August 12, 2022

Investigation finds voting machines at PA mall were left open to potential manipulation

Once an epicenter of controversy following the 2020 presidential contest, Pennsylvania is again making election-related headlines as a probe conducted by local journalists confirmed that a stockpile of unsecured voting machines was being kept in a publicly accessible walkway at a Luzerne County mall, fueling suspicions of potential fraud, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The stash of voting machines, which reports indicate were held in some sort of container, were found sitting in a public space at the Terrace Plaza mall in Hazelton following local elections last week, a fact which prompted citizens to request that the Eyewitness News I-Team from local NBC affiliate WBRE 28/WYOU22 conduct an investigation.

Once the station’s investigative reporters began asking questions, the machines were relocated to a locked, fully secured space, but the fact remains that they had been in their prior, highly questionable location since last Tuesday, according to PA Homepage.

Laura Gruene, manager of Terrace Plaza, explained to WBRE, “I don’t think they should be in the middle of the mall area. I told them where the room is over there to keep them secure. But we watch them.”

Local director of elections Bob Morgan admitted that the machines – used by voters in Hazelton’s Fifth Ward – should not have been kept in a publicly accessible space, but added, “Anything that could be tampered with such as memory cards were removed. There are no ballots inside. These are basically empty shells.”

The improper storage of voting machines was not the only controversy to plague last week’s elections, according to the Examiner, as county Republicans also expressed frustration with incorrect labeling that appeared on electronic ballots that caused voters of all party affiliation to see only Democrat primary labeling on the initial screen, something which reportedly caused widespread confusion.

Morgan later attributed the mishap to Dominion Voting Systems, which later issued a statement saying that despite the screen error, “all ballots are printing correctly with the Republican header and the Republican primary election races,” adding, “As the county has reassured the voting public, all ballots will be correctly counted.”

County GOP chairman Justin Behrens remained unmoved, however, saying to local Fox affiliate WOLF, “So I think the biggest concern here is we need to gain trust in the voting process and build integrity back to it. The Republican people felt like their voice was not spoken.”

In attempt to get to the bottom of each of these alarming issues, the Luzerne County Election Board has scheduled a public meeting for Monday evening in hopes of “restoring confidence in the citizens of Luzerne County that their vote counts.” In light of the glaring issues with ballot integrity raised in the aftermath of the November election, that may be a tough hill to climb.

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Sandra (@guest_1264374)
1 year ago

It looks like the Left has been caught red handed committing
voter fraud which is not a surprise. There methodology appears
to be if you can not win legitimately then cheat. What a bunch
of pathetic losers. The same methodology spreads all the way
into our Congress. None of the Leftist can be trusted any farther
than they can be thrown. And it is frightening to think these people
have control of this country. If that does not change then we will
be in dire straights. Time for the American people to wake from
their stupor for it is too late. These blind people will be responsible
for their own demise and they can not blame anyone but themselves
for their stupidity.
of ignorance and

Valentinediva (@guest_1264378)
1 year ago

It is all a bunch of BS, it is soo evident that
Fraud occurred at every level and soo much time has gone by where Dems could have already tampered to get rid of evidence, it is a joke, this can not continue going forward, Republicans need to have legislature in order to stop this BS in its tracks or face the ugly fact that Republicans will never win another election, furthermore, the supreme court is also to blame for the state of affairs we are in when
they refused to hear evidence to overturn this sham presidency!! Betrayal for all American voters! SHAME on u ALL!!! Betrayal of the great nation of America!!! Trump is 100% right!!!

Jesse (@guest_1264383)
1 year ago

In PA??? Say it isn’t so!!!

Vietnam vet (@guest_1264442)
Reply to  Jesse
1 year ago

Somewhere in South East Suburbia,No doubt.!

StealthFighter (@guest_1264386)
1 year ago


Earl S Handy (@guest_1264390)
1 year ago

Damn right; Trump should be President not Biden and his crime family!

Ron Boge (@guest_1264391)
1 year ago

Well of course I believe Dominion voting machine technicians to say that EVERYTHING WAS JUST FINE…move along there is no fraud here…..we watched those machines sitting in the mall halls, nothing to worry about here….

Bessie Vest (@guest_1264396)
1 year ago

Someone is keeping me from posting my comments, because I’m trying to tell the truth about this so-called administration!!! WHAT IS GOING ON??

Don Sr. (@guest_1264398)
1 year ago

It’s unnatural for evil to prevail over good. Prayers of Gods’ believers will NOT return void and those prayers are many. We as believers in the Bibles’ teachings already know how God hates this evil being shoved down the throats of every American. He is in control.

Alice Faye (@guest_1264402)
1 year ago

We all know the election was stolen. It is a shame these evil politicians are now destroying our country! I hope they eventually have to pay for all the fraud and evil they have done. They are all sick and will burn in hell!

Stevo (@guest_1264404)
1 year ago

Everybody in America could vote against democrats forever now but the dems are all rigged to win anyway with the country-wide Dominion & Smartmatic election equipment that “elects” based only on software manipulations . We have just seen that happen , Dominion CEO even bragged about it , saying HE MADE SURE Trump won’t win ! The dems don’t even need the illegal diseased hordes they want to come in again “to vote” . They just want the criminal hordes to destroy America per their NWO agenda goals . Get rid of Dominion & Smartmatic “election” equipment or we will be stuck with these criminal enemies of America – FOREVER !

Katydid (@guest_1264413)
1 year ago

It doesn’t matter how much evidence is produced showing that the election was a fraud. The dems and the media will never accept or admit it.

RusselMeads (@guest_1264424)
1 year ago

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Tom Brown (@guest_1264438)
1 year ago

I know some dems aren’t too smart, but that was intentional……Voter FRAUD everywhere………….lawmakers DO YOUR JOB!!!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1264441)
1 year ago

U mean hacking by allies & or China or data feed to China

Billy W (@guest_1264501)
1 year ago

When is someone going to Jail over this crime ? Where is the FBI ,Secret Service seems all the Law enforcement is corrupt.

Tim B (@guest_1265298)
1 year ago

That’s the whole Democratic problem they have been Soo corrupt for soooo long Clinton’s, Barack ( heussin) Obama, it has infused it’s self in the doj, FBI,how,CIA , military now we have the worse communist CCP CHINA Russia Iran, dictator of them all JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT how did we let this happen???? Impeach 46. Come on Republicans write the articles of impeachment



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