April 12, 2021

Ilhan Omar attacks Biden for allowing additional border wall construction

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) stabbed President Joe Biden in the back via Twitter Wednesday for allowing continued construction along parts of the border wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

“It’s shameful and unacceptable for @POTUS to continue the construction of Trump’s xenophobic and racist wall,” Omar posted.

The attack came after The Washington Times reported that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated he was considering finishing certain sections of border wall construction.

The report also noted Customs and Border Protection has submitted plans for additional construction. “It’s not a single answer to a single question. There are different projects that the chief of the Border Patrol has presented and the acting commissioner of CBP presented to me,” Mayorkas said.

Biden signed an executive order on his first day as president to end construction of the border wall. He later also rescinded former President Donald Trump’s emergency order regarding the southern border.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that funds that were allocated for the wall are under review.

“We don’t believe the wall is an answer. We have never believed the wall as an answer to addressing the challenges — immigration challenges at the border. That’s why we’re proposing an investment in smart –investments in smart security at the border.”

Omar has revealed her goal that Biden’s policies are not radical enough for her. The squad member’s views have generated much media attention, but may make little impact in the discussion to address border security.

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62 Responses

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      1. Hi Phil , agree impeach all of them especially the thieves that stole the 2020 election. In addition, all illegal aliens must go to blue states. Zero to red or swing States.

        1. Hey just because people live in blue states does not mean we are not republicans… we don’t want them here either … Trump 2024

          1. You are so right. Unfortunately I live in California and I will guarantee you that the Blueness is fading. We just need too make sure that our voting system is fair and ethical. During President Trumps time in office I saw so many Trump flags and bumper stickers. During the 2020 election cycle I saw a very few Biden stickers. The voting in this state has been fraudulent for many years and it has got too stop!!!



        1. Omar needs to go. She is a total fake and fraud…beginning with her phony accent. Do Not pay any attention to anything she says!!!!

          1. One Patriot I agree that the twit needs to go. Deport the B**ch back to her old country, what I read was she had married her brother to get here to begin with.

      3. Phillip,
        Thar Muslim woman that “Stabbed Biden in the back” over the wall on the Southern border needs to be HOG TIED and shipped to ANY Muslin country as long as NOT HERE!

      4. send Omar back to her own country this is not her country and let her run her big mouth and still money they will stone her real fast i don’t understand how she is getting away with it here you or i wouldn’t

    1. Headline said, “JOE BIDEN STABBED IN THE BACK” I was so excited that maybe he was dead from being STABBED in the back but then it just gave thus crap. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. We can only hope.

  2. I hope that rag head c*nt dies in a gun attack or a stroke, heart attack, car crash, run over by a bus or garbage truck.

    1. hey omar! why don’t you shut up and do your brother (or is it husband?)we need the wall to keep your terrorist family members from coming in! the bribem administration own’s this crisis and not trump!

  3. so the terrorist like the open borders for her fellow terrorist to come through with no issues. She needs to be removed and deported.

  4. AOC…Does not know her Butt from a Border wall ..She lives in NYC where all the
    Idiots like her live….

  5. And these are the same liberals that live in gated homes? so tell me how the wall is not the answer to keep them out? just what kind of idiot are these people?

  6. this radical liberal needs to be dealt with, go back to your country and leave ours to us, think we know a little bit more of what our country needs than you do…. go home muslim

  7. The people crossing southern border of USA are not only people from Mexico and South America but terrorist from all over the world. After they are here they only need to find a weak spot and attack. Some places Are water and food supply. This is why Biden has resumed some of construction and security.

  8. Omar came in on a rigged election! This piece of trash should be charged for her crimes and than deported out of this NATION back to her 3RD WORLD crap hole where she came from!

  9. The Democrats have total dependency on technology which is man made and easily hacked or remotely reprogrammed A solid wall require to be physically climbed or dug under such a ding bat Duh!!

  10. This woman (I guess) is anti-American. Why does anyone pay attention to her. She needs to be voted out and someone with common sense be elected to her position.

  11. She needs to shut the hell up.It is our right to defend our country.It’s not her country,why should she give a damn.President Trump should still be in the White House and we would not be going through this.Unlike Biden, he loves our country

  12. Send Omar to the Mexican side of the border and have her come across the Rio Grand and put in cage or go back to her native country. Since she has so much hatred for our country, don’t understand how she got into our govt.

