June 14, 2021

Reps. Barr and Crenshaw: Impeachment is political vengeance

In an interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto, Representative Andy Barr (R-KY), while not excusing President Trump’s actions prior to the “storming” of the Capitol, exposed the real reason that Democrats are pursuing a second impeachment of the president. Barr declared that the impeachment “looked” much more like political retribution than an effort to hold the president to higher standards. 

The Democrats are accusing President Trump of inciting an insurrection on January 6th in their article of impeachment. Barr cited the Supreme Court’s definition of “criminal incitement” and said the president’s behavior did not rise to that level.

The president here is not blameless, but ultimately, I voted against impeachment because, as a legal matter, the Supreme Court has set the standard for what constitutes criminal incitement in a way that doesn’t violate the First Amendment. And here, based on the facts, the president’s conduct, while unfortunate, did not rise to the level of the legal definition of incitement.

Barr went on to question what the Democrats’ impeachment would really accomplish with such a short time remaining before Biden’s inauguration. He said,  “But beyond the legal analysis, I think the real point here is that with only seven days left in this president’s term, what does impeachment actually accomplish?”

Verifying what is obvious to many, Barr pointed out that the impeachment is really just political vengeance.

but it looked to me more like an act of political vengeance as opposed to actually trying to uphold the standards of the presidency. And again, what I would say is let’s follow the advice of the president-elect, and let’s try to do what we can to bring the country together to turn the page, heal and unite the country.

Rep. Barr suggested that instead of political pay-back, Democrats should follow the advice of the leader of their party, Joe Biden, to heal the country.

Election fraud, the January 6th debacle, and a second impeachment have created division within the Republican party. 10 Republicans voted to impeach President Trump for a second time on Wednesday for “inciting insurrection.”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), third-ranking Republican in the House, voted to impeach the president, imperiling her political future. Cheney, the lone representative from Wyoming, is facing a backlash at home for her vote.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) voted against impeachment and echoed Barr in a statement, saying that a second impeachment looks politically motivated because President Trump has just a few days of his term left.

Voting to impeach the President seven days before his departure from office serves little purpose given the Senate will not be able to hold a trial by that time and risks establishing this impeachment as politically motivated.

Crenshaw went further, saying that the articles charge crimes that show no intent on the President’s part.

Furthermore, the articles are flawed, charging crimes that are lacking the requisite element of intent. For these reasons and others, we will not be voting for these articles of impeachment despite our strong belief the President’s actions were wrong.”

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121 Responses

  1. I pray daily that the anti-Constitution politicians and their censoring buddies in big tech all suffer ruin and famine the remainder of their days, and shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD….

          1. YUP, I am sure that the Mayans and Aztecs civilizations felt the same way while they sacrifice women and children in the name of their God.

        1. God created us with ‘freedom of choice’. He can’t bang us, or whip us, or force change our choices or actions. That would be, treating us like robots not humans made in God’s (Elohim plural) Image. Pity so many turn away from Him and choose to do evil, crimes, shootings, murders, rapes. etc….

          1. I look at reality. I am also a History Graduate and I can say this. Religion started thousands of years ago when we first started coming out of caves and forming communities and villages. Laws were not enough in controlling people so they came up with this GOD THING. Look at any Religious book. THEY WERE ALL WRITTEN BY MAN. Nothing fell from the sky. I am older and I have always lived my life respecting others and doing whats right towards my fellow human being. What happens after we die? Noone knows especially the person who stand yelling and holding a Bible up in the air. But I do know this, you live with love and kindness in your heart always but many people I have known who go to Church each Sunday and say they believe act like jerks the othe 6 days of the week.

        2. God never loses. He is all power and Trump will be our 46th President. When God gets through alot of people will be in jail.

        3. God never does a lousy job. He lets you make your own decisions. Its the people that makes the wrong decision.

        4. God allows us all to seal our own fate, until the time he has set to judge us individually, when every knee will bow

        1. Ministers need to take charge and preach the evil of the anti Constitution politicians and their buddies in big tech from the pulpit. Dr. M.L. King won civil rights from the pulpit; American ministers can help save the Constitution from the pulpit. God is love, God is might, and God is justice. Maybe, preaching the right words will help bring more attendance and attention to churches.

