April 12, 2021

House GOP fights back against Pelosi-backed COVID-19 ‘stimulus’

The GOP continues its fight against special interest projects within the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, while Democrats accuse Republicans of more “misinformation.”

Upon closer inspection, Republicans on the House Budget Committee voted against the package, noting the bill includes just eight percent of its spending toward COVID-19 relief. Instead, the real “stimulus” focuses on left-leaning unions, activist groups, and government entities.

Yet Democrat House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmouth argues:

“We have also been subjected to a lot of misinformation and partisan spin. What’s true is this: The virus has already killed more than 500,000 Americans. Workers, families, small businesses, and communities across the country are counting on the relief in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to survive these crises, and they can’t afford to wait.”

Interesting how Americans could afford to wait through Pelosi’s standoff throughout 2020 to halt a second stimulus plan, but now they cannot. Also notice how the response to political payback items in the stimulus bill is answered by, “What’s true is…” thta lots of people have died from COVID-19.

Answering an accusation with an unrelated answer doesn’t fix the left’s wasteful stimulus bill. It only seeks to further hide it from the American people.

For example, the current stimulus plan includes over $100 million for a Silicon Valley transit expansion project. I think Americans can “wait” on that one.

Or what about $50 million for environmental justice grants? Not kidding. It’s in there, along with $135 million for the National Endowment of Arts, as apparently art will somehow magically solve COVID-19.

What Democrats don’t want to admit is that the COVID-19 stimulus plan was an easy way to pass legislation to fund all of their favorite projects without Americans noticing. The only problem is that people are noticing.

Now the left has to argue we “can’t wait.” If we’re waiting for a bill that actually helps Americans recover from the pandemic, I believe we can.

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74 Responses

    1. WHY can’t the stimulus go to AMERICANS who need help, instead of corrupt foreign countries and ILLEGALS that biden invited in for their illegal Votes!!?????
      these people are nutcases


        1. amen im peach and put in prison they r low life son of a u no what and evil and god will judge them and they cant get out of it

        2. HI! you must be friends with Linda! both hit the spot!! Biden does what HE thinks is helpfull, not what is real! we may be stuck with him and Pelosi??? and US goes down!

    2. Agree with Maura, we can certainly wait for the pittance $1400 “give me” that the Democrats and Left in general think we will prostitute ourselves for a couple of collars that, for me will just about pay my utilities for ONE MONTH! All the while they are padding the payments for NON AMERICANS, opening up the borders so we can support more people that are not working and who will bring more Covid into the country for our medical facilities and workers to take care of. WHEN IS EVERYONE GOING TO REALIZE THAT WE ARE NOT FALLING FOR THE LIES!

    3. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Kamala Harris got run over by a drunk driver. Or caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for Nancy Pelosi. Why wait? Both Biden and Harris need to be impeached immediately. Two can play the impeachment game.

  1. No MORE PORK for the pelosi and schumer people. ZERO! only covid if necessary. Help those who hav lost jobs due to lockdwns in Republican states, not in dem states. NMY, Cali. Michigan. Georgia OUT!!!”!” Let them fend for themselves.! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH SWAMPERS!

    1. C-19 Pork barrel spending by the Dems, we need term limits not career criminals . It’s easy to see why the donkey is the democratic symbol

  2. ““We have also been subjected to a lot of misinformation and partisan spin. What’s true is this: The virus has already killed more than 500,000 Americans.”

    No, what is true is THIS: Nasty Nancy and her cohort of conniving Demmunists have loaded EVERY Communist wish list item they could THINK of into this bill–INCLUDING bailouts for Demmunist mayors and governors to fix what they sat back and ALLOWED Antifa and BLM to destroy! Why should we, the people pay for ANY of that? And PS: Most of those 500,000 + Americans who died DID so because they were unfortunate enough to live in cities and states run by CLUELESS Demmunists like Andrew Cuomo and that INSANE power-mad governor from Michigan. NO amount of money is going to make those clueless Dems either competent, or make them actually give a DAMN about the rest of us!

    1. Hey Nancy I am your friend too so could i get some of that free obama money too just slip it in my pocket the next time you go oral on me okay?

    2. wonder how much of that stimulus $ is going back in Chinajoes pockets in kickbacks? They censor most of my comments; no longer free speech America

    3. You said everything I was thinking. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words. Democrats must be stopped. Senate is last line of defense.