  13. what about the money that was approved by Congress to build the wall? I am sure that has not all been used. Looks like they should be made to fulfil that task that Congress approved…

    1. Amen Joy yes they had enough money approved for the construction of the wall so they should use it for that

    2. George Siri’s and Obama us how she got into government. Ilhan Omar cares nothing for this country or it’s citizens.

    3. Joy,
      The last I heard was that Biden stopped the wall from being completed, but the
      contractors were still bein paid. FOR WHAT? The problems on the border are BIDENS’ not TRUMPHs fault. IT was Biden that stopped the construction so he could have
      more future Democrat voters. BIG MISTAKE!

  14. Omar go to hell. You do not want our country safe so you muslims can kill America. We will fight you to protect OUR FREEDOMS. Go back where you came from if you can’t live by OUR AMERICAN LAWS. Of course I can see your struggles with Pelosi training you. You still are a horrible congresswoman. THIS IS ABOUT AMERICA. We will fight for our rights.

  15. Ilhan Omar should have been removed from office already as she broke immigration laws marrying her brother in order to bring him in to the USA. She is a law breaker and should be deported back to where she came from . Her Country of origin! She has no say so in the Wall! The Wall needs to be completed!
    ASAP!! Latest news, Biden is bankrupting the US taxpayer to the the tune of $60 million per week to house illegals that crossed the Border! Biden and the Democrats need to be arrested and imprisoned for aiding and abetting criminal activity at the US Borders!

    1. I have to say that we’re the fools if we let her into the US based upon her (illegal) marriage to her brother…someone sure screwed up

  16. Of course because she’s a terrorist and wants our country to go to hell then she return home a conquerer of the USA

  17. Omar can go to hell she has no say in the construction of the wall go ahead and finish the wall that will slow down the crisis of illegals getting through those openings in the wall and the wall is not racist Omar is racist if she thinks the wall is racist. Finish the wall it will definitely help slow things down a bit and help to get things better under control

  18. Did Pres Biden order case of Marmalade to help choke down the crow on the wall ?
    Don’t worry , he will need it for the rest of the Pres Trump’s orders , when he is in a submission hold and has to reinstate them .

  19. The wall was not xenophobic nor racist. It was the right thing to do and never should have been stoppedI think the American people are seeing that. Now the democrats want see that and want to restart with construction like it was their own idea. We need to protect our boarders because illegals from all around are coming in illegally.

    1. I have to think that this is one of the things that we’re being “made” to see about how life here can change in the swipe of a pen and that we have to stand up against it and all of the other negatives that b has done for our country. I wonder if citizens from non-border states are paying attention to the human and American tragedy that is here…

  20. If these buffoons in charge would quit worrying about lining their pockets, they could actually formulate a plan that would still tick off Americans. Running around with ones hair on fire is not a plan but sure shows inept management skills.

  21. Just look at the mess creepy joe and the rest of the scumbags are getting us into. We need Trump back and fast

  22. Why hasn’t someone put this c__n out of her misery, a Muslim communist telling us how to run our country…

  23. Someone needs to take that damm scarf she has wrapped around her head and shove it down her throat. GOOD RIDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!!!

  24. I think Ilhan Omar is just as phoney as the rest of the SQUAD!! They are all just , if not more corrupt than Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris & the rest of this administration!! The only reason any one of them are in the WHITE HOUSE, is because they bought there way in there, WITH TAXPAYER’S MONEY!! SO I WANT SOMEBODY TO TELL ME DIFFERENT!!! I’M WAITING!!!

  25. george soros is the one that needs to be taken down, why he is not locked up is beyond me. he has been a known communist for years, but is still aloud to roam free.

  26. Omar should be physically thrown on the street like a common thief that she is Send her back to where she came from, a communist s**thole country that suits her perfectly. She doesn’t belong here unless it’s in jail for distortion and violation of election rules. Nothing she says should be published, rather it should be laughed at as she makes zero sense. I’d rather she be stoned like they do in Muslim countries.

  27. Work should have never stopped on the wall. Our borders must be protected! Since Biden opened the borders and stopped building the wall, look at all the drugs, child traffickers, terrorists, rapes and not to mention, positive covid people who have come into our Country. Some people just don’t use their heads.

  28. Why do they even print what this insane person says, every time she opens her mouth out comes more insanity!

  29. How in the hell does she keep getting elected? Are her constituents All in the grave yard?
    Oh the poor miserable THING. Being married to her brother is a terrible disaster but she can’t understand why people just don’t understand.
    My best advice to her is have a forced hysterectomy (NO MORE LIKE HER!), grab her husbrother by the scrotum in one hand, Joe bribem in the other, and walk/swim back to where she came from

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