          1. Yes churches preach on anti christ but they don’t break it down.seems like people need to be spoon fed.God created us in his image
            to act in his purpose not in our own image and our own purpose.

      1. Lance Charles Sr.Do you actually think that God is in charge of this nonsense,if he is,then he is doing a very poor job of running things,Yahweh has made it clear that Satan is the God of this present world system,so lets try giving the Devil the blame that he deserves,the left thinks we all need to be reprogramed or placed in interment camps,all because we voted for Trump,no doubt before this is over they may actually try to do this,that kind of plan does not come from above,but from below,Yahweh is allowing this lawlessness because most believers refuse to obey his Moral laws or commandments,plus we have allowed the perverts to rule the roost,Leviticus 18:24-30 reminds us of what would happen if we stand by allow these thing to transpire unabated,remember Yeshua said that we are to live according to every word that comes forth from the mouth of Yahweh Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4,christians have not done this,they would rather argue that they are free from the law,rather than free from sin,so we get what we sewed,which is the whirlwind.

          1. Susanne Tewes,Yahweh gave us free will to either accept or reject the path that leads to life or the path that leads to destruction,Matthew 19:16-19 and revelations 22:14 clearly tells us that in order to inherit eternal life we must do the commandments,John 14:15 says that if we love him we will choose to keep his commandments,the covenant that Yahweh made with the house of Israel is a voluntary covenant rather than compulsory,you will find it in Hewbrews 8:10-12,we are to obey out of our never ending love for our creator,to fail to do so,shows we are carnal minded and worthy of death,and do: not love Yahweh with all of our hearts and mind and are at enmity against God, according to Romans 8:5-8.

      2. Lol, trust me, if humankind survive for, let say 2, 3 thousand more years they will look back at how we believe and say, “HOW IN THE WORLD COULD THEY HAD BELIEVED LIKE THAT?” Just like we look back at the Myans and Aztecs. Trust me, we are as FAR OFF BASE as they were in the REAL truth of creation.

    1. It is not for me to judge. But, these Democrats definitely need our prayers. As does the American People. And it is the Democrats who are responsible for the outburst if the Corvid-19. By the governors locking down their constituents.

      1. And Biden is in bed with the Ccp look what ccp sells yo the American gov.Masks,Vaccinnes,all supplies they created tge market for with the Wuhan covid 19 virus they unleashed on the whole world.

      2. Wuhan was in the works B4 POTUS took office.
        If you remember, when he was inaugurated, the pimpleheads stormed off to Europe for about 2 months.
        Plenty of time to meet up with “old friends” and get agreements set up to run a coup.
        Very 1st thing after, Russia gate, then all of this other crap.
        Question, how is it the FBI did not pick out AOC,Ilhan,and Tliab? Among a few others?
        How is it that certain organizations were not shut down by the feds when they should have been?
        Who is responsible for this?
        Any guesses any body?

    2. I suggest that all those who voted for Trump, Tea Partiers, and disenfranchised Democratic moderates join in the Convention of States in an effort to right this nation and return to Constitutional rule.
      Check the COS online and if you can, donate.
      It isn’t the survival of the political parties that is at stake, it is the liberties of every freedom loving American.

    3. No, Barr. The President IS blameless. He had nothing, ZERO, ZIP to do with the now PROVEN planning, equipping or performing of the False Flag “invasion” of Capitol Hill. Your position merely demonstrates your ignorance, and “swamp membership” in good standing.

    4. Tho I can’t stand these idiots we have coming in to divide our country even more, I truly believe in God Almighty and would love to see their ruin. However o believe we are suppose to pray for them to overcome their hate for America & Americans and fir Jesus Christ to expose all the criminal elements that are trying to destroy our beautiful country. With that being said I do pray to God in Jesus name that he expose them for who & what they are and to cast the demons out of each one of them in Jesus name Amen. This is all about Good against Evil as it states in the King James Bible.

