July 7, 2022

Illinois Democrat makes gross attack on Americans, confirms Democrat elitism

Many on the left have always looked down their noses at rural Americans. However, now they’re saying the quiet part out loud — and West Virginians aren’t taking it lying down.

Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL) called West Virginia an “irrelevant part of our economy” while pushing the bloated Clean Electricity Performance Program, Fox News reported. He said this after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) claimed he wouldn’t vote for the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill if it included the radical climate agenda program that would hurt the coal industry. 

“If you came and said to me, ‘We will pass the CEPP as written but we will exempt West Virginia from it,’ I would take that deal,” Casten reportedly told Politico. “Do I think that’s possible? I mean, probably not, but that would be acceptable, right? Because West Virginia is an irrelevant part of our economy,” he added.

Casten also claimed that omitting their agenda would signal to Americans “that climate change isn’t a problem” and further asserted that CEPP was the “most impactful part of the Build Back Better Act from a climate perspective.” However, it would fine companies that don’t use renewable energy sources, a provision that strikes at the heart of West Virginia’s coal industry.

The blowback for these sentiments from Casten came swift and severe from West Virginia Republicans.  Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) said the plan “would devastate West Virginia’s economy – and in turn, destroy communities and families.” She added that Casten thinks “that’s okay because ‘West Virginia is an irrelevant part of our economy,’” Capito wrote in a tweet Monday.

Rep. Carol Miller, (R-WV) called his callous remark “the latest example of how out of touch Washington Democrats are with hardworking families in West Virginia and across the country” in a statement to FOX Business. “This isn’t just about West Virginia, this is about every community that’s being left behind and forced to pay the bill for radical socialist policies,” she added.

Rep. Alex Mooney (R-VA) also spoke out about Casten’s sentiment and urged Manchin to hold the line. “West Virginia is home to hardworking, God-fearing Americans,” Mooney said in his own email statement to FOX Business. “For generations West Virginia coal has powered this nation,” he pointed out. “I urge Sen. Manchin to continue to stand up for a commonsense, all-of-the-above energy approach.”

Leftists dismiss the people who live their lives between the coasts and outside of major cities, but they’re the heart and soul of the nation. This elitist attitude is always simmering beneath the surface, but every now and then it bubbles up and someone accidentally says the quiet part out loud.

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