August 8, 2022

Hunter Biden documentary set to expose the ‘crimes’ of the Biden family

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is corrupt. The mainstream media wasn’t interested in covering it, but important filmmakers will change that.

Filmmakers are hoping to make “My Son Hunter” to expose the younger Biden, promising to “reveal the crimes of the Biden family and the media cover-up,” according to the Washington Examiner. The couple who are making the movie are the same filmmakers who exposed abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the horrors in his Philadelphia late-term abortion practice.

“Ann and I are announcing we are making a feature film called ‘My Son Hunter’ that will reveal the crimes of the Biden family and the media cover-up,” Phelim McAleer said in an email soliciting donorations. “In ‘My Son Hunter,’ we tell the story of the Biden family corruption through the eyes of Hunter Biden,” he continued. “You will be shocked by what you see on screen. You may think you know the story, but the truth is more damning than you could ever imagine!”

Hunter Biden allegedly cashed in on his father’s clout when he was vice president under former-President Barack Obama. During the elder Biden’s tenure, the younger Biden earned $50,000 per month from a Ukranian energy company despite having no relevant work history in the industry.

A bombshell report from the New York Post in October 2020 revealed how Hunter Biden allegedly traded on his father’s name and position. There was also evidence that father and son may have been in on other shady dealings overseas.

McAleer and Ann McElhinney are crowdsourcing this film as they have others like Gosnell’s story. They did the same for the play “FBI Lovebirds” that depicted the collusion between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, FBI employees whose extramarital affair included text messages about an “insurance policy” to get Trump out of office before the phony Russia scandal was even cooked up.

“Hollywood won’t fund this film and the media will do their best to bury the story,” McAleer also said in the note to fundraisers. “It’s too controversial and they do not want the truth to be told.”

Hunter Biden may have been involved in serious criminal activity, and it may go all the way up to the president. This film is as important as any other made in recent history if for no other reason to expose the gigantic scandal the mainstream media tried to hide.

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Donald Shaw (@guest_1177233)
1 year ago


Michael C (@guest_1177929)
1 year ago

I’m sure the administration will have this film labeled as X-rated or in the least, full of lies. The good part of the Dems condemning the film will be, as most things “forbiden”, to actually have more people see it out of curiosity as to why the Dems are condemning it! Hopefully it will expose how much of a lying, treasonous, anti-american President is in the White House, and how the whole Dem party are nothing but self-serving, power hungry, anti-american, anti-constitutional the Democratic Party actually is! I do hope the film is produced post-haste.

Edna (@guest_1178018)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

Yes get it out there Americans need to know the truth about the Biden family majority of the people know that Joe Biden always has been corrupt even at an early time when he was in the senate From Early 1971 he took bribes

alicia cervera (@guest_1178434)
Reply to  Edna
1 year ago

Absolutely correct Edna!

Sharon (@guest_1178794)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago

I agree

jim (@guest_1178049)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

You beat me to the punch with most of your statements, but that is OK, cuz the important thing is that some of the stupid dumbocraps start being accurately depicted and that some charges be finally made against them, and begin making this crap halt!! I am 81, watched the “Victory parade” driving up and down the “Main Drag” in my home town, and had NEVER SEEN THE DOWNTOWN LIGHTS LIT UP LIKE THAT, EVER IN MY YOUNG LIFE!! I have watched as the EROSION set in and took over under a few “Less than HONEST” regimes, and it came in from both sides, but NEVER as bad as from the DUMBOCRAPS. With the past three Dummy Presidents, they have each tried to wipe out America more than the previous one. President Trump came along, FOUGHT FOR 4 YEARS to FEND OFF THE LIES OF THE DEMS, and turned USA into a real positive machine,, that ALL OF AMERICA WAS BENEFITING FROM AND APPRECIATING!! THE SCANDALS THAT THE DEMS THREW AT THE REPUBLICANS (ALL PROVED FAKE CLAIMS BROUGHT OUT BY THE DEMS) that cost America MULTI-MILLIONS$$$$$ AND ALL PROVED FAKE CLAIMS!!! The time and $$$$ that the DEMS wasted on all of their false claims amounted to HUNDREDS MILLIONS of DOLLARS, AND DISPROVING THEIR CLAIMS ATE UP $$$MILLIONS$$$ in WASTED EFFORTS BASED ON STUPIDITY AND BASELESS CRAP THAT THE DEMS DREAMED UP TO HURT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! The HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF $$$$ AND YEARS OF LOST HONEST EFFORT SHOULD BE CHARGED AGAINST THE DUMBO”S PAY AT 60% to reimburse the Gov’t coffers for criminal activities directly charged by the DUMBOCRAPS!!

Willard Smith (@guest_1178144)
Reply to  Michael C
1 year ago

I agree and hope this film is produced in the immediate future. Go for it

Terrie Simpson (@guest_1177959)
1 year ago

Lord put your hedge of protection over these two brave people !!!🙏

JanD (@guest_1177969)
Reply to  Terrie Simpson
1 year ago

My thoughts exactly!

LOLA (@guest_1178124)
Reply to  Terrie Simpson
1 year ago

Terrie, GOD is great and justice and truth always proveil. They are to stupid and arrogant to realize that we are bringing them all down. MAGA!!!!!

