October 2, 2022

POLL: Will Donald Trump Beat Joe Biden? [VOTE]

The liberal media is releasing poll after poll claiming that Donald Trump has no chance against Joe Biden in November, but they’re only polling the people they know will vote for Biden.

They don’t want to hear about what American patriots think, because they know the results would be devastating.

Democrat-controlled pollsters are working hard to convince American voters that there’s no chance Trump can win so that the silent majority stays home in November,Β but we know better.Β 
While Donald Trump is courageously leading the nation through an unprecedented pandemic and media-induced riots, Joe Biden is still hiding in his basement. He only comes out to confirm that his highest priority is the destruction of everything Americans hold dear.
Joe Biden is the furthest-left candidate Democrats have ever put up, and the results of this election will change the course of American history.

Vote here to let the liberal media know who the silent majority really supports!


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