May 23, 2022

Inflation hitting people of color the hardest, hurting Democrats in the midterm elections

A new poll has shown inflation is hitting nonwhite voters the hardest, leaving Democrats vulnerable in the upcoming midterm elections.

“The poll, published Monday by The Wall Street Journal, showed that around 35% of nonwhite voters – including Black, Hispanic, and Asian-American – reported inflation causing higher strain on their finances compared with less than a third of White voters,” Fox Business reported.

“Overall, nearly 60% of participants said inflation was causing them ‘major or minor financial strain.’ Some of them reportedly blamed President Biden’s actions to limit oil-and-gas drilling and pipelines in the U.S. for causing inflation,” the report added.

The news comes as inflation reached a 40-year high in February. In addition, gas prices have hit record levels nationwide.

The poll shows the situation could be difficult for Democrats at the polls during this year’s midterms, as the party largely relies on black and Hispanic voters in many parts of the country.

The massive inflation will also be difficult for Democrats in general as they can no longer blame Trump two years after he has left office for the condition of the nation’s economy.

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