July 28, 2021

House GOP fights back against Pelosi-backed COVID-19 ‘stimulus’

The GOP continues its fight against special interest projects within the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, while Democrats accuse Republicans of more “misinformation.”

Upon closer inspection, Republicans on the House Budget Committee voted against the package, noting the bill includes just eight percent of its spending toward COVID-19 relief. Instead, the real “stimulus” focuses on left-leaning unions, activist groups, and government entities.

Yet Democrat House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmouth argues:

“We have also been subjected to a lot of misinformation and partisan spin. What’s true is this: The virus has already killed more than 500,000 Americans. Workers, families, small businesses, and communities across the country are counting on the relief in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to survive these crises, and they can’t afford to wait.”

Interesting how Americans could afford to wait through Pelosi’s standoff throughout 2020 to halt a second stimulus plan, but now they cannot. Also notice how the response to political payback items in the stimulus bill is answered by, “What’s true is…” thta lots of people have died from COVID-19.

Answering an accusation with an unrelated answer doesn’t fix the left’s wasteful stimulus bill. It only seeks to further hide it from the American people.

For example, the current stimulus plan includes over $100 million for a Silicon Valley transit expansion project. I think Americans can “wait” on that one.

Or what about $50 million for environmental justice grants? Not kidding. It’s in there, along with $135 million for the National Endowment of Arts, as apparently art will somehow magically solve COVID-19.

What Democrats don’t want to admit is that the COVID-19 stimulus plan was an easy way to pass legislation to fund all of their favorite projects without Americans noticing. The only problem is that people are noticing.

Now the left has to argue we “can’t wait.” If we’re waiting for a bill that actually helps Americans recover from the pandemic, I believe we can.

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