  3. Nothing but money for the American people should be in this no bail out for blue states that let people burn and tear up peoples property no money for anything but families in need and small legitimate businesses

    1. this guy is letting America be destroyed and applauding them. Hes helping by allowing China to tryout their new Weather Warfare System on the state of Texas after he collected 4 Billion from them

  4. The only thing in this COVID-19 bill is what pertains ONLY to COVID related help. And unspent moneys from prior bills must be now negated and used in this help for the people. All other bills included in this COVID bill MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO ANY VOTING OR NO VOTE SHOULD OCCUR UNTIL THEY ARE REMOVED. Those things are not necessary at this time or any other time in the future. They are only for the congressman and woman’s per projects. All per projects MUST be DROPPED FOREVER!! Many seem to be in a conflict of interest with the lawmakers.

    1. It seems we are stupid to let this go on for so long..Has been going on forever….time to make a stand and close her piggy bank down……

  5. WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP in DC and DEMAND NANCY PELOSI BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE ABUSE OF POWER!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  6. How much of a kick back will she miss out on if they kill this bill for all the waste in it!! They need to kick her to the curb NOW !!!!! one useless human,appears to be drunk all the time,if so make her resign NOW.

  7. It’s about time the GOP stood up to this garbage, and if any Democrats want a return trip in ’22 they better get on board with the Republicans on this one. Let’s do something for the country for a change, shall we?

  8. Dream on UnAmerican sycophants. You would be better off blasting Donald Trump for his failure in controlling the virus disaster that led to the economic crash requiring more gov funding to help recovery from the economic disaster from his disbelief there was a problem.

    1. the only unamerican sycophants here are you and others like you that really think you are smart the trouble is that great brown fog all over your brain that makes you sound really stupid.

    2. You mean like getting the vaccine in record time? You call that a failure? It seems to me the only failures were in New Yok and California.

    3. HAS to be someone stupid enough to believe that Demonstrous crap the demos are trying to feed us or a gov’t employee getting a kickback and not giving s damn about anyone else.

  9. Sad to see how many of our Congress is about SELF POWER AND MONEY. Nancy Chuck and Maxine. Is just some of the greed that abuses the system. You the people are suppose to work and help the United States of America’s. We as this country is suppose to be first and foremost. But you won’t to handout and give our needs or sell this country to others.
    I really think your time is up in the office because it’s all about you you and you. There are so many people that has lost there jobs because of y’all in that office there loss of homes loss of being able to provide for there family’s. Because of y’all. It’s time to take a stand people and get them out of that office for people that are willing and able to help this country first.
    We need them to be charged with abusing power. And treason if anyway possible. So how about them republicans and some of the democratic pull together to get their butts out of there.

    1. I wonder how many have died of this china virus whist waiting for their owed dues during all these holdups by Nutty Nancy and her crooked colleagues. That’s quite a saving I’d guess.

  10. why is it that when I am trying to read a story on here about Nancy Pelosi it keeps vanishing and it is the only one that does so?

  11. They’re elected Republican officials and Senate Congress house need to get back to doing to the Democrats what they have been doing fight them on every single issue no matter how little or how large you need to get with it you’ve been elected by the American people whose time you start working for them going to the court seems the law into the Constitution and do back to them what they’ve been doing the entire time Trump was in there do everything and anything to remove them from office it’s time to quit playing nice this is the United States not the Democrat party country

  12. President asks:What can he leave out.
    Just look at all the pork included.
    Do we need a new tunnel ?
    Do we need a bridge?
    Do we have to bail out blue states?
    Endowment for the Arts?
    Etc etc
    Really He must be kidding We need COVid relief not wish list for Democratic Congress.

    Republicans stand your ground!

  13. COME ON YOU GUYS IN THE SENATE & HOUSE, WAKE UP, GET SOME COURAGE AND VOTE FOR THINGS THAT WILL HELP THE AVERGE AMERICAN, NOT Pelosi, Schummer, Biden, Harris, etc! Vote for a Stimulus package that will help PEOPLE not politicians! And won’t bankrupt our Beautiful country! Isn’t there anyone out there that has the guts to do so???

  14. I am not a hugh political person but did those dem think – oh this sounds aweful – “well we won’t have to pay them Social Security anymore”? Sounds awful. Also i am sick of Nancy and her greed as well as many other Dems.

