August 12, 2022

House Republicans order Pelosi, Schumer to reopen the Capitol

Washington, D.C. is the people’s city, financed by citizens and run by elected officials. However, the Capitol has been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, and some Republicans think it’s time to follow the science and open back up.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — was just ordered by  32 Republicans in the House of Representatives to reopen the capitol, Breitbart reported. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) led the effort, calling access a First Amendment right.

The letter called on Pelosi and Schumer to “lift COVID-19 restrictions limiting public access to the United States Capitol.” It pointed out that there are now “official business visits allowed at the U.S. Capitol as of April 26, 2021, and at the House Office Buildings on April 29, 2021,” so opening it up to the public “seems only natural” as the next logical step.

“The First Amendment to the Constitution establishes the people’s right to petition their government for redress of their grievances,” Brooks asserted in a separate statement. “Prior to Pelosi and Schumer’s draconian Capitol access restrictions, the American people could easily visit the Capitol offices of their senators and representatives. Now, to gain access to the House and Senate office buildings, citizens must be on preapproved lists kept by the House and Senate Sergeant at Arms,” he pointed out.

“America has historically prided ourselves on transparency and easy citizens access to government institutions,” he continued. “It is shameful that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer persist in keeping the law-abiding American citizens out of their own Capitol, especially when states are lifting restrictions and the CDC is recommending fully-vaccinated Americans return to pre-COVID normalcy.”

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted mask recommendations for vaccinated individuals in most settings, Fox News reported. According to Brooks’ statement, “Nancy Pelosi said ‘about 75%’ of House members are vaccinated. That exceeds herd immunity requirements,” he asserted.

“The American people demand a return to pre-COVID normalcy,” Brooks continued. He went on to reiterate that it is a Constitutional right for the people to be able to access their government officials.

“As is often the way with Socialists, they don’t give a twit about denying citizens their First Amendment rights to make their voices heard,” Brooks concluded. “I, and the signers of this letter, demand Pelosi and Schumer protect and defend First Amendment rights by lifting Capitol access restrictions.”

With cases going down and vaccinations going up, there is little reason to keep up with these restrictions. It seems government officials are reluctant to let their power go even as science negates such restrictions.

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Rick (@guest_1257978)
Reply to  Elise P. Aquilar
1 year ago

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Jon (@guest_1257993)
Reply to  Rick
1 year ago

Agree. Have to stop these ads

Audrey Spaulding (@guest_1258088)
Reply to  Elise P. Aquilar
1 year ago

Most people are making a lot more money that that. In fact by the time you pay taxes on it at 45% to Sleep Joe Biden. You won’t have nearly as much money as someone who already has paid their taxes for working.

Brooklyn boy (@guest_1259076)
Reply to  Audrey Spaulding
1 year ago

This is all BS with my job I made 140k for being willing to take a bullet for my boss. There is no way anyone could make that using a keyboard except in a pyramid scheme

Angela Saum (@guest_1259670)
Reply to  Elise P. Aquilar
1 year ago

Please keep your reply on topic. No one appreciates the advertising. This is not the place.

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1 year ago

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Rick (@guest_1257982)
Reply to  Sasha Banks
1 year ago

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sana.khan674e (@guest_1257876)
1 year ago

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Rick (@guest_1257986)
Reply to  sana.khan674e
1 year ago

You Too are being raped, An OLD cowboy on a tractor has you beat by More Than twice, with Full benefits…..

jim (@guest_1257997)
Reply to  sana.khan674e
1 year ago


Anna (@guest_1258001)
Reply to  sana.khan674e
1 year ago

The economy is terrible , Americans need to be able to save to repair the homes, cars, maintenance etc, hygiene is an important part of every Americans life, all elected officials do know these things , it is not all about them getting rich , supplying the rich with their needs, Agriculture is just as important affordability, of all things in life must be accessible to every American in their own country . Foreign Nationals should only be welcome if they enter legally with & with out their kids, respecting our country, laws & first responders, neighborhoods , paying their taxes, these people who have entered Illegally have not even made an effort to become Americans , while Americans have given them free tools to learn the American language, & many of them do know much of the Americans language but want everything for free, on the backs of the American people , this can not happen , while Americans are taxed to death . As African Americans can not non-stop use the White people as step all over whites to break the laws, abuse them , take advantage of them , & not be punished for wrong they do to white people , & white police officers for crimes they commit . Black & brown skinned people have laws rules etc. plain & simple. so do the elected officials of all walks of life .

Reta (@guest_1258611)
Reply to  Anna
1 year ago

Thank you Anna for exposing the corrupt “Demorats” terrible policies!! Everything that comes out of their mouths & the media are lies!! They are the ones responsible for dividing Americans. There is no systemic racism in our country. The “Demorats” are spreading this propaganda to incite violence! They used the pandemic to control every aspect of our lives. We must stand up to these corrupt lying “politicians” to win our freedoms back. God Bless America the land of the Free!

Joan (@guest_1257929)
1 year ago


Don (@guest_1258021)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

Pelosi believe she runs the US, the senile president and vp Harris and both houses and the supreme court as well

J (@guest_1257932)
1 year ago

do you really think they give a darn?

Chuck (@guest_1258022)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

Peasants rebel when oppressed long and hard enough. Is that gun powder?

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1257933)
1 year ago

It’s past time to open DC to the people. The fence reminds me Of a green zone in Iraq or Afghanistan. Mid piglosi and chuckie Schumer need to have to pay for the guard out their pockets. If they are that afraid of the people then they need to quit and go home. They are the cause of the trouble

Rick (@guest_1257990)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

10-4 on being the cause of the trouble, and they have been for Decades…. The Crookedest of crooks, the most criminal, traitorous of Septic pond scum

Doc Holiday (@guest_1258078)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago


Barbara (@guest_1259243)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

The constitution does not cover the government paying for congress men’s security. The have the salary to pay that expense.

