March 4, 2021

House Democrats are furious that the Supreme Court voted to protect religious freedom

Democrats control the White House and both chambers of Congress, but they were quickly reminded this month who holds the power in the U.S. Supreme Court and a recent decision favoring religious freedom has a number of Democrats hopping mad.

According to the Washington Examiner, on the heels of a high court decision earlier this month that ruled in favor of California churches being allowed to open at 25 percent capacity, a number of House Democrats, like Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), criticized the ruling, suggesting that it “created a mess” in the state.

At the crux of the issue is that the ruling came about through the Supreme Court’s “shadow docket,” which are cases that are heard and ruled on which result in short, sometimes unsigned orders that provide no explanation as to why the justices made the ruling.

The House Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing on the “shadow docket” process and criticized the high court for using it on subjects like religious freedom, which they claim deserve a greater explanation, especially because of the effect that the most recent decision on church openings has on the state’s COVID-19 restriction protocols.

“The order provides no consensus on what animated the court’s conclusion,” said Washington, D.C. Solicitor General Loren AliKhan, who sided with Democrats on the matter at the recent hearing. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) also suggested that the ruling on this particular case deserved more explanation.

The SCOTUS ruling on church re-openings during the COVID-19 pandemic came in response to cases filed by South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista and Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, as the Washington Examiner reported earlier.

This isn’t the first time during the pandemic that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of churches reopening with limited capacity. Ever since Justice Amy Coney Barrett was appointed to the court by former President Donald Trump, churches in multiple states, including New Jersey, New York and California, have had luck in obtaining favorable rulings.

Many in the church community have argued that as long as Walmarts, grocery stores and strip clubs remain open, there’s no valid reason why Americans would not be allowed to practice their faith, in-person, at their local church.

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84 Responses

    1. Agreed with YOU! Thanks be to GOD our Supreme Court understands the MEANING OF FREEDOM! If there is NO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, the PLACE will HAVE NO FREEDOM! Every human’s reason of bieng is based upon whose FAITH! Those who are without FAITH, might have something else which who belives in for the guidance of whose life! People without Faith, often do not have the STRENGTH to overcome hardships…….

    2. Religious “freedom” would mean NOT bowing down to unconstitutional mandates.
      “you may allow 25% of the worshipers to attend, the rest will be turned away.” Bah humbug to these unconstitutional “mandates” by the Marxist regime.

      1. As a disabled US Naval veteran I totally agree with you Joseph C. Moore. All this crap only has one purpose and that is to destroy the constitution and America. I for one will not stand by and just let these tratiors trample on my rights and the rights of all Americans.

    3. Amen. Church attendance is, to many people, the center of their lives and without it their lives are void. Being together and praying together gives them hope for Ginnybetter days through their faith in Jesus Christ. I, myself, need God and His son Jesus Christ in my life everyday to give me hope for a better life to come and peace to our great nation.

  1. If they haven’t already anyone of them that the Dems have some dirt on will be paid a visit. Know one that they have dirt on .

  2. Well, Thank Heaven The Supreme Court has finally come to the Christians in America defense. We are having so many rights taken away from us, it’s down right horrible.

    1. Im happy with this ruling by Scotus, finally some good news.!, but We need for them to rule on the Election FRAUD as well and restitute the <presidency to its rightful occupant. POTUS TRUMP! biden is absolutely DESTROYING the country!
      SCOTUS has been so disappointing, and have zero credence i dont know where they will go with certain issues. So much proof of fraudulent ballots aand Chinese interference, FB and Twitter interference, etc. and they didnt even want to read the lawsuit from Giuliani and Texaas polticians,!

      1. You can thank Chief Justice Roberts for vehemently and angrily refusing to hear the proof and evidence of the Election Fraud! (I tried to post this comment before but they censored me, have you people no shame!) This is the part they don’t like: I question his ties with the Clinton’s, plus he hates President Trump! Let’s see if you censor my rights of free speech again!?

    2. Agreed ! As Christians we need to speak up versus be silent, let us speak the truth (in Love) and be the light and salt that will dispel the untruths.

  3. With the separation of church and state, I don’t see where the Supreme Court has any jurisdiction and the state and federal governments absolutely do not.

    1. It’s about the Constitution and Freedom of Religion that the Supreme Court ruled on. This virus thing is a test by Democrats on just how far they can control the population. That is their goal and they use this pandemic, which is bad but it really is no different then the flu. Our Government is now turning Communist and control is the number one item on their list.

    2. The SCOTUS was just doing their job by ruling against this bloated, overreaching government’s anti-Christ officials who think they have jurisdiction over the church, the SCOTUS ruling doesn’t show that SCOTUS has jurisdiction over the church, their ruling shows that the state and federal government does Not have jurisdiction over the church. These same anti-Christ gov. officials are and will use this so-called pandemic as an excuse to take away all of our Liberties if allowed, especially God given rights of Christians to worship.

