June 30, 2022

If Trump Cares About the Movement He Helped Build, He Should Now Go Away

David Harsanyi is off this week. The following column is by Josh Hammer.

The ignominious events in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, Jan. 6 will not soon be forgotten. Images of an enraged mob overpowering police and breaching the walls of the U.S. Capitol, the West’s preeminent citadel of republican self-governance, will hinder Americans’ already cratering faith in their government’s institutional integrity and tarnish their belief in American exceptionalism. These are the sort of sordid deeds, and the sort of searing images, that one normally associates with malefactors in a developing nation or a banana republic — not what Abraham Lincoln once called the “last best hope of earth.”

Hypocrisy, of course, abounds. It is more than a little rich for partisan Democrats and their sycophantic media mouthpieces to only now condemn anarchic mayhem and the wanton destruction of private and public property, following their systemic refusal to do so amid last summer’s harrowing, monthslong antifa/Black Lives Matter riotous rampage across the nation’s urban corridors. As for the “health professional” charlatans who once argued against restricting the “mostly peaceful” protests in the name of the greater “public health crisis” of “systemic racism,” they are now nowhere to be found during an actual crisis of national political health, wherein recent polling suggests nearly 40% of Americans doubt the legitimacy of the recent presidential election.

But that hypocrisy, galling and lacking in self-awareness as it may be, still must not obscure the moment’s imperative. And that takes us to President Donald Trump, the Republican Party and the state of American conservatism.

The election of Trump in 2016 was a well-deserved wrecking ball to the cobwebbed pieties of Conservatism Inc. and the dripping disdain with which the GOP’s libertarian-oriented donor class deigned to look at its more populist voting base. Only Trump, the exotic and iconoclastic real estate magnate who rose to prominence wholly outside Conservatism Inc.’s formative institutions, was able to break through the staleness and more authentically stand with Republican voters on issues such as immigration, trade and foreign policy.

But while the Trump phenomenon was a salutary earthquake, forcing conservatives to retire their bromides and reconsider the difference between timeless principles and prudential policies, the 45th president largely failed to leave a constructive, substantive, forward-looking conservative agenda in his wake. This is hardly Trump’s fault; far too many administration officials and GOP poohbahs remained wedded to the dead consensus, and in any event, it is hardly incumbent upon a commander in chief to play the role of egghead policy wonk.

Fortunately, there now exists a sprawling network of intellectual and media institutions dedicated to fleshing out this “new right” agenda — one that is more prudential and less wedded to abstract dogmatism; more overtly communitarian and protective of religion; and more focused on national health and the common good over the excessive economic and cultural deregulation that are hallmarks of post-World War II neoliberalism. I would know because I am a part of this movement. And in light of the past week, especially the loss of two eminently winnable Senate races in Georgia and the shameful manner in which Trump conducted himself during Wednesday’s seditious Capitol storming, it is imperative for our nascent movement’s prospects that President Trump go away after Jan. 20.

He is highly unlikely to do so, of course. The flip side of Trump’s irreverence and indifference toward established norms, which helped make him the perfect political disrupter, is his turgid ego and need to, at all times, be the center of attention. But that ego, which long manifested itself in anodyne Twitter rants, has now come at a real cost. This peculiar election featured myriad irregularities and was blighted by the proliferation of inherently destabilizing mail-in balloting, but it is highly unlikely that there was enough fraud to alter the Electoral College margin. The president’s insistence to the contrary over the past two months undoubtedly helped sink Georgia Republicans — disastrously handing over the Senate to Democrats — and his deeply irresponsible decision to inflame rally-goers on Wednesday may have provided rhetorical cover for Capitol trespassers. The fact this was done under a “Make America Great Again” veneer could well poison new-right/common-good-conservatism efforts to evangelize and build out something meaningful and substantive.

Donald Trump the wrecking ball was much-needed — and tremendously successful. But it is time for conservatives, who will spend the next four years in exile, to cultivate a constructive governing agenda out of this now-toxified rubble. It is no small irony that our imperative to do the latter demands that Trump now get out of the way and let us finish his work.