    5. DEMS/RINOS and their followers are the ones that started their terrorism and their hatred of Churches…..They have proven their atheism and their hatred of the US…………They have certainly proved these facts about their actions and deeds………..

  2. The President did not do anything wrong. What happened on January 6th was all organized and planned by the Demoncrats.

    1. Gus, I agree with you 100%! President Trump has done nothing but promoted peace. Stopping the impeachment should be stopped bc President Trump is innocent of any wrong doing Jan.6th!!

      1. 100% agree. Trump committed no crime, the democrats committed voter fraud with the dominion machines.

    2. Democrats are not swayed by evidence or facts that goes against the narrative they’re pushing. At this point, even the brother has come out and said that not only were we right about this being a set-up, but also, the ANTIFA/BLM terrorist might have been in charge and the one who carried out the attack and participated in it as well. What better proof can there be to prove that the President had nothing to do with the attack? It was pre-planned and executed without the President’s knowledge and absence of the President’s influence.

    1. What are the dems afraid of, that is easy, the DNC is afraid of the CCP. The communists have infiltrated, and taken over the DNC, and now the dems are scared sh-tless. They don’t know which way to go, so they are sell you and me to China.

    2. why can’t republicans impeach the speaker? is there no path for it? she should be ashamed as they all should. they act like school children. the people that cast votes for these morons should be banished from ever being able to vote again.

      1. In answer to your question, because the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate are just as bad as the Democrats. They make up the “Establishment” and they don’t want things to change in Washington. Just look at what the Senate Majority Leader is saying about the Impeachment, he says that he thinks the President did commit a crime and that it does meet the qualifications to be impeached for. They don’t want the President to clean up the swamp period. They will sacrifice whomever to maintain the status quo. Even the President.

    3. The democrats (& some republicans) are taking orders from the devil. Where do you think the hatred is coming from?
      I also think they’re being blackmailed for their “dirty deeds” in past times. It’ll catch up with them eventually!

  3. They ALL certainly have it coming.
    Karma will meet dogma, and they will find out that their poop does in fact stink.

  4. The 10 Republicans who voted for impeachment has in no way divided the party as the Democrats and their lapdog media suggest and hope for. Their voting simply sent a signal as to which of the turncoat RINOs should be voted out their next time around.

    1. I urge all true republicans not to work with the Rhinos, Cheney, McConnel, Romney and others in the est. GOP leadership of the party as they are working to help the Dems, and will only cause problems with in the party. We need to remove them as quickly as possible, and deny them access to the party organization, or any help from the party. If they are going to help the dems, they will have to find another way. They have betrayed the people, and are no longer deserving of their support. Maybe they can find help from their buddies over at the DNC.

      1. Plans are already underway in Wyoming to primary Liz Cheney, wrong State to side with democrats. She had her so called minute of fame, and like so many other past politician no good legacy to be remembered, especially since she has done nothing for our great state of Wyoming.

  5. Can you please publish the exact words of the President said to the crowd that justify you saying “Our strong belief the President’s actions were wrong.” It is my belief that the President used the words “peacefully demonstrate” as he was addressing the crowd.

  6. I just wish that the CIA, and FBI had been doing their jobs for the late 20 or so years.
    If so, none of this would be happening now!
    Time to begin secession.

    1. The CIA has a sorry record of success, check out what they did to a duly elected President of Iran, bringing us to where we are today. Way to go, CIA, you bungling idiots. If they were willing to ditch a duly elected President of another country, what makes you think they wouldn’t do so in our nation?
      The FBI was politicized from the get go under J Edgar Hoover. He got his way by getting dossiers
      on the leading figures of his era. Recall his survellience of MLK? Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco? They have no halo either.
      If you do not like the direction this nation is taking, then check out the Convention of States and contribute to it. Take part in the resurrection of the USA.

    1. Dems, Repubs. all are establishment politicians, and there in is the real problem. You see people think that Trump was elected to drain the swamp. That is not true, as he can not do that. What he was elected to do was expose the people in the swamp, which he did quite well. Now they are out in the open it is up to we the people to clean up the swamp. I mean all of the parties ( Dems, Repubs, Indys ).

