May 24, 2022

Idaho passes abortion ban after six weeks

Conservatives were told to leave the abortion issue alone because it was too politically risky. Many states are now proving just how wrong that opinion was.

Idaho has banned abortions after six weeks with a provision that allows family members to sue medical professionals who perform them in violation of the law, TheBlaze reported. Republican Gov. Brad Little signed the bill last week that mirrors a similar Texas law.

Though he signed Senate Bill 1309, Little had misgivings about its ability to stick. “While I support the pro-life policy in this legislation, I fear the novel civil enforcement mechanism will in short order be proven both unconstitutional and unwise,” he wrote after he signed the bill.

The governor also allowed for rape and incest exceptions though he did so with an additional caveat. “I am particularly concerned for those vulnerable women and children who lack the capacity or familial support to report incest and sexual assault,” Little wrote. “Ultimately, this legislation risks re-traumatizing victims by affording monetary incentives to wrongdoers and family members of rapists.”

The bill would allow relatives of babies aborted, including the parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, to bring a civil suit and collect up to $20,000. A similar Texas bill is currently being challenged for the enforcement mechanism that similarly comes from members of the public.

Still, pro-lifers laud the bill that prevents abortions after fetal cardiac activity is detectable. “Today marks a historic day for the State of Idaho, which has taken an unprecedented step in reversing five decades of bad policy,” Director of the Idaho Family Policy Center Blaine Conzatti said.

“I promise that we will keep fighting until every preborn child is valued and protected by law, no matter the stage of development,” he noted. The Idaho Family Policy Center is a conservative faith-based policy advocacy group that often takes on this issue.

Abortion is a contentious topic, but it’s necessary to have these public battles for the sake of the unborn. Regardless of where this legislation falls short, it proves that banning abortion in the U.S. is an achievable goal even when only done incrementally.

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