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Michael albers (@guest_1100350)
1 year ago

Do you think this could of been a plan set up by the Dems with Antifa? Open your eyes!

Joan (@guest_1100363)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

Of course it was a set up. All the other protest by Republicans was not violent nor disstructive so when the people there overtook the capital I knew immediately that Antifa, and the Dem’s had inflitrated the protesst. Only the radicals would do such a thing. So if the investigation is truthful and correct it will show that it was the liberals that led to the siezure of the capital.

thomas castle (@guest_1100374)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

It sure was. They had this all planed to get truMP out

Valerie Barbeau (@guest_1100400)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

It was a set up. President Trump did not egg this on. He said peacefully!

RB (@guest_1100402)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

Trump supporters attacked the Capitol, F.B.I. statement on Fri. NO Anitifa found to be involved ,just Trump and his goodole boys

David (@guest_1100446)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

Heay RB, Why don’t you get a brain but then you wouldn’t use it anyway.

J. LeRoi (@guest_1100481)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

How can you believe all the lies the FBI have been putting out about President Trump and anyone connected to him From before he started running for the Oval office. Even the Capital police have identified Antifa Group as instigators in . the push into the Captial building and the police did not try very hard to stop them. Yes, President trump Call for the people to protest the voter Fraud but to do so Peacefully and legally.

Even so, the disruption was not anywhere near as violent as the Black Lives Matter & Antifa that Burned down Bussiness, beating up people of all ages, and a lot more people being killed and terriois[zed residential area for weeks.
Read other resources than the Democrat Main Media, they would not know the truth if it bit them in the rear.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1100642)
Reply to  J. LeRoi
1 year ago

The FBI and others are still filled with Obummer’s people. They all need a good housecleaning which should have been done in 2016.

Kevin Beach (@guest_1103960)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

Of course you will say that the FBI and the DOJ are currupt there is a video of the Capitol police opening the doors and letting them in even one fed helping one of them up the stairs it’s on tictok

Diane (@guest_1105136)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

Hey I can sell you some bridges
That fit with your thought process

Citizen joe (@guest_1100493)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

As a retired law enforcement officer from southern California I first became aware of antifa and black block. In 19989-1999, the animal activist group, PETA, were holding protest at high dollar fur salons throughout SoCal. Both antifa/black covertly engaged with the peaceful protesters and invited, through agitation, which led to violence. If you weren’t aware, antifa and black blocks only purpose is to blend in by becoming an imposter and incite chaos through agitation, confusion, noise, and violence at any cost.

Citizen joe (@guest_1100494)
Reply to  Citizen joe
1 year ago

Correction on date. 1998-1999.
Slip of the finger

Karole Conaway (@guest_1100626)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

I have no doubt that is what happened. Evil demonrats will do whatever they can to finish their steal. And I do not think it is going to work. President Trump for 4 more years!

Sheila (@guest_1101317)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago

Yes it was a plan. Trump shouldn’t go anywhere he should’ve a thorn in the side of thiisadmimidtration like they were to him

DrScott (@guest_1102512)
Reply to  Michael albers
1 year ago


Raymond J Beers (@guest_1100354)
1 year ago

I have limited funds and NO money available to contribute. However: I fully agree with the GOP Objection to the Electoral College count, and with Josh Hawley’s exposing their (and RINO’s like Mitt Romeny’s) Hyprocrisy!!!!I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America. I ALSO FULLY AGREE WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP THAT THE GEORGIA SENATE RUNOFFS WERE ILLEGAL AND INVALID BECAUSE IT APPEARS THE SAME FRAUD PRACTICES WERE USED!!!!There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.)Democrats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is stupid, or lacks even an ounce of intelligence.Just make sure candidates you support for the Senate and House will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain them to represent you. DO IT!

Don Neslo (@guest_1105377)
Reply to  Raymond J Beers
1 year ago

Trump signed the ‘The Insurrection Act ‘ and it is now just a matter of time till ‘the dogs of war’ are set loose !

