July 4, 2022

Indiana AG pledges to fight Democrat-led election takeover attempt

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita published an Op-Ed on Thursday that said Republican Attorneys General will stand up to Democrats who are attempting to takeover election laws.

“Our Founding Fathers rightfully concluded state legislatures were best suited to determine the length of time, manner, and place of our elections,” Rokita wrote in the Breitbart News Op-Ed.

“But after Democrats took control of Congress, their first order of business was an assault on the integrity of our elections to ensure they remain in power in perpetuity,” he added.

“The Democrats didn’t design their so-called ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act’ in good faith to protect Americans’ votes or to expand voting access for minorities as they dishonestly claim,” Rokita continued.

“They designed it for one reason, so that Democrats in Washington could federalize elections, take power away from the states, and make it easier to cheat,” he added.

Rokita also strongly opposes President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates.

“I object the ludicrous Biden vaccine mandates because I’m all about liberty & freedom. Hoosiers know how best to take care of their families, not Joe Biden and the bureaucrats in Washington,” Rokita tweeted.

Rokita plans to sue the Biden administration along with other Republican AGs to stop the power grab regarding both election laws and vaccine mandates.

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