July 4, 2022

ID cards show Haitian migrants were Chilean refugees

Several of the Haitian migrants who stayed under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, held refugee status in Chile according to abandoned ID cards.

“Chilean ID’s littered all over on the Mexican side in Ciudad Acuna. The majority of the Haitian migrants have been living in Chile for years and have even been given refugee status,” Jorge Ventura tweeted.

It is unclear how many of the migrants were refugees in Chile, though images have surfaced of at least several IDs.

“Under U.S. immigration law, individuals are not eligible for refugee status if they are ‘firmly resettled in a third country.’ Large numbers of Haitian migrants are likely ineligible for refugee status in the U.S. because they already received refugee status in Chile,” the Daily Caller reported.

More than 15,000 migrants were reported in Del Rio at the camp’s peak. The Biden administration claimed it was deporting migrants back to Haiti, but fewer than 2,000 were reported deported.

It is unclear where the remaining migrants are being settled, though most were covered in Biden’s catch and release process, given notice to appear within 60 days and then released.

The scene revealed how Biden’s open border policies have led to many people seeking to cross the border and how little is being done to deport those who actually do cross.

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