Pollty (@guest_1100368)
1 year ago

Who says so he should leave?You never miss the water until.The well run s dry.Coming soon.Donald J Trump is the President of the USA for four more years

Kath (@guest_1100369)
1 year ago

No, it is time for people like you to go. I refuse to vote for a GOP establishment candidate ever again. Not happening for me and probably for millions of other President Trump supporters. These candidates will never win another election. If they don’t support Americans as our President does, the party will not survive. Can’t win elections without Trumpers. A new party will take its place.

cooco (@guest_1100386)
Reply to  Kath
1 year ago


LU (@guest_1100396)
Reply to  Kath
1 year ago


ted lujan (@guest_1100470)
Reply to  Kath
1 year ago

Four years of Low I.Q. Joe and his Gang will make you wish Trump was the President.

Joan (@guest_1100371)
1 year ago

JUST A NOTE TO BIDEN; If you really want to be a good President, then you need to do what is best for our country and not be a puppet for the radical leftest. You could be voted to the best President we ever had if you let your brain rule instead of the fear you have of Harris, Obama and Soros. BE YOURSELF, AND PROVE YOU ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER NUT CAKE LIKE THEY SAY ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK AND THAT THEY ARE GOING TO SEND YOU TO YOUR BASEMENT SO THAT HARRIS ‘S SQUAD WILL RULE. HOPEFULLY YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT, SO PLEASE PROVE IT. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR CITIZENS AND OUR COUNTRY.

David (@guest_1100454)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

He’s in way to deep and even if he was sane he could never be a best president. He was never any good at anything but ripping off taxpayers and selling out our country for the last 47 years.

Patrick Doucet (@guest_1100492)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

Joe Biden will be out of there within 6 months.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1100631)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

He will never be in charge.

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1100389)
1 year ago

[email protected] The so called Insurrection has been blown so far out of proportion, that it bears no resemblance to reality. The few thousands of dollars accrued in damages, will no doubt be inflated beyond, by the use of the Pentagon Payment Plan ($500 Hammers and $1,000 Toilet Seats).
Congress and the Judiciary owns as much responsibility for the Incursion, if not more so, than the President. That’s the honest truth. The “Move Along Folks, There’s Nothing To See Here” strategy against the allegations of Election Malfeasance a conspiratorial Cop Out failed, and Congress is too stupid to recognize that.
Now we’re witnessing retaliations and repercussions way out of proportion to the the threat the Incursion was, simply because We the People watched 500+ Cravenly Coward Congress Critters Soil Their Shorts On National TV, and therefore heads must roll.
“They could have killed us” Congress cries, but believe you me, that if a million plus Protestors wanted you dead, your heads would be decorating the Capitol Rotunda.
Spare me the indignation. It’s an insult to intelligence.

David (@guest_1100459)
Reply to  Bemused Berserker
1 year ago

Well they do think we are all stupid and figure if they keep repeating the lie’s that we all will eventually believe them. Turns out the only one’s that are brain washed are the dems and some backstabbing republicans. Trumpets are taking the reins now. Get ready gitmo

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1100395)
1 year ago

Only thing Biden can do is partially read a script that someone wrote for him & Obama is behind the scripture…

Billy Richard Wilson (@guest_1100424)
1 year ago

Hypocrisy of the Democrat’s have no bounds , they let BLM and Antifa Riot Burn Loot all summer by lying and saying it was nothing Bs.

Rose P (@guest_1100434)
1 year ago

Absolutely!!! Lying Joe Biden plotted this a long time ago, he knew without a scandal he had NO CHANCE TO WIN!!!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1100653)
Reply to  Rose P
1 year ago

No! The demonrat party knew they had to cheat to win and they have been cheating in all elections for many years.

Jeff (@guest_1100437)
1 year ago

Billy, you are exactly right on. They let the crap happen in Portland and Seattle were lives were lost also.