    Also sick of hearing all we have to do for ppl of color what about the white ppl oh unless you are a white rich person

  15. This is “THE PEOPLE’S” House as I recall. I for one, do not want my tax dollars to be spent on a bridge, a tunnel, an arts endowment, nor should any of us pay for a bailout for New York, Illinois, or California. I want our fellow Americans bailed out of this mess, PERIOD. Speak up America, this is wrong on so many levels

  16. What I would tell Rep Yarmouth, take out all the CRAP that has nothing to do with the “Covid” bill like the endowment for the arts, all the money for the teachers and other unions, the bail out money for the bankrupt states like NY, Cal, IL and NJ and the Covid bill will get approved. This is common Democratic practice, they always pack spending bills with all kinds of garbage and all at taxpayer expense. The Democrats do not really care for the AMERICAN people, their concerns are for all those huge donors who keep them in office. I used to be a Democrat until I started seeing what they really stand for, they are despicable and disgusting.

  17. Everytime I see the lib bullying dems hit a very large bump in the road..
    I start to sing……..’God Bless America’!!!!!

  18. I 100% agree with this person
    Carolyn Schmidt Arvin says:
    February 26, 2021 at 4:05 pm
    This is “THE PEOPLE’S” House as I recall. I for one, do not want my tax dollars to be spent on a bridge, a tunnel, an arts endowment, nor should any of us pay for a bailout for New York, Illinois, or California. I want our fellow Americans bailed out of this mess, PERIOD. Speak up America, this is wrong on so many levels

  19. The only stimulus that can really help the people is the action by the people. Do the government officials want to help? If so the stimulus needed is simple — stop the lockdowns, open the schools and if the teachers don’t want to teach fire them and hire someone who wants to teach reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. I don’t think we need “certified teachers” to teach the basics. If you are a parent you have been teaching your kids the fundamentals, (and more) long before leftist teachers got their grimy hands on them. Parents, keep teaching your kids and make them think so they become critical thinkers. Also, don’t forget to debrief your kids when they come home from school, so you can erase the propaganda they are fed by the communist school system. This means you have to find out what they are being taught outside the three “r’s”. They are your kids, TAKE THEM BACK BEFORE YOU LOSE THEM.
    Stop the mask craze, if you want to stimulate society. The use of masks is insanity. And if it isn’t don’t ever take them off because there is always a prevalent corona virus present, IT IS CALLED THE FLU!!!!!!
    Lastly, PEOPLE, start acting like free people, not drones for the commie democrats and RINOS. Start now before the cost of doing so become too great for you to dare to act like a free American Citizen.

  20. I will call my congressman and tell them that if they sign for this bill. They will not be re-elected. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are looking for things that don’t even give the American people relief. Maybe for now. But they will have to pay, higher taxes, down the line. Listen to this. It’s time the GOP stand up to these people that are not complying to the U.S. Constitution, but trying to change it.

  21. Cut the fat America is in financial straights. How many more trillion are the democrats going to waste. All we have to do is print more money, and ruin the economy.

  22. This guy, Democrat House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmouth keeps bringing up the casualties of Corona.
    Someone needs to tell this Dem. propagandist that 500,000 dead people can not spend his corona relief money.

  23. Kick Pelosi the f**k out- she’s out of control and needs to be replaced now b4 she makes more damage- her power is misplaced and not deserved – she is a commie w**re and ugly to boot!!

  24. Nancy wants money for a subway.so she can put the homeless in it and hid them. 9 percent of the stimulus is for covt and the rest is for liberals wish list. Biden is doing a great job helping the Republicans win the next Election.

  25. Dem’s are not nuts–They are communists that want to destroy america so the the red chinese keep filling their pockets!!!!

  26. The virus has already done horrible damage to America, loosing loved ones is bad enough but then being lied to by Democrats that are telling us wrong information, keeping us isolated & scared. Plus spending our hard earner money not on the American people, no they give us a pittance to shut us up & give boat loads to other countries & some of the stupidest things I have ever heard. I for one would be glad to for go my $1400 if this covid package was STOPPED!! STOP these Democrats & turn coat REPS. from sneaking around kissing China, Soros & Obam’s butts. President Trump was treated horribly by these evil vile racist criminals known as democrats, but at least I felt like he was in charge & knew what he was doing during his Presidency. Some say he was to abrupt & told it like it was & didn’t sugar coat things & they didn’t like it WELL HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW WITH LIERS, HATERS, CRIMINALS, RACISTS, HYPOCRITES!!??!!??

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