May 24, 2022

House GOP works to force vote on Iran nuclear deal amid growing bipartisan concern

In an effort to thwart America’s participation in a new nuclear deal with Iran, House Republicans – led by Rep. Michael McCaul (TX) – are seeking to force a vote designed to require the Biden administration to comply with the requirements for congressional review and approval spelled out in the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, as Fox News reports.

The news comes as McCaul has made clear his belief that he can marshal sufficient support among Democrats who have joined him in voicing significant reservations when it comes to the president’s desire to rejoin the sort of agreement from which former President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. back in 2018. Many on both sides of the aisle believe that the end of sanctions on Iran stemming from such a pact would result in its leaders funding terrorist activities that would pose a threat to America’s national security.

The procedural tool McCaul intends to use requires 218 votes to pass, and it permits individual members to make an end-run around congressional leadership to compel a vote on a measure, in this case, to require the administration to seek and secure congressional approval for any agreement involving Iran.

“We are drafting a discharge petition to mandate the administration comply with the law and INARA {The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act], which we passed in Congress the last time this came around,” McCaul explained to reporters during a Wednesday press conference.

“I really have to say in our briefings, if we are doing a whip count, I’m seeing a lot of Democrats that are with us, and all we need is 218 on that discharge to, first of all comply with the law, which is crazy that we have even to ask for that.”

Even so, McCaul remains wary of potential moves from the Biden administration to keep any new deal from coming to Congress for approval, noting that there are “some pretty darn good lawyers” at the White House who will “try to get around the law.”

As the Washington Examiner noted, House Foreign Affairs Committee member Rep. Joe Wilson (SC) echoed McCaul’s concerns about the possibility of a new nuclear deal with Tehran, saying, “Iran has announced death to America, death to Israel, and we know that when they agreed to the last that they never stopped developing ICBMs. They call it for the launching of satellites – come on, let’s get real.”

Talks for Iran to re-enter a version of the prior nuclear pact have been underway in Vienna for quite some time and are reportedly nearing completion, and while America is not a direct participant in negotiations alongside Britain, France, Russia, Germany and China, President Joe Biden has long indicated his willingness to rejoin such a deal, should an agreement be reached.

As McCaul indicated late last month, should a revamped agreement go into place, it would restrict Iran’s nuclear capabilities until 2024, and at that point, “[m]ost of the restrictions on their ability to build a bomb will be gone and it almost ensures a nuclear Iran,” and that is a result he and his colleagues are right to do everything in their power to prevent.

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Barbara (@guest_1285645)
1 month ago

Iran should NEVER have nuclear capabilities!

cozycalico (@guest_1285647)
1 month ago

Biden will not listen most likely. If it is not his idea he dismisses it.



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