solimaniu’s hands, and American families afffected by the loss of their family members and breadwinners? So, no sympathy for Iran. Oh, well.

  4. The Democrats and the media will probably cooperate with the terrorist Iran to arrange for the kidnapping of Trump like the Israelis did with the Hitler war criminals.

  5. Just amazing how all dirty news about Trump runs 24-7 none stop and lies about Trump. just imagine if news media would treat Trump like a human and talk about all good things Trump has done for America and every American person… MSM has turned into bunch evil SOB’S

  6. Coming from Iran it’s only a hate note they try bullying Trump with as they are bullies and we all know that except their trained spy and secret Army controller they have here in their bases were so stupid as to let them have. Iran thinks they have two big buds in China, Russia and N. Korean girls club lol if a war with Iran would break out both buds will set back as they don’t want to get Into that. Iran is the land of camels,Moslems and hate for all outsiders, except the three pugs they think will run to their rescue lol. I worked with a Iranian engineer and now can understand their flaws just by his stupid actions. Most are just followers not leaders unless it’s 10 to 1 then most become leaders.

  7. Trump did the right thing when he had Soleimani killed. This man as well as the leadership of Iran were and still are murderers and part of the devils army. I hope Trump continues to stay strong and not soft peddle Iran and these crooked country leaders as Obama did. All Obama did was tell them that’s okay do as you want and I’ll pay you millions $$$. Obama likes to keep angst going in our country instead of taking care of our citizens and it’s people. He was a pimple on the backside of this country and never should have been president.

  8. So why not arrest Obama and Biden for approving the killing of Osama Ben laden and what about Sadam Hussein? They were both captured and killed by USA? They all deserved to be captured and killed since they were terrorists. But if
    Trump is guilty of any crime so are they because they approved a similar action.

    Proud Veteran & Patriot has

  9. I’m tired of all the bulls^%# against President Trump! If they arrest anybody it needs to be the ones (Obama, Hillary, Biden, Schumer) and the list goes on for treason!!!

  10. We have no free money for anyone. We do not allow anyone who is not a citizen to vote.Anyone in the Federal Goverment can give themselves a raise or imbelish their retirement if you have done this you owe the Federal Govermen a lot of we expect all of you to repay this Imediately no more tricks if you do not pay it back show up st the Prison.

  11. You see this is just another example of how the Democrats will try anything to remove a President that is good for our country not what they and their fake news are portraying. They hate Trump because he came into the WH with no political experience and made changes and improvements they could not do. Our country, citizens and POTUS is being attacked on several fronts by a Corona Virus, the economic results, the corrupt Deep State Democrats who want to take away our freedom/rights and support these terrorist organizations. President Trump is a counter puncher and a great leader but the Democrats and fake news media’s will continue make up false accusations and lie so they can move forward with their evil and corrupt plan to take over our country and make us conform to a socialist govt. or maybe better regimes like China, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, etc. They think that by supporting these terrorist orgs. and letting the violence and killing continue in major cities Americans will give into their demands and vote for their puppet President Joe Biden. True Americans need to stand up and let the Democrat swamp know we will not be controlled by a socialist party or their planned corrupt regime. Vote for Trump who will lead us through the corona pandemic, rebuild the economy and keep all americans safe and free.
    Proud Veteran & Patriot

  12. Wow! Well they are scrapping the bottom now, that’s as low as they can get. They really must feel threatened by Trump.

  13. You have got to be kidding!!! This is the craziest thing I’ve heard yet. Those people are nuts and need to be imprisoned for their acts of evil. I know the Dems are so happy to hear this, even if its not true. They are reaching and God is stopping them at every turn.

    1. I truly believe Dems Are behind just like everything else they have almost gotten away with,unfortunate they won’t do a day in jail even though they have ruined General Flynns life witch he was on his way to jail also just because he would have been in Trump administration,these people so corrupt and continue to get away with it.If people only realized the media and FBI and these twisted sick Dems lie all the time Trump could stay in his basement and win election no problem ,he could have done so much more if they only wanted to make America Great Again ,But they root for Iran and China instead ,these people need to go ,all of them.


  15. Iran’s just full of dirty tricks. I wonder whatever happened to the Ukraine prosecutor’s, criminal complaint against Joe Biden?

    1. They are waiting till after the election. to extradite him for black mailing a Ukrainian government official.

  16. I’m curious how long is that son of a biatch SOROS going to live….. shouldn’t he be 6 foot under by now….GOS has plans for the demon craps. They think they are untouchable. I can’t believe that their supporters
    Honestly believe these lying pieces of excrement are going to take care of them. This nations blood will b on their hands

  17. When we speak of criminals let’s not forget dirty Soros! This guy should be arrested for treason and kicked out of the country.

    1. Let’s not forget Bloomberg, he bribed congressmen to convict Trump. that is illegal, so Trump was never convicted, because the jury was tampered with.

  18. This is all what the demon-crates game plan is motivated by their violent agenda. They live in a corrupt world of a communistic agenda. Had Hillary been elected we would be at their demands. God has sent Donald Trump to give us oppurtunity. Either we take it or loose it? Once we made our decision to allow our lives to the care of God we become protected by having Jesus Christ enter in our lives. I don’t allow these thugs that the demon-crates let run loose all over our demo cities to gain power to make us take a knee to their cause. It is bottom of the barrel “COMMUNISM”. Some of the comments that I read are correct of the leaders in this movement. We know who they are.

  19. Lets not forget New York Mayor and governor one sent covid-19 people in with non covid people and the other one just defunded the police. Two idiots running NY in the ground, just glad i dont live there. So fix that problem vote 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP

    1. Does that mean Gov is a mass murder.
      Since they can afford to defund police, they don’t need federal dollars to buy more equipment or train officers any longer. We can use the savings to build the wall.

    2. You know that I don’t blame the governor or the mayor, it it the fault of the people that keep voting for them. They know that they are crooks and killers, and yet they keep supporting them. This is their fault.

  20. Iran, terrorist PIG, watch what you say to our President Trump that we can knock you out over the Red Sea, and you will be out in the Middle East. Israel along can do the same thing with you dam a’hole. You can just have Obomo, Biden and Killiry they are yours.

  21. I’m wondering when these corrupt lying murdering terrorists/democrats are going to be arrested

  22. Left wing liberals dems so desperate to hurt President Trump and his supporters. They are such an idiot.

  23. The governor of New York is a sick and demented person. If he thinks he can get away with the mass murder of 10>12K seniors, then he is crazier than Obama.

  24. Iran, is one of the world’s FAILURES economically, socially and moral. The leaders have studied Carl Marx theory and have stolen the pride and accomplishment from the people as they see them selves as all knowing. That warrant is about enforceable as a piece of toilet paper.
    In my youth I did business with Iran a Country that was Free, Developing a middle class , a country that was finding it’s place in the world gaining respect because of it’s developing economy not it’s belligerent militant attitude.

  25. Andrew Cuomo is a mass murder, he killed 10>12K seniors in nursing home to satisfy his lust for blood.

  26. I wish he’d wipe all the terrorist out, and their leaders. Obummer and his clan, of stooges on the left ,is behind a lot of the media’s crap, to bring President Trump down. It’s not working on the American people……Trump 2020

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