August 19, 2022

House GOP leader warns Pelosi to take action after Maxine Waters outburst

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a final warning to take action against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for inciting violence during comments last weekend in Minnesota — or he’ll take matters into his own hands. 

McCarthy claimed he will act if Pelosi does not. His plea follows remarks by Waters regarding the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin and the death of George Floyd.

“We’re looking for a guilty verdict,” Waters said. “And we’re looking to see if all of the talk that took place and has been taking place after they saw what happened to George Floyd, if nothing does not happen, then we know that we’ve got to not only stay in the street, but we’ve got to fight for justice.”

She added, “But I am very hopeful, and I hope we are going to get a verdict that says ‘guilty, guilty, guilty.’ If we don’t, we cannot go away.”

Her most provocative comment, however, came in response to a reporter’s question. Waters answered, “We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure they know we mean business.”

Pelosi has yet to respond to the comments by Waters.

Waters previously attacked former President Donald Trump. She said, “These members of his cabinet who remain and try to defend him, they won’t be able to go to a restaurant, they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store. The people are going to turn on them.”

If Pelosi does not respond or chooses to back Waters, it is uncertain what McCarthy will do. As House minority leader, he may have limited options to reprimand the Congresswoman, though Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene has already started a petition to remove Waters from office.

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FLARE (@guest_1217632)
1 year ago

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Pat George (@guest_1217751)
Reply to  FLARE
1 year ago

I bet that computer is mighty hard in the small of her back!

MICHAEL (@guest_1217801)
Reply to  FLARE
1 year ago

What this “THING” did this weekend is totally ILLEGAL for a Goverment Official to do. She is a Congress woman and a she is out there telling people to riot but you know what?? She will get away with it.

Donnie Bailey (@guest_1217838)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

She is going to get a lot of good people hurt or killed someone who supposed to be a leader and she talks like this we the people black and white people can’t have her doing these things maxed zone gone bananas

andrew (@guest_1217848)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

she’s in bed with the 2 muffin munchers of b l m

homer (@guest_1217745)
1 year ago

Put waters back on her cage

alicia cervera (@guest_1217779)
Reply to  homer
1 year ago

Get her out of my sight aand out of Congress. She hurts My COUNTRY and my eyes!
Peelousie also. 2 loers for the price of one, GONE!

edward standard (@guest_1219783)
Reply to  homer
1 year ago

put Pelosi in the cage with her.

Gina (@guest_1217747)
1 year ago

Please get her out of office. This kind of person does not belong in congress. She’s a bad example. She’s a racist

skinner (@guest_1217789)
Reply to  Gina
1 year ago

Right On!!!!!!

MICHAEL (@guest_1217821)
Reply to  Gina
1 year ago

You know, I hate to admit it but I live in California. Many people here feel that our elections, for many, many years have been fraudulent. After the 2016 election L.A County found 1.5 MILLION FRAUDULENT VOTER REGISTRATIONS. In another county, forget which one and it was during the 2016 year they had to cancel over 100,000 jury summons because they were not citizens but whe did the get the names?? OFF OF VOTER REGISTRATIONS. I really feel that the vast majority of California CITIZENS want this stat RED…

Shelly (@guest_1225257)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

That’s why alot of these Traitors of The United States are still in office ! “Frauds”

William Smith (@guest_1217748)
1 year ago

Maxine Waters- moron- enough said

rm (@guest_1217852)
Reply to  William Smith
1 year ago

William…. I would care less if I read in the paper Maxine Waters got run over by a drugged/drunk driver…or caught a terminal case of coronavirus…. The coronavirus is free, and the drunk driver could cop a plea and the flies and buzzards could clean up….

Dave Boo (@guest_1217752)
1 year ago

How in the hell does this idiot continue to get elected? Are the voters in her district that stupid! Answer yes! She does not belong in Congress because she’s incompetent and her voters are brainless continuing to elect her!

M Rider (@guest_1217774)
Reply to  Dave Boo
1 year ago

It is callwd voter fraud

D Chaffey (@guest_1217885)
Reply to  Dave Boo
1 year ago

Maxine Waters’ voters are in the Watts Neighborhood of Lousy Angeles. Need I say more? I remember when I stood outside my home in North Orange County and looked at the huge column of Black smoke rising into the air 22 miles away in 1965 as the people of Watts burned their own neighborhood up during the Watts Riots. Those people LOVE Maxine to death. She is one of them.