Lemont Cranston (@guest_1100478)
1 year ago

What a bunch of B/S! I voted for Trump in spite of wanting Cruz because Cruz wanted to eliminate the 29 bureaucracies that no one but the swamp asked for. But Pres. Trump proved to be a better choice as he went after the swamp creatures and exposed them. He accomplished more in his 1st year than obamanation did in 8 years. As for joey, hardly anyone knew who he was. And the clown supposedly gets 15 million more votes than obamanation? I doubt it! As for the rioters, the ones that fought w/the police,were a younger set. the protesters were of the older variety. They were the ones that were raised w/the knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They came to support their President and air their grievances w/their congressman. Instead of coming out and addressing those grievances, the cowards ran and hid in the basement like joey boy. That is indicative of guilt. (Prov. 28:1 “The wicked flee when no man chases them but the righteous are bold as a lion”.) and again(“A tree is known by his fruit”. Luke 6:44) So what are “We the People to think about the public servants? Are they guilty of treason? Sedition? Lying to We the People? And you ask if We the People believe the election was stolen? You already know the answer! It was stolen and it is a slight to every patriot whose blood was spilled in all the conflicts on the planet! It is a slap in the face to all of Pres. Trumps supporters. At least 70%+ voted for Trump. And the so-called public servants refused to give us the time of day. They have betrayed us, like they have betrayed their oath of office. Need I remind you that the oath is legally binding and these usurpers should be put in prison for treason. It should actually be illegal for any democrat to take the oath of office, seeing the dems removed “under God” from their pledge of allegiance.
Keep in mind that ~50% of the Constitution is from the bible, and it is He that gives “We the People” our inalienable Rights. So if you don’t believe in Him, you can’t believe in the inalienable rights “We the People” received thru Constitution.

John Meis (@guest_1100540)
1 year ago

I have to endorse all that was said here by Ray Beers, Citizen Joe, J.LeRoi, Mike Albers, Joan, Tom Castle, Valerie, Bemused Berserker, David, Billy Wilson, and Lamont Cranston. and all who said Amen. Just a few of us out here
in the hustings who are in agreement. Trump told no one to riot but to MARCH! Amen.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1100656)
Reply to  John Meis
1 year ago

I agree totally!

bigAltlurker (@guest_1100849)
1 year ago

What hath the UnAmerican Digest wrought? You created a monster and now you have to live with it. Maybe you can lie your followers back into the realm of reality the way you’ve lied them into Trumpism.

waked (@guest_1101145)
1 year ago

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Glenda (@guest_1102359)
1 year ago

If Trump wants to do what is best for America, he should take his 75 million supporters, and Start His Own Political Party!

To Hell with the Corrupt Pelosi Demo-Rats, and the McConnell Rhino Republicans!

geo wilson (@guest_1104445)
1 year ago

Brennan is a counter-insurgency professional and a very strong anti-Trump advocate.
This op, the infiltration of the pro-Trump Washington rally, has Brennan’s fingerprints all over it. And Pelosi was more than ready to move with an impeachment charge against DJT within hours of the Washington event. Pelosi is clearly deranged when it comes to all things Trump-related. All these things happened so quickly and smoothly it is hard to believe that they were not coordinated, all put together to smear Trump and remove him from the political scene and, more importantly, to keep Trump and his movement from returning in 2022 and 2024.
It is no accident that now we are seeing unverified claims of “war” against the Left, and the Biden machine’s calling out 20,000 national guard troops to “defend” his inauguration ceremony. Since Biden’s demand that people not show up because of the covid cabal, he needs somebody to show up who are somehow exempt from his lockdown orders. Thus, the military as first responders. Also, Biden’s reliance on armed troops in the capital foreshadows what we can come to expect from the Biden regime in the future. That Biden is bringing the Obama mafia back to the WH only reinforces that idea.
No amount of re-imagining can get us to accept the deep state’s idea of this new normal, the removing of all the checks and balances from the Constitution, article by article, in the Left’s attempts to rewrite that document. That will simply not fly.

Jamesgib (@guest_1137011)
1 year ago

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