  4. Democrats don’t deserve any explanation. It’s pretty simple really: Religious freedom is guaranteed by our Constitution. Maybe they should read it sometime.

    1. Are you sure that Democrats can even read, or at the least are able to comprehend what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights actually says, I am not.

      1. Most elected politicians can read and understand what the Constitution and Bill of Rights actually says, they just lie on their oath of office about upholding them.

      2. They also need to learn to read all about freedom of speech and freedom to bear arms….Must have slipped their short minds!!!

  5. What is the big deal??? FORCING the Churches to close is in DIRECT opposition to the U.S. Constitution!! The States could have recommended or suggested that the various religious leaders take action to reduce or halt the spread of disease BUT they DID NOT have the “right” to order them closed BY LAW. !!! I thought the ULTIMATE insult was the ARREST of Church members SITTING IN THEIR CARS IN A PARKING LOT. How ridiculous can you get???

  6. Church’s should be allowed to open and demo need to be impeached .vote needs to be counted not one demo was voted back in the people did their job and voted them all out

  7. The Supreme Court rules on issues, yes or no, not by percentages!!! For God’s sake, the Court should rule that freedom of religion is a Constitutional right, not to be interfered with bby the %^&* government! Wake up America before it’s too late.

  8. Most of the crud that Biden is spitting out of his oval office has already been ruled on by the SCOTUS. Why does he , or his minions, think they force the court to rule against themselves. These zeros are not in their right minds

  9. “…what animated the court’s conclusion..” – I suspect the Bill of Rights, First Amendment. Or U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

    1. No “yea s” from me for the demonstratively biased members of the Supreme Court with qualified exceptions.

  10. Your right John but the democrats are slowly doing away with the Constitution. GOD is being erased. Our 2nd amendment is next. Watch for it.

  11. The Democrats solution to solving a problem is to implement a solution that makes the problem worse? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? So, what exactly did they fix? If you ask them I bet they can’t tell you. Typical answer straight from the rat hole

  12. Biden Can’t Remember When Vaccines Were Available, he can’t remember where the bathroom is either. So they keep him off the stage as much as possible, so you wont notice his pants! I bet he wears diapers too. But, he is so full of excrement’s that the diapers can’t hold it all.

  13. Stupid said that, if you want to murder teachers then you are a republican. This guy is a real kooky democrat. Republicans don’t want to murder teachers we just want to beat some sense into them, it is the far right that wants to murder them. Just read the rants and you will see this for your self.

  14. Everyone wonders where the Anti-Christ is. if you can read then you should know where he is. The Anti-Christ as we know him is called the Social Media + Main Stream Media. Yes the Anti-Christ is already here. He has been invading you home and lives for quit some time. He is trying to tell you what to think, what to say, what to do, what to believe. So pay attention to him, he will ruin your life and cause you much pain.

  15. Biden is not the president …….the vote was rigged….when the U S Supreme Court sees the evidence of the election and throws out thousands of mail-in ballots we will see that President Trump is the winner….so biden will be removed and all the things he signed will be voided………

  16. I cannot stress how stupid some people are the constitution and bill of rights has been taught in elementary school since whenever. But democraps have to have it explained every time their eyes open they are like a duck they wake up in a different world every day ! All jokes aside this is getting very very serious really fast and if our elected republicans and moderate democrats don’t get a handle on it we will have everything taken away. Let’s all agree to pray that God put some sense of morality and patriotism back in people in power before all is lost. God has and can answer prayers!!!!

  17. These elected officials swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. They are doing the exact opposite! Isn’t that grounds to remove them from their office? Isn’t that something really important that SCOTUS should be working on? They are part three of our system of checks and balances.

  18. Hooray for the Supreme Court for voting to protect FREEDOM OF RELIGIION ! WITHOUT GOD WE ARE MERE PATTER. We need to protect our constitution so we need to vote for those congressmen and women who believe in our laws and and practice our constitutional laws.

  19. What happened to the separation of Church and State . This is an abuse of power which comes from— we The People . Time to clean the houses of communism .

  20. If strip clubs can be open, why not a place of worship? A place to worship God is much more important than worshiping boobs and butts.

  21. All that I have been hearing lately is about how let New Yorkers down, why is no one talking about how people like Pelosi have let people down, Pelosi we her following the house has held up relief bills played partisan politics with the lives of American citizens Democrats and Republicans a like, which shows she is totally bipartisan she will kill to get power. It is hard to tell how many have died because of her ambitions, if her name was Trump she would have been executed a long time ago. So, why are the people tolerating her behavior, she is worse than Cuomo, and should suffer a fate worse than Cuomo.

