August 19, 2022

If GOP candidates lose Georgia race, Kamala Harris will be the tiebreaker

The Georgia runoff elections will determine whether Republicans keep their Senate majority, or whether the chamber becomes a 50-50 split between the GOP and Democrats.  In that case, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would be the tie breaker, and that could have serious consequences.

“Kamala Harris stands to become one of the most powerful vice presidents in American history if the Democrats win the two Senate runoff elections in Georgia next month,” Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour for warned in her piece at Wednesday. In effect, her vote would give them the majority necessary to ram through any radical leftist policy they want.

Mansour pointed out that although tie-breaker votes have occasionally occurred with other vice presidents for specific votes, this kind of permanent situation “happened only three times in U.S. history: in 1881, 1953, and for nearly six months in 2001.” Harris would become a more powerful vice president than most others in her position with the potential to radically change America virtually unimpeded.

The author explained there are many political changes Harris could influence, such as packing the Supreme Court with additional justices to make it a far-left judicial body and rolling back President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. She could be instrumental in codifying the easily-defrauded vote-by-mail system in an “election reform” bill, effectively guaranteeing Democrats remain in power in perpetuity. Democrats would be able to finally get their leftist climate change agenda passed as well as amnesty for illegal aliens.

Harris could also assist Democrats in their cultural destruction, codifying the transgender agenda with policies that allow biological males to compete in women’s sports and  defending puberty blockers for children. Democrats could strip away gun rights, religious freedom protections, pro-life protections, and provide taxpayer support to abortion providers again.

However the most frightening possibility is Harris’ ability to assist Democrats in implementing a globalist agenda. “Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is his version of the globalist ‘Great Reset,'” Mansour wrote, “which is the brainchild of the World Economic Forum’s founder and chairman Klaus Schwab, who believes the world must ‘act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies’ in the wake of the pandemic.” This would amount to Harris and the Democrats having  a free pass to implement whatever Marxist policies they want with Republicans unable to stop them.

“The fate of the nation rests on who controls the Senate, and the fate of the Senate rests on who wins those two Georgia seats,” Mansour wrote. “This is arguably the most consequential moment in the history of the Peach State since Sherman’s March to the Sea. Georgia will decide the course of the nation.” She encouraged voters to ignore calls to sit out this election to protest the voter fraud they feel was permitted in state’s presidential election.

“The 2020 election may have already made her vice president,” Mansour wrote. “God help us if Georgia gives her the power to cast all of these tie-breaking votes in the Senate.” Most Republicans are livid about the way this election was conducted and decided, but allowing Harris and the Democrats to seize the reins of power in protest is counterproductive and dangerous. America needs Georgia Republicans to get out and vote, and do so in such great numbers that any attempt at fraud would be eclipsed by their legitimate ballots. The nation’s fate rests in their hands.


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moon (@guest_1089794)
1 year ago

This person has to go.

Barbara English (@guest_1089806)
Reply to  moon
1 year ago

absolutely! They can never enter our white house. She is the worst of the worst I believe in righteousness and that God will prevail with these two criminals.

Michele Eastman (@guest_1089825)
Reply to  Barbara English
1 year ago

From your lips to God’s ears!!

NC Bailey (@guest_1090169)
Reply to  Barbara English
1 year ago

Harris is EVIL!! Keep fighting for the truth to be told and SCOTUS find another Constitutional law to hear the evidince!!!!!

Terry Hosmer (@guest_1089986)
Reply to  moon
1 year ago

If President Trump wins the election and the dems win Georgia senate election, VP Pence would be the tie breaker. “Fact”

Faith Matsuoka (@guest_1090587)
Reply to  Terry Hosmer
1 year ago

Yes, but if Trump doesn’t win, Lord help us! Oh my, oh my!

Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1089795)
1 year ago

With luck, Joe and the HO won’t see the WH.

Barbara English (@guest_1089809)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago

They can NOT get in the white house. Americans will rise before that happens. They are thieves and need to go to prison. Not our White House. We didn’t elect them, and they should not be enabled to steal from our nation.

Mike Hayes (@guest_1089823)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago

I hope so….they need to be jailed,lynched or get rid of them by anyother meaans.

