October 5, 2022

Hunter Biden admits in emails Chinese businessman only interested in connection to White House during deal

First son Hunter Biden is believed to have admitted that a Chinese businessman was only interested in doing business with him because of his famous last name, according to Breitbart News

According to the publication, there has been new information offered to the public in recently revealed emails by the first son. Hunter Biden is accused of trading on dad Joe Biden’s connections to the White House to broker deals and offer foreign entities backdoor access to the White House. 

Washington Free Beacon reported just days ago Hunter Biden and business partner Devon Archer were exchanging emails in 2010 and 2011 about the head of the Chinese investment company Ever Union Capital Che Fung when Biden’s comments were made. 

Those emails from the first son’s abandoned laptop were exchanged just a few years before Che was arrested for money laundering in Beijing and reporter Chuck Ross, who reported on the emails, asserts that Hunter Biden met with Che in hopes of brokering a deal with Ever Union Capital to invest nearly $150 million in the Communist regime’s sovereign wealth fund.

“I dont [sic] believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman,” Hunter wrote on September 23, 2011 referencing Che, according to Ross’s report. “Things are moving rapidly and the percentage he is offering me is much larger than I at first thought. This can be a serious opportunity,” Archer allegedly replied. “Not only … from an economics standpoint but from the leverage in access it provides with the big boys here in the west who all need China.”

While Hunter Biden brought a serious connection to the table of the potential deal, he wasn’t the only one with family connections. According to Ross, Che is the son-in-law of a former chief of China’s central bank, who was arrested in February of 2015 on allegations that he laundered $15 billion.

Despite the gravity of the allegations against Hunter involving China, it’s not the only situation where the first family has been implicated in an international exchange of a questionable ethical nature.

According to Peter Schweizer and his book Secret Empires, the “Biden 5” Hunter (son), James (brother), Frank (brother), Valerie (sister), and Ashley (daughter) have been implicated in suspicious business deals in Costa Rica, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine in addition to Hunter’s dealings with China.




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