August 14, 2022

In the Face of Most Democrats’ Opposition, U.S. Steel Cancels a Billion-Dollar Investment

BRADDOCK, Pennsylvania — Exactly two years ago, U.S. Steel Corporation announced that the company would turn its Mon Valley Works operations into a key source of lightweight steel for the automotive industry.

At the time, local leaders and company officials called the investment “transformational.”

It involved a whopping $1.5 billion upgrade to the three Mon Valley Works plants, all in Pennsylvania — the Edgar Thomson Plant in Braddock, the Irvin Plant in West Mifflin and the Clairton Coke Works in Clairton — with technology and improvements that would have resulted in cleaner air for all three communities as well as good-paying jobs providing regional prosperity for decades.

On April 30, U.S. Steel said that after months of tug of war with the Allegheny County Health Department, it was canceling the $1.5 billion upgrade and idling three batteries at Clairton Coke Works by 2023.

U.S. Steel said in a statement that a dragged-out delay from Allegheny County officials for permitting the project contributed to the decision, along with the new direction that the company is taking to focus on sustainability.

Allegheny County chief executive Rich Fitzgerald, a city Democrat, said he was “blindsided by the news.”

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, also a Democrat, was simply devastated. “It is heartbreaking,” said Fetterman, whose home is across the street from the sprawling 148-year-old Edgar Thomson Works that hugs the Monongahela River.

Local economic development forecasters estimate over 1,000 direct jobs will be lost, as well as countless supporting jobs that would have facilitated the buildout.

Jeff Nobers, the president of Pittsburgh Works, an economic group made up of officials in manufacturing, steel, energy and labor unions, said the unknown costs and future implications due to this decision are formidable and long-lasting. “We have to be thinking about what manufacturers who were looking to locate here are thinking,” he said. “Do they look at the climate here and wonder if it is worth it? Well, that is a problem, too.”

Local elected officials are of several minds on this project. Most of them were just hoping it would fly under the radar of the climate justice warriors and go up without notice. That was never going to happen. The rest fully backed its demise because of their views on climate change.

One exception has been Fetterman, the progressive populist Democrat who is seeking his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey in 2022. He was a vocal supporter of the project, which sometimes placed him at odds within his own party’s ranks. His support created a strange alliance between him and Republican state lawmakers such as Allegheny County state Sen. Devlin Robinson and the state Senate majority leader, Kim Ward.

Ward said that although she does not agree with Fetterman on much, she sure does “on this one.”

Robinson agreed. “The constant rhetoric attacking manufacturing in this country is going to impact jobs,” he said. “That is not something to worry about in the future — it is happening right in front of us.”

Critics of the closure also point to the constant drumbeat coming from local environmental justice nonprofits and reporting organizations funded by elite, left-wing foundations such as the Heinz Endowments. These, they argue, are contributing to a hostile business climate.

The Edgar Thomson Steel Works, named after a Pennsylvania Railroad president, was built by Andrew Carnegie in the 1870s on the site of an old French and Indian War battlefield.

U.S. Steel also told its investors that it is reallocating capital to other places — which means all of the work that was going to go here will likely go someplace where bureaucrats are less beholden to (or aligned with) environmentalists.

Fetterman calls the moment an opportunity lost: “We could have made the safest, greenest steel in the world right here in Braddock. We could have secured thousands of good-paying union jobs.”

Now that opportunity is gone.

President Joe Biden said in his joint speech to Congress that there’s no reason steel can’t be continually manufactured in the United States, and in a safe and green way. Biden even riffed, “There’s no reason the blades for wind turbines can’t be built in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing.”

“Well, that’s what this investment was about,” said Robinson. “This $1.5 billion was about making steel in a more environmentally friendly way. But the current environment right now is so hostile to manufacturing, manufacturers know making things in America is not a viable option. Especially not now, and especially not into the future, where they’re going to see a return on their investment.”

Manufacturers may have to relocate to places where there are no unions, or even outside the country. This makes hollow Biden’s promise to protect union jobs and bring back manufacturing — and it will be doubly hollow if he looks the other way when things like this happen.

