May 12, 2021

Impeachment managers argue Trump used Michigan lockdown protests as ‘dress rehearsal’ for Capitol riot

Desperate to convince the Senate — and the American people — that Donald Trump should be convicted on charges of inciting a riot, the House impeachment managers turned to desperate measures on Thursday.

Amid rising confidence that Trump will be acquitted of the charges, lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) bizarrely argued that the coronavirus shutdown protests at the Michigan state capitol in early 2020 was a “dress rehearsal” for the January 6th riot. 

Raskin added that the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was could also be linked to former President Trump’s rhetoric encouraging residents of the states to protest against Whitmer’s draconian restrictions.

“There the pattern is, staring us in the face,” Mr. Raskin said. “Trump knew exactly what he was doing in inciting the January 6th mob. He had just seen how easily his words and actions inspired violence in Michigan. He sent a clear message to his supporters.”

President Trump was highly critical of Whitmer’s leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic, at one point tweeting “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” which Democrat leaders posit was a call for insurrection. Raskin did not address the fact that Trump also tweeted a call to “liberate” Minnesota and Virginia, two other states with extremely restrictive COVID-19 rules.

Days after Trump’s tweets, a group of Michiganders marched to the state’s capital and entered the Michigan statehouse to peacefully demonstrate against Whitmer’s rules.

In October, Trump’s Department of Justice uncovered a plot to kidnap and potentially execute Whitmer, which Raskin said was a consequence of Trump’s encouragement to protest Whitmer’s leadership.

“The precise consequences of the president’s incitement of violence were revealed to the whole world,” said Raskin on Thursday, “He did not criticize the extremists. He chose to vilify Gov. Whitmer again,” noting that Trump tweeted after the fact that the governor “has done a terrible job.”

“Trump knew exactly what he was doing,” Raskin declared. “He had just seen how easily his words and actions inspired violence in Michigan. He sent a clear message to his supporters. He encouraged planning and conspiracies to take over the Capitol building and threaten public officials who refused to bow down to his political will.”

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125 Responses

  1. These LIBTARD Impeachment managers look like complete and utter FOOLS !!! They’ll waste [ for a second time ] tax payers money on this sham . Thier constant demonizing of OUR president , President trump ,,,, is going to backfire on them . When President Trump is found innocent , he will be even more popular and might even gain more supporters.

      1. Amen, brother…I’ll vote for him again…as will a lot of people who are having buyer’s remorse after voting for Biden.

    1. I agree, some one needs to end their evil plan’s that they keep implementing on Trump and the American Peole. Wrong on every level

    2. I heard what he said he did NOT incite any violence. These crazy Dems are out of control and should be sued by someone for their actions. They should be held accountable for how they behave and what they say and do. We pay their salaries and we should have way to make them accountable while they are supposed to be acting for the American people. They go in and rape our Social Security for their own agendas and they should be made to pay back every dollar they have spent (like impeachments which we the elderly are paying for).

  2. Raskin is another brain-dead fool trying desperately to strike a cord with people who already know the facts. For some, like Raskin, the logic looks like a Rube Goldberg contraption and actually is. The Swiss cheese he is making has more holes than a gopher colony. For others, the facts are what they are. The President has NEVER encouraged violence in any of the protests he supported. But democrats have a tool bag and in it are: Hysteria, Hyperbole, Hypocrisy, and Hatred. They use them all. To know it is to be warned and mentally armed against their nonsense.

    1. YOU FORGOT PANDEMIC PANIC! I want to know WHAT DEM decided that shutting down the economy was the only way to fight the Wuhan Virus? We NEVER SHUT DOWN OUR ECONOMY HERE IN TAIWAN, AND NEITHER DID CHINA! The pandemic was a dream come true to the DEMS, and I, for one do not put it past them to set it up from the start. There is NO JUDGE for this impeachment, so it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Never stopped the DEMS in the past. If we survive the next four years and fair elections are returned to the US, the DEMS need to be a little more careful as the day will come when we can use the same methods against them! The question for the GOP is, are you going to fight or not. If not, goodbye, I am in search of a new party with not RINOS, or McCollum!

  3. The people that are urrently leading the US Government are a Pathetic bunch of partisan fools. It is that simple. That includes China Joe.

  4. The people that are currently leading the US Government are a Pathetic bunch of partisan fools. It is that simple. That includes China Joe.

  5. If the impeachment managers had to pay court costs when they lose this impeachment farce they wouldn’t have brought it up in the first place! The impeachment managers should be brought up on charges for telling absolute lies, stretching the truth, & insulting our intelligence!

  6. Why are these corrupt government people not removed from the White House the whole dam corrupt demcraps and the corrupt stupid evil republicans that know better who are they in bed with?!!

  7. If Trump is to be tried for what happened in Washington the Democrats in Congress should be tried for attempting to force on the American people an obviously mentally challenged Biden .

  8. In defense of President Trump, did you democrats let people know the Mayor of Wash. DC told the DC police to stand down on the Jan. 6 Trump non violent protest? Did you show the DC police opening the barriers to let the protestors into the Capitol? did you show the video where the Antifa/BLM were dressed as Trump protestors, busting in the doors and windows of the Capitol? Did you tell that there were people dressed as DC police who were not actually police? Did you tell there were several bus loads of Antifa/BLM terrorist brought and escorted to the Capitol before the protest was to begin, which would make this a pre knowledge by the democrats they knew there was going to be violence by the Antifa/BLM terrorist but yet they blame Trump for the violence. There is something very wrong with this picture!!!!!