Dorothy Jackson (@guest_1219815)
Reply to  D Chaffey
1 year ago

The residents of Watts DID NOT burn down their community! The demonstration was peaceful until a group similar to BLM/Antifa came and started throwing bricks etc. People said they came out of NOWHERE!!The residents of Watts DO NOT love Mad Max. She doesn’t even live in her district!! She keeps being reelected through voter fraud!!! She almost lost the last election. Maybe if the young man who ran against her in 2020 runs again, she may FINALLY be kicked out of the office she and her family have made so-o-o much money from!!!

Dorothy (@guest_1218222)
Reply to  Dave Boo
1 year ago

She keeps getting reelected the same way biden got elected. Cheating. Only way any democrats get elected. They just need to put her back in the zoo she escaped from.along with Sharpton. They are some kind of UGLY.

Liz (@guest_1217756)
1 year ago

Waters AND Pelosi….they BOTH have to go, along with Biden, Harris, Schurmer.

WOWZER (@guest_1217773)
Reply to  Liz
1 year ago

YES YES YES YES and YES start a petition to get rid of all five Impeach Biden though for treason for his dealings with China!

alicia cervera (@guest_1217782)
Reply to  Liz
1 year ago

many others too, but for start this would be great!

cheryl (@guest_1217759)
1 year ago

madmax needs to go back to hell where she belongs, now.

American Vet (@guest_1218624)
Reply to  cheryl
1 year ago

Cheryl: Before she goes back to hell where she belongs
someone should drop her off at a Beauty Shoppe along
the way and get that mess fixed.OMG.!!

Ann Daniel (@guest_1217761)
1 year ago

Wanna bet she has security detail protecting her butt!

Donna Atkins (@guest_1217940)
Reply to  Ann Daniel
1 year ago

…and the tax payers are paying for it.

Samuel Meachem (@guest_1217764)
1 year ago

She disrespects everybody. She thinks her poop doesn’t stink. And let me tell you. Even her body smells badly. She is a poor excuse for a human being, much less a representative in our Congres. It’s time she be kicked out. And Pelosi with her.

PAB (@guest_1217787)
1 year ago


madmemere (@guest_1217800)
Reply to  PAB
1 year ago

She needs a LOT MORE than that, along with a lot of others.

Isaac (@guest_1217792)
1 year ago

It’s just unbelievable that the most incompetent people seem to be voted into office. Are the voters that ignorant that they choose to vote for the most despicable, stupid people into office? Can’t they see beyond their noses the kind of people they’re voting for and the background they come from?

madmemere (@guest_1217799)
1 year ago

IMHO, commie pelosi, blackbag waters and ALL their comrades NEED to be taken out; demand US Marshals arrest them, incarcerate in GITMO until their military tribunals for TREASON. Once they are convicted, march them, immediately, out to a concrete wall, facing a US military firing squad. Allow NO delays and NO appeals; BE DONE WITH THEM once and for all. They have been allowed to “rule and destroy” for far too long – -END IT NOW!!

Allen Calvin (@guest_1218119)
Reply to  madmemere
1 year ago

Try them for TREASON, all of them and Clinton.

Faye Deister (@guest_1217809)
1 year ago

Maxine Waters does not live in her District. No one has looked into that. The Republican who ran against her does live in that District. He said so during his campaign last fall. Some one should look into this illegal problem!!!

j (@guest_1217817)
Reply to  Faye Deister
1 year ago

What and actually do the peoples’ bidding don’t hold your breath waiting for these congressional actors to do anything that their masters don’t HAND FEED THEM WITH THEIR “CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS”

Donnie Bailey (@guest_1217899)
Reply to  Faye Deister
1 year ago

Why Is she in Minnesota to start a riot she has her taxpayers body guard’s with her so no one can smell her breath

Donnie Bailey (@guest_1217906)
Reply to  Donnie Bailey
1 year ago

Our taxpayers security guards she flew to Minnesota on taxpayers money and people are giving her big money for this a fruad and a lie people who are suckerd in her scandal are week

Allen Calvin (@guest_1218122)
Reply to  Faye Deister
1 year ago

Maxine Waters should be kicked out of Washington and also tried with the rest of them for Treason.

J (@guest_1217814)
1 year ago

we don’t need rhetoric — we need action. remove Waters from Congress if you have the guts McCarthy

Jim (@guest_1217826)
1 year ago


Dear Representative (NAME):

It’s time to make the Democrats live by their own rules.

Maxine Waters is a danger to America and should be EXPELLED after years of inciting violence. . .

Maxine Waters encouraged BLM/Antifa rioters and terrorists to be more “confrontational” in the streets.