  7. Nancy Pelosi and her “crew” are “insane”…”THEY” should ALL be impeached!!! It’s like the crucifixion of our Lord…They know not what they do!! Yes, the President has many faults…We ALL do…yet he was the first president to fulfill all of his promises!! He DID make America Great AGAIN…after the Obama/Biden era…it really “needed” a rejuvenation!! Our beloved United States are heading for the swamps with the Biden/Harris at the Helm…I don’t think I will be here for the next election, but I can see that it is all downhill from here on in. God Bless America.

  8. If Americans were to hold politicians responsible for their personalities the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, etc would have been in their graves a long time ago. We know the election was stolen but the rest of this left effort to hurt people is not acceptable and good people will start to defend themselves.

  9. Trump is my president; He will be acquitted ; The people shall miss him ; I shall be waiting for justice to be done; the political maneuvers are wasteful: we should concentrate on the pandemic

    1. President Trump will always be my President, I will never acknowledge Biden(traitor along with his son) as my president and will never look up to the puppet that he is or is running mate, who I refuse to come down to her level everyone who voted for them will RUE The day. and I hope they all get what they deserve. lets not forget pelosi, hillary, and the rest of those snakes, pelosi made a big fuss about the wall, yet she has a great big wall around her property, why is that coward?

  10. The democrats …aka communist party…are afraid of US…their plan all along has been to bankrupt our country…obliterate Caucasian businesses and eradicate whites from our country…bit now they have exposed themselves to the whole country…and WE…THE AMERICAN PEOPLE… ARE COMING FOR YOU…RETRIBUTION WILL BE SWIFT AND MEAN…but you hardcore liberals…aka communists…brought it upon yourselves…no sympathy here…

    1. I always wondered what the difference between a Nazi and a Communist was??? Well I think I figured it out. Nazis kill Jews, and Communists kill Christians. I think that they are working together, because Antifa and BLM kill Jews and Christians.

      By killing Jews and Christians, they think that they are being inclusive, that’s what Hitler told them. HahaHaheeheehehehehehe!!!!!



  13. Saw on TV this AM, that (officially, I think) there were over 4 Million fraudulent votes counted in this past election and that was enough to swing the vote to Trump.
    If that is official, can’t they stop the inauguration of Biden? Did anyone else here this?
    Plus, it looks like Pelosi’s impeachment crap was based on total misinformation on the cause of the riot on the capitol building. It wasn’t Trump supporters, it was ANTIFA.
    We better do something to get control over our government, or we won’t have a country.
    How about some hard and fast term limits. You know, so our reps actually have to have (recently) lived among us!

  14. Pelosi knew another Impeachment wouldn’t take place, even as she promoted it. Fact: The Senate is in recess until Tuesday January 19th, the day before Inauguration. On the 19th, the Senate will be too busy with Inauguration related business, to do anything more than give the House’ Articles a cursory glance. Fact: The Senate only returns early from a recess, by unanimous consent. The Senate Majority Leader dismissed making the call, which effectively stops the Impeachment. The earliest, the Senate could begin the 2and part of the Impeachment Process is on January 21st. Trump leaves office on January 20th. As soon as Biden is sworn in, he becomes the “Sitting Office Holder.” That’s important because under Article I, Section II, Clause VI of the Constitution, only a “Sitting Office Holder” can be Impeached. An individual cannot be Impeached after leaving office. So the claims by idiots like Clyburne, who say Trump’s Impeachment will continue after January 20th, are asinine and Unconstitutional.
    Pelosi knew there wasn’t enough time to Impeach Trump, but the evil old hag ran with it anyway.
    The only way someone’s “Impeached Forever,” is when both parts of the process end in a guilty as charged Impeachment verdict. If the 2nd part of the process fails to return a guilty verdict, the Impeachment charges are dismissed as unproven or not guilty. In effect, it’s just like a criminal trial verdict of not guilty.
    Nasty Nancy’s complete lack of understanding of how this process works, is proof that she has NO Business being Speaker of the House. It’s also proof, and I’ve said this for over 40 years, that the Presidential Succession Act needs revisited and amended to move the Speaker of the House further down the line. Pelosi’s 2 heartbeats away from the Presidency, and that should scare everybody.