    1. Exactly! THERE IS EVIDENCE BEING WILLFULLY CENSURED FROM THE PUBLIC OF WHAT REALLY WENT DOWN ON THAT DAY! How many of the “TRUMP SUPPORTERS” they let in were actually known radical lefists who shouted “BURN THIS PLACE DOWN” and were arrested, but later released without bail! How many Trump supporters do you know who would carry large claw hammers to a demonstration? (Hammers are the preferred weapons of ANTIFA RIOTERS!) As far as WHITMER, I am from Michigan and tried to sign a recall petition against her, but I was informed I could only do that IN PERSON! Don’t have to vote in person, but you have to be there in person to sign a recall petition! EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS ANOTHER POLITICAL FARCE BY THE DEMS TO PLEASE THERI COMMUNIST MEMBERS, THAT WE ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR! THE DEMS HAVE DESTROYED “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” AND WE MUST CONTINUE OUR FIGHT TO RESTORE IT!

  9. Where do these idiots get their info. Unbelievable what lies they come up with and they think they’re right. Im really disgusted with these lying, hateful, corrupt people. I wont call them Americans cause they are COMMUNISTS. Just wait they will get theirs when GOD APPEARS and they have nowhere to go because these so-called Christians are really devil worshippers.

  10. Well, the people who had businesses burned down and the people that were beat up by the rioters in portland and seattle would say it was all those words being said by the democrat politicians that caused them pain.

  11. There has to be a way to make these fools who by the way are the Devils disciples in every way they are cowards and can’t forget that he once was President so full of hate and malice it’s just not understandable they have evidence that someone else started the March on Washington but do they listen no we hate and vilify the way most people breath and will keep this craziness up until we get our way no matter how much money we spend the taxpayers will pay.

  12. What a bunch of lunatics. When will they quit coming up with ridiculous narratives about Trump., Are they paying someone our tax dollars to think these things up? Probably.

  13. I agree however for Trump to be President in 2024 several steps need to be taken. No voting machines all paper ballot printed in USA. Drivers License or Virtual ID ,Social Security card and the only computer that should be present is one to verify person voting has not voted already or in another state. Computer should be used to verify person who is whom he or she says they are. Enough election workers to make sure all legal ballots are counted and only legal ballots. No dead people voting,under age, non citizen or people voting more than once in multiple locations. State laws have to be fixed so we don’t have a repeat of 2020 otherwise we will have a repeat. There should be no way that at outside computer can alter the vote. I encourage everyone to get a copy of Mike Lindell’s video its 2hours long but will spell everything out. Yes there was FRAUD and plenty of it.

    1. Mike’s video has enough proof to put them all away but it won’t happen unless all of us get together and “put the rubber where the road is” as they say. Trump is still President in my opinion and Biden is an imposter posing as President. It’s time for us to take our country back from these Satan worshipers and put God first in this country again. The courts are so corrupt also that we will have no recourse through them as they do not respect the law anymore either. I don’t know what the real answer is unless we can find some real men with backbone to stand up take charge and use the law to restore this country. What is the real answer????

  14. Ron DeSantis should thank Biden for a travel ban to Florida, as it would help keep covid out of Florida, due to people coming into the state that might have covid. It would also help control illegal immigration into the state. So governor DeSantis should send Biden a big thankyou for the travel ban.

    1. Gary I live in Florida and I don’t know anyone who has died from covid. Haven’t you heard, covid cures heart disease. The #1 cause of death in elderly people was heart disease. Those numbers now show a sharp decline in heart disease and an equal rise in covid deaths. Ergo covid is a cure for heart disease. Well that makes as much sense as the democrats rhetoric on masks.

  15. Mitt Romney said that he was going to become a democrat. As if he hasn’t made it plain he was a democrat. So at long last he is registering as a democrat would be the first honest thing he has done since entering politics.

  16. Black lady from Virgin Islands took money from Epstein.Her defence of Pence strange?I guess Pence & Karen was there last week raising money.Pence is a Pedo!!! That Black man Killed Ashley Babbitt Vet he is from Brazil & is also member BLM.Pre Planned.Pelosi in on it they all were.Our National Gaurd are Still sleeping in Parking Garage in these temp.Discraceful.Burmma used Dominion Voting Machines they have Guts to protect there country.CCP took USA over.Wheres our Military? 60 Day stand down? Purge of white soliders God help us.Biden & Harris didn’t win
    cheated They are ILLEGAL

  17. Romney involved in Voting Machines & Son.His Niece Ronna (RNC) chairman also involved don’t give her a penney SenJoe Manchin D from West Virginia his Daughter is CEO over your insulins made Joe B.was raise price back up to 1600 after Pres Trump had made price $35.00Bill Barr approved Joe Bidens first 17 EO while working for Pres.Trump Traidors

  18. Bill Barr approved 17 EO FoBiden Didn’t have time For Pres Trump on Voter Fraud Now thanks to Barr & Joe China has our Electric Grid.120,000 feregees allowed in for us to pay for rape or kill us Pres.Trump allowed 15,000.Bidens sent troops back into Syria trying to start any kind of way.Hunter is over DEA how’s that going to work out? Dems slogan was “Death to America” yes they sued Iran in Aug.19,2019 Google it to use Pres.Trumps America First Polices the people’s President won in a Landslide🇺🇸

  19. The dems are lying again. The Whitmen kidnapping plot was not from a Trump supporter. It was a nut that posted his plan on line and he hated Trump. An ANTIFA supporter.

  20. If Trump was as powerful as the house impeachment managers claim he would still be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!

  21. I also think the reason for the impeachment is because Democrats know legitimately Trump won the election! Trump 2024!

  22. So Michigan was a dress rehearsal for the Capitol riot, but at the same time we’re expected to believe Trump’s Jan.6 speech incited it? No wonder their little show trial is failing. Doublethink only works for left wing followers with no mind of their own.

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