She even threatened a jury, demanding a guilty verdict against Chauvin!

And if she doesn’t get what she wants? Maxine Waters wants the city to burn.

Maxine Waters’ actions directly led to a drive-by shooting on National Guardsmen in Minnesota!

What did Nancy Pelosi do? She REFUSED to condemn Maxine Waters and claimed Maxine doesn’t “need to apologize.”

This is the time for Republicans to get tough and hold Democrats in Congress accountable for their hate-America violent rhetoric.

For years, Maxine Waters has incited BLM/Antifa violence and riots.

And for four straight years, she was a top lieutenant to Nancy Pelosi in their witch-hunt impeachment sham against President Trump, not to mention her public and well videotaped actions of sedition against former President Trump.

It’s time Republicans fight back and let these hate-America Democrats like Maxine Waters know: enough is enough! You will not keep America hostage.

Maxine Waters must be expelled from Congress!

An American Patriot for Justice


William P Wozniewski (@guest_1217874)
1 year ago

Democrats punished Marjorie Greene so now Republicans can return the same rules.

John (@guest_1217875)
1 year ago

Maxine will never be a “martyr” to her cause! She will nothing but the worst piece of garbage that was ever elected to the United States Congress!

Jono (@guest_1217931)
1 year ago

She is a bad bully……….terrorist……..rabble rouser….. Should not be in her present position…..

Nathan (@guest_1217943)
1 year ago

Water needs to go and so does posluttski

John (@guest_1218056)
1 year ago

Maine Water has a lot of balls claiming white people keep blacks in the ghettos like her district while relaxing in a 4 million dollar home

Allen Calvin (@guest_1218129)
Reply to  John
1 year ago

And the home is not in her district.

Me (@guest_1218191)
1 year ago

Maxine Waters needs to be removed. She is provoking in violence. Republicans would be punished for what they say and do. Maxine waters is no different. GET HER OUT LOCK HER UP.

Kathy (@guest_1218274)
Reply to  Me
1 year ago

She wallows in slime. It’s all she knows.

Marcia (@guest_1218264)
1 year ago

If you recall the House impeached Trump claiming he incited violence on January 6th when in reality he did NOT. Why is it any different for a big mouth Bit** to go out into the streets and do the same thing and NOT have anything done to her? She did the same thing when Trump was elected it is past time for this monster to be removed from congress immediately. Just because she is a DumboRAT doesn’t give her the right to cause inciting and on top of that have a police escort to protect her.

Donnie Laymon (@guest_1218271)
1 year ago

Folks, this is what complacency looks like. We The People, have allowed despots like this crazy old black women to incite violence and rioting and not one Damn thing happens to her. She needs to be kicked the Hell completely out of government.

NaLBrisco (@guest_1218282)
1 year ago

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1218297)
1 year ago

Hooray, can we have Pelosi make changes or NO
Unite GOP Unite

Richard Lee (@guest_1218356)
1 year ago

And she doesn’t even live in her district. Also, who paid for her trip toMN?

Helen (@guest_1218415)
1 year ago

Unfortunately nothing is going to happen to her. She won’t show up for the rioting and looting after the verdict. She’s another unhinged democrat.

Rosemary Saucedo (@guest_1218490)
1 year ago

She doesn’t belong in office with her attitude. She s supposed to represent all peope and has chosen the wrong path, killing and hurting innocent citizens and our own military…get rid of her….I have no respect for her.. She doesn’t belong as a Government official.

Linda M Knapp (@guest_1218718)
1 year ago

The Democrates are Satans evil army. They voted in all this insanity. I also agree that the election was stolen. When all good men stand still and do nothing evil prevails. So wake up Americans and especially our elected Republicans who are turning their backs on those who elected them into office. We need to impeach our own Rinos. I fear for our country. All those who are crossing our borders will become future democrate voters and there will never be a Republican in office again. All you Christians out there need to create prayer teams all across America praying for God’s intervention. I’m not a religious fanatic but I believe in the power of prayer. And when you have prayer teams going all day every day, there will be a big miracle. And the pastors of churches better start paying attention. I worry about our country. Our politicians don’t listen, so I truly believe this is our only hope. Remember, we are one nation under God. Well, Satan is taking over and we will soon be one nation under Satan. I’m sure our forefathers are turning over in their graves. Please God, Bless America

Billy (@guest_1218960)
1 year ago

Remove them both for being guilty like Trump was convicted of. This double standard must stop . You set the boundary’s when you Convicted Trump for what You and others were calling for now you want to protect her. I hope you loose all support and the monies you received for insider trading.



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