    1. Unfortunately, the courts seem to be 99 per cent on the liberals side! They WILL continue with the impeachment and if it is anything like the election – the courts will give their blessing! Change the laws and proceed!

  15. Cowards!!!! You can delete my posts while you hide behind this format…but you can never hide the damage…lies…and corruption from the American people…WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

    1. The only way for unity in the eyes of these unholy chattlemongers, is to get rid of the 75 million or so who voted for Trump. We are in their way.

  16. Its time for Civil War and its coming around the corner be prepared all 50 states will rise heads of govt. will be tried,

  17. The impeachment is nothing more than an attempt by Pelosi to vent her built up hatred for Trump and to seek revenge that her fist vile attempt didn’t succeed. Pelosi is the diving force of the division that this nation is going through and it is time for Republicans and Democrats to both wake up and demand that she step down as Speaker of the House so the nation can move forward towards unity as “Americans”!

    1. Pelosi is so frustrated with Trump, because she can’t beat him. So she thinks she can impeach him, that is just admitting that she lost. Just like she did with the previous impeachment. She had to have Mike Bloomberg buy off the jury so to speak, he paid members of the house to impeach Trump. So the way I see it Pelosi lost that one too. Not to mention that it is illegal to bribe congressmen, so that means that Bloomberg is a criminal, and the congressmen are guilty of accepting bribes. So Pelosi is just a sore loser.

  18. There’s more than enough evidence that shows the election was stolen. The problem is that the commies have infiltrated our judicial system so thoroughly that the courts quickly dismiss the evidence without giving it an opportunity to be presented and evaluated.

    We’re already seeing that same methodology being applied to everyday Americans. With Democrats in complete control, expect to see our freedoms erode rapidly. Say the “wrong” thing or support the “wrong” cause and you’ll get canceled. We’ve already seen that with actions taken by Twitter, Facebook and Google while many Democrats are currently salivating over the idea of “re-education” camps. It would take “DE-education” camps to get people dumbed down to the level of Democrats.

    Really…do any of them have an IQ over 50? Pelosi? AOC? Hank Johnson? Adam Schiff? Biden? Tlaib? Maxine Waters? All are just supremely stupid people…perfect pawns for the CCP to employ!

  19. The Demoncraps cannot believe in God because their savior Satan won’t let them. I have never seen a more Evil, hateful bunch of people in my 81 years on this earth. Pelosi and Biden should both be excomunicated from the Catholic Church. They both believe in abortion, a no no with Catholics. I read where a priest said as much. It won’t happen though, the double, triple, or quadruple standard won’t let it. Kinda makes my blood boil. How about you?

  20. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg and Brian Stelters and George Soros, and Mike Bloomberg and their freedom of speech is the biggest threat to democracy. All they do is spew vile hate all day long, they think that caring about another is a criminal act. I have to wonder if they care about their mothers, I kind of doubt it. Anyone that spews that kind of hate can’t really care about anybody, not even their mothers. Jesus would be horrified to learn of this. He would be horrified to know that after making their fortunes off of this country, they have turned on it. Without this country they would be just more commie [email protected] The way communism works that just might happen.

  21. Think about it, President Trump with his whole term, The DemRATS pulled so many stunts to ruin Trump’s Presidency. He still accomplished great things. DemRATS made themselves look so petty. TRUMP2020!!!

  22. Someone said that the Dems need to get a life;
    Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brain. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  23. Pelosi is the true insurrectionist. She’s been working on it most intensely since her finger pointing at Trump episode. Time to gather all the facts.

  24. Trying to cover their corrupt ways of fraud in the election. now their take over of the country. Patriots need to pay attention to the theft of their rights.

  25. The Dumbocrats want everything their way so there will be no draining of the swamp – follow the money they get! They are there for themselves, not the US citizens. The oaths they took to start their office means nothing.

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