Susan Neavin (@guest_1257941)
1 year ago

They don’t want the capital to be open to the citizens,. There are to many sneaky deals going on

Stevo (@guest_1257943)
1 year ago

The liberals don’t want to open the Capitol , because it interferes with their behind the scenes / treasonous subversive sedition schemes to destroy America .

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1257967)
Reply to  Stevo
1 year ago

Affirmative Stevo…Swamp Creatures at their best. Seeing her head explode into a mist who be a pleasure.

Leo (@guest_1258513)
Reply to  James 75th Regiment
1 year ago

I’d rather see it happen to the HIldabeast and Obummer first.

mike (@guest_1257963)
1 year ago

Remember that what the “people” voted for… so we got it…….

Never realized how corrupt these people are

John Decker (@guest_1257970)
Reply to  mike
1 year ago

Mike, they are as corrupt as can be. We citizens used to have the right to petition the government for grievances, but the Dems have taken that away. They will never open the Capitol on their own, they will need to be forced. Never forget that rats and politicians prefer to do their work in the dark.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1258398)
Reply to  mike
1 year ago

They’re more than corrupt! The evil there is unbelievable; most of congress is in trouble & won’t be able to to escape the exposure to the public. There is an “awakening” occurring right now

Susan Meyer (@guest_1257971)
1 year ago

Makes a person wonder what is going on behind the “Green” doors. I’d bet nothing good.

Donald Lotz (@guest_1257977)
1 year ago

Someone should explain to this CLOWN Pelosi that the Capitol belongs to all Americans not just the overpaid elitists!

Audrey Spaulding (@guest_1258092)
Reply to  Donald Lotz
1 year ago

I have always said that the Capital of our Country belongs to the Citizens of the Country. She just thinks that isn’t true. Well look over the Bill of Rights. We do own the Capital building. You don’t!!

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1258961)
Reply to  Donald Lotz
1 year ago

Yepper !

Doug Allam (@guest_1257989)
1 year ago

Time to open the Capital.

Rachel (@guest_1258007)
1 year ago

I don’t care what you make. Open up the economy and America so we too can make an honest living. Now about opening up the capitol THE AMERICAN CAPITOL, it’s about time a detection of a growing backbone is beginning to show like a pregnant woman. Wow. Put younger and fearless new republican blood in office if you old dinosaurs can’t perform the duties called for by voters. Then get out. DO YOR DAMN ELECTED JOBS FOR WE THE PEOPLE.

Michael, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in enforcement Saunders (@guest_1258059)
1 year ago

Pelosi and Schumer both really need to be kicked completely out of the American peoples government. Nether of them are any good for the people of this country.

Doc Holiday (@guest_1258083)
1 year ago

dosen’t make sense that the Capital is closed to the People Open the Capital or we tear down the fence
NG Is Guarding them W/O Ammo In their weapons so what good are they

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1258105)
1 year ago

Nancy is still trying to figure out what to do with the face mask.
She thinks it is some kind of bra but can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Leo (@guest_1258519)
Reply to  Dave Pokorny
1 year ago

Thanks for the laugh.

Billy (@guest_1258198)
1 year ago

Do you really expect this little dictator to give up any power ,you are living in a bad universe.

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1258963)
Reply to  Billy
1 year ago

Not me !

Stephen Russell (@guest_1258346)
1 year ago

Really about time or leave as is for tourism,

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1258401)
1 year ago

Her time is almost up!

Ed Sather (@guest_1258456)
1 year ago

Hooray for these patriot Republicans for putting Pelosi and Schumer in their places.

Sam (@guest_1258462)
1 year ago

Nancy and Chucky who died and left you in charge. The Captial belongs to the PEOPLE, not you!

Juan (@guest_1258478)
1 year ago

Is this even enforcable or just another scandalous headline? 32 Reps? out almost 500? if I read it correctly. so I question the “ordered pelosi” comment in the headline. they are probably laughing at jut another wasted rep effort that will go nowhere…

Ralph (@guest_1258554)
1 year ago

They keep trying to force people to get their “covid 19” shots, well I have news for them, not everybody is going to get a shot, Nazi Pollution is crazy along with all the other demonRATS!

Rene Rivera (@guest_1258571)
1 year ago

I find myself not clicking on American Digest articlesas muchlately. Frankly, it’s due to all the comment space taken up by all those work at home scam ads. Something must be done to remedy the situation.

Richard Yeats (@guest_1258877)
1 year ago

The capitol of the United States should never be closed…. This is a bunch of idiots afraid of doing their jobs…
A bunch of spoiled kids terrified of what they peacefull gathering of AMERICANS not rioters like they have imposed their rioters on like Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland and many other cities in the US…. Why don’t they try and uphold the law instead and things like this wouldn’t happen… Hold people accountable and responsible to the rule of law… Instead they are party driven fools hungry for power!!!!!

David (@guest_1258922)
1 year ago

Nancy..You must realize by now that you and Schumer are
two of the most despised people in America.
Chuck…Why no comment on the lunatics in Palistine killing
the Isrealis in the name of Religious fanaticism using the money
that Obama, Biden and Kerry game them, do you still practice
Why hav’nt you demanded that Biden do something to help
the people of Isreal before he becomes the “Coward President”
for all time.!!

Terry Bell (@guest_1258966)
Reply to  David
1 year ago


robert w sanders (@guest_1259124)
1 year ago

delete your stupid advertisers or i will unsubscribe from your web site.

sandraexy7 (@guest_1259375)
1 year ago

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