July 4, 2022

Hunter Biden’s wife says husband’s scandalous laptop ‘doesn’t exist’

As her husband’s art world grift continues apace, Melissa Cohen, wife of first son Hunter Biden, declared this week that the laptop computer containing all sorts of sordid family secrets and scandalous images simply “doesn’t exist,” according to the New York Post, in something of a twist on President Joe Biden’s claim earlier this year that it was an element of a “Russian disinformation” campaign.

Cohen’s assertion came as she and Hunter were on their way out of a New York City art gallery that held a showcase of the latter’s high-priced artworks, which have been the subject of much controversy in recent months, including allegations of unethical influence peddling.

The couple was pepped with questions from assembled journalists, one of whom wryly asked, “Hunter, did you get your laptop back?” in a clear reference to the device – abandoned in a Delaware repair shop – filled with emails describing the first son’s overseas business dealings and sexually explicit videos involving the president’s progeny.

Cohen quipped back just as quickly, declaring “It doesn’t exist,” and Hunter Biden, annoyed, shot back that “There’s always a smart-ass in the bunch.”

Readers will recall that the Post’s October, 2020 reporting on the computer’s contents was subjected to a massive censorship push by tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter as a means to prevent it from damaging the presidential changes of then-candidate Joe Biden.

Indeed, back then, Joe Biden also attempted to float the notion that the laptop was not the authenticated scoop reporters portrayed it to be, but rather part of an elaborate Russian disinformation plot, as Fox News reported at the time.

That spin on the story was ultimately discredited by Hunter Biden himself, who subsequently said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that, though he was not entirely certain if the computer in question was his, it was “certainly” possible that it belonged to him.

During a public relations blitz in support of a memoir chronicling his drug addiction and in the lead-up to his reinvention as a high-dollar artist, Hunter Biden admitted that he could not say with complete confidence that the device was not his, declaring, “For real, I don’t know.”

Given the mainstream media’s well-established lack of curiosity about the laptop and the utterly damning information said to be housed in it, the chances appear slim that the Biden’s will ever be held to account for their shifting, conflicting, and wholly implausible explanations for what it clearly reveals about them.

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