  22. Thank you Supreme Court for protecting our religious freedom. It is one of our basic rights in this country and needs to be protected for the families of this country.

  23. Oh please, strip clubs are “essential” while churches are not? In what alternate reality is this happening? Good for the supreme court. Strip clubs are not protected by the constitution whereas religious freedom is. Time to bring common sense back to our country and vote these nincompoops out of office. They keep taking more and more of our freedoms away and because it’s not all at once, like sheep we follow. Time to stop this nonsense,

  24. You do not deserve a Hollywood ending. You are not Hollywood material, you are just a peon to step on. It does not matter if you are a Liberal peon, a Democrat peon, or a Republican peon, just as long as you are a peon. They will keep peeingon you. I don’t know why I have to keep explaining this to peons! they just don’t get it. Ask the Broads on the View!

  25. We the people need our God and our churches more than any strip club, liquor store, etc. Attendance at church should not be restricted. ALL the dumocraps should be impeached and immediately removed from office. The dums are the ones who should have been impeached – not President Trump. The way that idiot mental midget Biden and his idiots are going, we won’t have a country left in another month, if it takes them that long. All the states should be suing him and his idiot commies and get his/their agenda stopped.

  26. The Democrats solution to solving a problem is to implement a solution that makes the problem worse? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? Then they will fix that by implementing a bad solution to fix that? So, what exactly did they fix? If you ask them I bet they can’t tell you. Typical answer straight from the rat hole.

  27. I dislike people that do another thing. These people took a oath to uphold our constitution under God, now don’t like what the court says..

  28. It was only natural that the Supreme Court rule in favor of the churches as was it not one of reasons our forefathers came here? to be able to worship as they saw fit? and did we not found this great Nation on Christian beliefs? so it should have been a given to be free to worship as we please were we not? Tell the liberal overlords to go fly a kite and worship as you see fit as in the end they will lose!

  29. We the people need the court to keep our second amendment right as well! We all know the election was rigged. but people are afraid to open the investigation. I think people have been threatened by the DEMORATS! When Nancy Pelosi, said way before the election that she did not care about the out come, Biden was going to be put in anyways. What does that tell you. This is not the first time the DEMORATS have screwed AMERICA they did it with Obama who legally had no right to run let a lone be President! He was not born here, he was born in Kenya and Obamas’ father was not the senior either!

  30. the interests of demoncrats are inimical to those of Christians. “Christian demoncrats” are kidding themselves. they support a party that kills babies and sells body parts.

  31. Biden is nothing more than a demented old pandering pervert that would sell his soul to seem relevant just once in his disgusting criminal life !!! he was not ELECTED, he was APPOINTED by the criminals that rigged this election, they will live to regret their actions, that’s for sure !!! I for one will NEVER accept Biden as our leader and will NEVER abide by ANYTHING that he has a hand in !!!! If we ALL do the same, his reign will be as irrelevant as HE is !!! Maybe some brave true AMERICAN will get a clear shot off at that criminal and solve our biggest problem, then WE THE PEOPLE can impeach kumswallow and finally elect OUR President back into office where he belongs !!!

  32. Some one said something about McConnel threating to purge the GOP of Trump supporters. I wish to make a correction. It is not Mitch that will purge the GOP of Trump supporters. It will be Trump supporters that will purge the GOP of Mitch McConnel. McConnel forgets that with out them he would not have gotten reelected, and now he has chosen to try to cut Trumps throat. He is in for a rude awakening. He crossed the wrong people this time. Time to pay the piper.

  33. Democrats can’t stand it at all when something goes against them andtheir great freedom od damaging millions of peoples right daity with thes fools in charge. Well it needs to be stopped foingaway with the livlyhood of er yje people who dumped them in charge, they are absolutely crazy, they and that guy they dumped into being in charge is going crazy ewith his orders, it’d pittgul and dangerious, he and Pelosi have gone of theit rocker taking so much from American people and they are done yet, Now they opened the border now they don’t know what to do with them, they don’t have a brain in their little toe. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE POWER THAT WENT TO THEIR HEADS AND ESPECIALLY THE NUT AS LEADER, he has slipped way past being normal over the cliff actually. Pittiful, you demo-rats sure have and are ruining America, don’t you live here?? I wish you didn’t we would still have our beautiful America, but it’s going, going gone now fast.

  34. Thank God for the Supreme Court and their correct decisions. If the Democrats had they way, all churches would be closed and we would not be able to have religion, because the Demos are commies. They want to rule the world as Schumer bragged. I think God is doing his work. Keep praying for him to help our Nation.

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