Bob (@guest_1090112)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago

Gerald, I agree. However, we have so many queezy RINOs on our side. All it takes to stop these two from stealing the WH is for at least one Republican senator to join the House Representatives in contesting this election on Jan 5th, 2021, when the electors meet . As of today, no (I repeat that No) Republican Senator has stepped forward. Isn’t that a kick in the pants? So many RINOs in our senate and they all seem to be falling in line with Cocain Mitch to drop their opposition to the voter fraud that went on in November 3rd, 4th, 5th, and continues today. McConnell has asked Republicans to not contest the electoral college votes on Jan 5th, 2021. What a wimp and traitor he is. Perhaps the people of Georgia should fire him from the Senate Majority job by defeating the two Republicans running for Senate. Of course this would screw the country, but at least it would take some of the glory from McConnell and perhaps the Republicans in the Senate would elect another stronger leader. Maybe they see the frugality and prudence of their weak actions; however, I do not. It does not look good for our country because of Voter Fraud, a crime family and a HO is gong to take over our country and turn it into a satellite of China.

Lucifer Rumbaldo (@guest_1089798)
1 year ago

She is the Vice-President ELECT! Not inaugurated yet, how the **** can SHE be the deciding vote?
Not sworn in yet, just sworn AT!!

Debi (@guest_1089909)
Reply to  Lucifer Rumbaldo
1 year ago

AGREED 1000%!

JoAnn Graham (@guest_1089800)
1 year ago

And yet the GUTLESS Republicans are going to let this all-important election be conducted with ALL THE VOTER FRAUD that was committed in the previous election UNCHANGED and UNCORRECTED! Yeah. THAT should turn out well. That just means the damned conniving Demmunists, having apparently STOLEN the Presidcency, will NOW proceed to STEAL a majority in the Senate, as well!

James (@guest_1089808)
1 year ago

Maybe we should vote out that bag Harris she is up to no good

John Stuczynski (@guest_1090157)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

She already thinks she is the president. You know the dems will do all they can to get rid of Biden as soon as possible. He will never go for 4 years.

Texas Rose (@guest_1089810)
1 year ago

I don’t care for Biden/Harris. Pelosi and her inner circle are murdering our Americans peoples. They’re playing games with covid and stimulus deal. If I was a president right now. I would round them up and dump them out there in the middle of the ocean no where. No protection for them and let the sharks/whales eat them up alive. Biden/Harris are not my president. Trump is the president for all of us as right now. Unless Americans people are going to start protecting themselves from here on. China will be in ownership in America. Unless we Americans are going to fight back against Pelosi, bad democrats and China. I am just trying to tell you all about and wake up before too late. They democrats and Pelosi robbed your vote and your right. Pelosi hate you and Americans people. God bless you, your families and be safe

Debi (@guest_1089911)
Reply to  Texas Rose
1 year ago

God bless you and yours and stay safe, too.

Cathy (@guest_1089815)
1 year ago

If she takes over— the United States of (American) will be no more. We need to get her and Biden both out !!! With all the evidence they have gotten on record— How can they possibly be putting Biden in top of America and what they deserve? No one will ever take Biden or her for President and her for Vice President. They have gone to far. It doesn’t look good for are judges and the Supreme Court to let this happen. I pray that God delivers us to get the best of the election. Amen

Katydid (@guest_1089842)
1 year ago

Well the ignorant American public got us into this….Hope they like what they got. Time will tell.

Harold r Caton (@guest_1089857)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago


Patriot (@guest_1089963)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago

Decades of complacency and media bullcrap Katydid.. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of our 20/21st century media, very proud!

Patriot (@guest_1089843)
1 year ago

The disappointing Supreme Court just thru their hands up and didn’t want to get involved without looking at any of the evidence of voter fraud.It’s very simple,look at the evidence and we’ll have Trump for another term.Just the thought of Joe and useless Kamala in power makes me want to throw up.

Lola Long (@guest_1089851)
1 year ago

(I agree with what Texas Rose wrote!!)~It’s a shame tho’ that the (R)’s pretended to be nice to OUR PRESIDENT then stabbed him in the back!! Everyone know’s Biden didn’t win!!! Even the (D)’s know, but NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! You know why??? Because they are afraid of the backlash!!! When you are afraid of being murdered or just disappearing, you’ll OBEY!!?!! There’s an EVIL out there in charge of doing what the (D)’s want and HE can and will MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! TRUMP can’t do everything by himself~HE need’s help from “WE The People” Republican supporters!!!! I don’t feel the REPUBLICAN’S have been true to OUR President!!!! What a shame!! WHAT A SHAME!!!