This conflict between manufacturing and environmentalism is also going to place Biden at odds with both sides. Biden argues that a decarbonizing economy will create millions of jobs. Here, however, it meant zero jobs created and perhaps many destroyed.

Salena Zito is a CNN political analyst, and a staff reporter and columnist for the Washington Examiner. She reaches the Everyman and Everywoman through shoe-leather journalism, traveling from Main Street to the beltway and all places in between. To find out more about Salena and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


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Eugene Ross (@guest_1249361)
1 year ago

way to go Joe you a–hole

sunochanda (@guest_1249368)
1 year ago

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John Allender (@guest_1249401)
1 year ago

Joe Biden’s unrelenting support of unions is making him look worse than Jimmy Hoffa. Bad politics and corruption.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1249421)
1 year ago

See regulations KILL Jobs & everyone loses

Rodney (@guest_1249441)
1 year ago

I’m sure the federal redtape and animosity against corporate America weighed the decision to cancel this project as well. Threats of higher taxes and increased regulation from the Biden administration have many in business rethinking plans for expansion. Look at how many have already announced moves out of country again. It’s the liberal regressive way. Kill jobs, milk corporate America and the wealthy dry then blame everyone else for lagging tax dollars.

FT (@guest_1249442)
1 year ago

Way to go Dictator Joe …. You’ve halted construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, costing thousands of jobs and probably the safest pipeline ever built. For what? Now we’ll be importing petroleum products instead of exporting. Ford has changed their mind, (after Trump convinced them to stay in the U.S.). and they are now building their new plant in Mexico. GM has recently decided to do the same. I guess PA steel workers can join the West Virginia coal miners and move to Arizona to build windmills. With Joe’s upcoming corporate and individual tax hikes does anyone think that American manufacturing will be coming back?

Wyn (@guest_1249455)
1 year ago

I wonder if the Dem who said he supported the company will continuje his support for these types of businesses should he get elected. Remember Joe Biden’s support for fracking until he was elected!

Wharf Rat (@guest_1249513)
1 year ago

No one should be shocked. This is what you get when a tax and spend and anti-american democrat is elected.
Why does PA continually vote for democrats. My guess unions.
Consistently lying and deceiving is what the democrats do best and the gullible follow right along.
As soon as Biden go elected Ford went back to Mexico. How does that feel. Miss Trump yet?

Christine Getter (@guest_1251667)
Reply to  Wharf Rat
1 year ago

And this cancellation is barely mentioned in all of the O’Biden/Harris administration other failures. But this is really huge for the Pittsburgh PA area. Bringing back the red tape is a job killer no matter where it is. Trump did away with the ridiculous red tape and regulations.

Lou (@guest_1250209)
1 year ago

Way to go Dems !

Fred Parsons (@guest_1250545)
1 year ago

Biden and the dems are so full of BS it isnt funny. Hope that all the idiots that voted for the dems are satisified and it appears that many in Penn are going to reap the jobless rolls

Talltexan (@guest_1252043)
1 year ago

It is incredibly obvious that Pedo Joe is not about jobs for Americans, and moving this country forward. He and all democrats in congress are not doing the nations business, but are making busy tearing apart Trump’s advances no matter how minute they are. I am feeling like one commenter I read about…..we cannot wait till this presidential term ends to do something about this. A democrat can do more damage in 6 months than a conservative person ever could in 5 years. Joe Biden is locked in his 48 year – back slapping – back-room deal making – lying – broken promises that he cannot do anything else.

Billy (@guest_1254016)
1 year ago

If you demand too much this is what will probably happen.

k (@guest_1256508)
1 year ago


Slick Sammy (@guest_1256746)
1 year ago

Mr. President, how does it feel to loss so many good green job and 1.5 billion dollars in green manufacturing? Remember, this your problem. You put more and more regulations on industry almost on your day one in office. Why? What’s left of President Trumps good stuff, you are now trying to take credit for. Wow, what a loser, but then again, you were always good at using stuff from others and then tried to take the credit. Your 45+ years in the Senate and as VP taught you well. Too bad you never learned how to use it.



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