August 8, 2022

I’m Optimistic About America

I’m a conservative, and I guess I should be writing a column about my great distress resulting from this election. But I’m not going to write that column, because it’s not what I feel.

I’m actually quite upbeat and optimistic about the country that I love.

With all my genuine, and legitimate, concerns about the chaos and violence that have ravaged many of our urban areas, about the strident rhetoric dominating our media, with its grossly distorted message about what is happening in America, when it came time to vote, American democracy prevailed.

Not only did Americans vote in turnout the nation has not seen in 120 years but it also happened peacefully, as it must.

Am I turning a blind eye to the real possibility of irregularities? No, I am not. We’ll see what happens.

But take a look at what the Chinese are doing in Hong Kong. Take a look at Venezuela. Dictatorships stamp out and smother people gasping for breaths of freedom.

This is not happening in our great country. The rule of law will play out here. Maybe not to the liking of many, including me.

But the fruits of any democracy are just as good as the people in it. And this is also what makes me optimistic.

As anyone who reads what I write knows, I see profoundly disturbing and threatening trends defining our national reality today.

But, America is filled with tens upon tens of millions of wonderful people who are deeply committed to American principles and American freedom. I meet them all the time as I traverse the nation in my travels. They call me, and they write to me.

Most are busy making ends meet and raising their families. They don’t have time for political theory or history books. They just have a feeling inside about what is true and right.

I am talking about Americans of all ethnicities. They are speaking up, and many of the trends that began in 2016 continued into this election.

I would remind readers that when Gallup asked Americans in September whether they were “better off now” than they were four years ago, 55% said yes. When the same question was asked in December 2012, under Barack Obama, 45% said yes. In October 2004, under George W. Bush, 47% said yes. In July 1992, under George H.W. Bush, 38% said yes. In July 1984, under Ronald Reagan, 44% said yes.

The hairsplitting vote counts that turned the election in favor of Joe Biden cannot be seen in any way as a mandate.

Even in my home state, the blue-as-can-be California, four ballot initiatives pushing to the left were defeated.

Proposition 15, which would have raised property taxes on commercial and industrial property: NO

Proposition 16, which would have restored racial preferences in government hiring and contracting and in education: NO

Proposition 21, which would have expanded government authority to impose rent control: NO

Proposition 22, allowing app-based transportation companies (e.g., Uber) to employ drivers as independent contractors: YES

Republicans have picked up nine seats in the House of Representatives, putting them in close range to regain the House in 2022.

Republicans appear in a solid position to retain control of the Senate.

All strong and bullish signs of underlying positive sentiment for Republicans.

Perhaps most revealing, Americans vote with their feet.

The top five states that showed net population decline due to out-migration in the last full calendar year, 2019, were all Democratic strongholds: California (-203,414), New York (-180,649), Illinois (-104,986), New Jersey (-48,946) and Massachusetts (-30,274).

For sure, the great burden lies on those who care about America remaining a free nation.

No action means that current trends toward more government, more socialism, and more rampant materialism and secularism will continue.

So, conservatives must continue the work to keep the torch of freedom burning.

We must, and we will. We have plenty to be optimistic about.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and author of the new book “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This is Good News for America.” Readers can respond to Star’s column by emailing [email protected]


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Ann M. Crispigna (@guest_1076156)
1 year ago

I totally disagree with you. The Democrats will make the American People pay and pay and pay for just voting for Trump.

Robert (@guest_1076174)
Reply to  Ann M. Crispigna
1 year ago

They can try but the Democrats will not win over the American People!

Liz T Pappas (@guest_1079296)
Reply to  Robert
1 year ago

no the dems will not win over the conservative American, but they don’t have to. They are now in power, they will make 2 new all Dem. states, D. C. and P. R. IE 4 new Dem votes. then they will enlarge and pack the Supreme court.
The sheer statistical chance of conservatives being able to win future elections, is less than it has ever been.
we are closer to communism than we have ever been, and the down hill sloop more slippery, therefore faster, than anyone will believe
I daily pray for my country…..

Audrey Oliphant (@guest_1076175)
1 year ago

Thanks for a refreshingly positive word about our wonderful America. I pray to God that He will keep us safe from evil and fraud. I agree with everything you said and want to let you know how much I appreciate it.

Suzzie (@guest_1076178)
1 year ago

I totally agree with you, Ann; we will all suffer at the hands of the Democrats as they are evil, selfish bastards. All their main game plan was is & has been for the last 4 years, to take over from Trump & it is nothing but a power crab. They do not care one bit about the American people. We will all suffer with terribly high taxes, businesses going out of the country again & if they can even survive. We must stand tall, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

B King (@guest_1076192)
1 year ago

I am not being allowed to post my thoughts here on TheAmericanDigest and they are factual not my opinion??? I even tried to write and ask why , they are not even allowing THAT to go though!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1076195)
Reply to  B King
1 year ago

My post just didn’t post too.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1076202)
Reply to  B King
1 year ago

And I just tried again and it didn’t post. Both stated what the democrat’s plan is for America.

John Decker (@guest_1076367)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

Karole, the Democrat plan for the U.S. is to turn it into a Communist country run according to the New World Order. If they win, welcome to North Korea East.

B King (@guest_1076196)
1 year ago

Many democrats moved to red states to turn them blue in our last election!

Roger Collier (@guest_1078616)
Reply to  B King
1 year ago

No they didn’t move they just went there and voted, then on to the next state and so on…

Brenda Whitney (@guest_1076207)
1 year ago

Watching what’s going on has not shocked me. Voting Pelosi had to be done, she is a large part of the crime. She has taken care of her pals, including her son. This party is so criminal! They have to get in that’s why all the cheating. Everything will be pardoned or swept under the rug. Boy I hope Trump wins.

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1076233)
1 year ago


James 75th Regiment (@guest_1076253)
1 year ago

Affirmative Daniel…Time for the patriot militia of old to take down these Antifa and BLM little punks who gang up on old people, you don’t see this crap in the south and its time to end it nation wide. I won’t call the name of these people but you know who they are. Sua Sponte…

GARRY e JORDAN (@guest_1076287)
1 year ago

We all been so busy diging are own graves that this bull sh–has pi– people off, Sothe rep throught this would be a easy win an the dems ran a number on us. I was going to mail my vote but i got worried it would get loss i did not want to stand in line, IAlmost waited to long but still dont know if got counted .We were domed before we started the little guy always gets screwed.

Joe (@guest_1076365)
1 year ago

Democrats would cause inflation, which would cause the price of gold and silver to rise as the dollar looses value.

Bill (@guest_1079204)
1 year ago

Just a quick reminder to everyone when Trump won and was speaking to Obama about what was he going to do with all his time now that he is leaving. Oh, I’m not retiring,” I’ll have my hands full just making sure you are a one term President” How did that work for him.? Well he can now finish destroying this County. Hope all that voted for
the Democrats is happy, it won’t be for long!

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