Orlando (@guest_1089877)
1 year ago

Republicans need to get back onboard and work to defend and protect our country, they have become divided at the wrong time and if they don’t get back together as a team we will loose our country that will look like a 3rd world country worse that Venezuela.

Donald Smith (@guest_1089923)
Reply to  Orlando
1 year ago

Your right, those comidemos could care less what the constitution says, they’d erase it and write their own and will if left un checked. Divide and concur, win from within, we’ve been warned and we didn’t stick together and that along with fraud we lost the best President this country has ever had. Their going to get us in a war,———- on our own soil.!!!!

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1089878)
1 year ago

Not when Mo “The Man” Brooks sets off the Claymore of Elector Challenge on January 6th. Harris’ll be back to polishin’ Schmucj Schumer’s knob.

Leroy (@guest_1089931)
1 year ago

So if we end up with a Fraud President with a Fraud Cabinet, do we have to put-up with their BS ?

Bob (@guest_1090136)
Reply to  Leroy
1 year ago

Yeah Leroy, since the deep state will own the country, we will have to continue to listen to their media. After all, they did declare Biden the president elect on Nov 4th. Cocaine Mitch McConnell has surrendered to Biden and the HO. He has told the Senate to not contest the election on Jan 5th when the House and Senate meet to certify the election. We are doomed to become not only a third world country, but will also be a country owned by China as Biden has been bought by the Chinese. They helped him commit voter fraud to win the election by printing millions of ballots pre-marked with only Biden/Harris for President. The country is doomed unfortunately, as all democracies have been desecrated after about 300 years. The constitution is broken anyway because the Roberts’ supreme court got afraid to enter the battle. There was a lot of shouting by Roberts to Alito and Thomas when they were discussing whether to take up the Texas lawsuit. It worked because the three wimpy constitutionalist, put on the court by our President Trump, were intimidated enough to vote with Roberts, and the other liberals, instead of defending the constitution. The King is Dead, Long live the King!

looie bamis (@guest_1089967)
1 year ago


Lynn (@guest_1089974)
1 year ago

We have to get rid of Soros…..Stop watching the fake new’s…Don’t watch Biden when he talks …!!!! Turn a different channel on…We must show them the disgust we have for them….This really is GOOD versus EVIL….Wake up people we have got to fight….!!!!! When they take our Guns away we will have the biggest influx of Guns coming over the border…more then drugs…Other countries watch us to see what we do…!

Lynn (@guest_1089975)
1 year ago

Did you know that CHINA leads the world in jailing Journalists…..!!!! And there all fake news over there…!!

Rosalie Blunda (@guest_1089976)
1 year ago

This is a disgrace what they will do to this country. Someone with some nerve has to step up for what’s right and get rid of Joe Biden and the swamp.’ You already can see what is going on unless your blind. They will turn this country into a communist country. Very bad people. Shame on the Supreme Court for not protecting our country. What are they afraid of?

John F Grychak (@guest_1090020)
1 year ago


hinduit mo (@guest_1090108)
1 year ago

If this happens it will the first time she will get her way without being on her knees

Bob (@guest_1090142)
Reply to  hinduit mo
1 year ago

I heard she was more on her back with Willie Brown.

Note: I expect the monitor of this site to take my comment off because they censor conservative comments, but allow liberals to say anything.

Bob (@guest_1090149)
Reply to  Bob
1 year ago

What is the little arrow to the left of my previous comment? Have I been marked for Antifa to come to my house? Come on Man!

Connie (@guest_1090135)
1 year ago

How do the American voters recall a president and vice president and speaker of the house at the same time?

SandyT (@guest_1090229)
1 year ago

WHY are my comments censored and not posted? Kamala is not a natural born citizen!

Billy Wilson (@guest_1090596)
1 year ago

How can she be tie breaker not VP yet.

Billy Wilson (@guest_1091076)
1 year ago

How can she ,she is not sworn yet.

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