Major (@guest_1178201)
Reply to  Terrie Simpson
1 year ago

Terrie I believe that God gave his people, we Christians to show us just how corrupt America has become. I have no doubts whatsoever that America is that end times nation called “Mystery, Babylon the Great” five O.T prophets gave over 100 characteristics and parameters, all fit America like tailored clothing and the vast majority fit America only. from her rise up in the wilderness to present day. God says that MB was a golden cup in His hand, when America was a Christian nation, I would like to believe I’m wrong but other nation even comes close, past or present, only America. It’s a nation not the Catholic church as many believe. It can never be rebuilt where ancient Babylon was as many believe, this due to the radiation caused by the war. Most Christians get their belief from the Book of Revelation, not the five O.T prophets mainly Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Sharon Henderson (@guest_1178519)
Reply to  Terrie Simpson
1 year ago


Pollty (@guest_1177962)
1 year ago

Be sure your sins will find you out.Time for this family to come clean..God is a forgiving God

JanD (@guest_1177971)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

God may forgive…me? not so much

Stephen Russell (@guest_1177967)
1 year ago

Hooray finally make public, awesome indeed
Hoorah, see Bidens leave WH??

Marlene Coffman (@guest_1177974)
1 year ago

Making a movie, why??? No arrest have not been made, why????
It is time that something is being done and Biden impeach.

Laston Grantham (@guest_1177978)
1 year ago

Where do you think Hunter got his morals and ethics? Corruption is as corruption breeds!

PAT (@guest_1178011)
Reply to  Laston Grantham
1 year ago

Hunter is the off spring of his father, Criminal Corrupt and loves, Dark Cash $MILLIONS.



Christine Getter (@guest_1178036)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

Sadly, you are correct. It would be great to see happen to the entire lot of criminal democrats. My list might be longer than Biden’s and Clinton’s. Obama definitely and Pelosi without a doubt. And there are more…..Nothing will ever happen to any of them.

don (@guest_1178318)
Reply to  Christine Getter
1 year ago

Who is going to arrest them—our govt. is corrupt as hell—–stop wishing for a miracle ——-the only people getting arrested are the one going against the govt. and democrats——————————————–I am tired people thinking there will be arrest coming—–

Janene (@guest_1178197)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

I agree. Get the message out and yes, Lord wrap a hedge of protection around these brave souls.

J (@guest_1178000)
1 year ago

Don’t count on it, I read that even if their corruption is found out they will NOT have the Biden/ Harris and their administration removed from office. They will have to be impeached and Pelosi is the one everything goes to and it will be blocked. We all know what they did and it has gone too far. They ARE destroying America and putting illegal laws against the Constitution into place to block all that they do. It is a travesty what they have done again to President Trump. We the people need to bring all out in the open and to impeach them all.

John (@guest_1178003)
1 year ago

Make sure you get a guarantee that it will be released and aired before you contribute anything.

Carol Z Antenucci (@guest_1178008)
1 year ago

Movie needs to be made to override msm which protects and hides all re: Corruption of joe. Maybe this will wake up those who believe in democrats and refuse to acknowledge Trump is America First!!!

Bob Colburn (@guest_1178015)
1 year ago

This is a much needed exposure of the true corruption of the entire Biden family. Hopefully, no ‘accidents’ will take place during the production of it, they’re dealing with a very deep pool of corrupt individuals both foreign and domestic.

Marcia (@guest_1178023)
1 year ago

The whole family is corrupt and they all belong behind bars.

Larry (@guest_1178047)
Reply to  Marcia
1 year ago

They should have been behind bars years ago.

John Ponnex (@guest_1178054)
1 year ago

My bet is that Biden will squash this from ever being shown. Just like Obama did when a movie was being made and the devil looked too much like Obama and had it shut down over that issue. If the Dem’s don’t like it they simply shut you down. We need to shut them down!!! Oh, and if you want to cancel me, please stop taking my taxes and send them back to me retroactively. I want you cancelled and off my payroll / taxes.

Frank (@guest_1178074)
1 year ago

I guarantee this will never be allowed,the Hunter story was on a roll during the election and suddenly disappeared so I’m not counting on this

Gary (@guest_1178125)
1 year ago

We will wait and see just how involved good ole Joe will be in allowing this film to be shown. There is no question that he is guilty of a pay-for-play business scam with his son and his brother. There has been evidence of this for months now and yet the lamestream media and big tech are burying it. What are the chances this will get out? What are the chances folks will believe it? The left has the power to turn the truth into a lie at the flip of a switch. They have done it for years now.

john Lowry (@guest_1178209)
1 year ago

Should be made while these clowns are in prison !!! They will just blow it off like everything else they are accused of NO ONE EVER DOES ANYTHING !!!!

Katydid (@guest_1178333)
1 year ago

When will it be out. I can hardly wait. I am sure the Biden administration will try to stop it. I hope they are unsuccessful.,

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1178444)
1 year ago

I need all the money I don’t have but I will find some for this. Our government needs to be exposed.

Javiernop (@guest_1247236)
1 year ago

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