June 19, 2021

House Democrat explains decision to leak border facility photos

Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) stated he felt compelled to leak pictures from an overcrowded Border Patrol facility in Texas last week to force transparency with the American public after the Biden administration refused to allow access to media.

“[It’s] the same reason I gave in 2014 when I released photos: because everything was being kept quiet. If you go back, I gave it to the Houston Chronicle at that time. The reason I did that in 2014 and now: People need to know what’s happening on the border,” Cuellar reported to the Washington Examiner.

The pictures were taken from inside a Donna, Texas, camp for unaccompanied minor who had crossed the nation’s southern border. The images included rooms housed beyond maximum capacity with children and adults.

More than 15,000 unaccompanied minor immigrants are now in Border Patrol custody.

In total, more than 100,000 illegal immigrants crossed the nation’s southern border in February alone. At the current pace, more than one million illegal immigrants will enter America by the end of 2021.

Cueller supports Biden, fundraising for the president during his election campaign. The congressman remains concerned, however, regarding the ways policy changes are impacting the citizens along the border of Texas.

“Take into consideration the people on the border. That’s all I’m asking. I’m a Democrat. I’m just saying, take us into consideration. Let us help you find a solution because this is not the first rodeo that we’ve been at,” Cueller said.

“I was here in 2014. I was here in 2019. Obama. Trump. We’ve seen this before, so we want to be helpful.”

Cueller’s actions reveal both Democrats and Republican are concerned with Biden’s new immigration policies. The nation’s leaders will increasingly be pressed to act to help improve the ongoing surge in immigrants.

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59 Responses

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    1. Well, at least there is one DemoRat that did the right thing. I just hope that other DemoRats see the corruption and damage being done by this Administration.

        1. Yeah, I know. But he did produced the pictures and that is starting to really look bad towards this dumbazz Administration.

      1. You don’t hear a word from Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Waters, AOC the Squad, but when President Donald J. Trump was President, all the Swamp Snake Liar Demorats and the Prapaganda News Media never stopped. AOC went to the Border and said, President Trump put people in cages. The Cages were built by BIDEN/OBAMA. AOC EVEN DID HER FAKE CRYING AT A PARKING LOT.
        Brain Dead Biden/Harris or any other DemoRAT, have no plans to go to the Border, TO SEE THE DISASTER/CRISIS THEY ARE CAUSING WITH THEIR OPEN BORDER POLICY.

    1. Throw them OUT, kick them back into Mexico, if their parents don’t give a damn, why should we , I’m sick of it, biden’s handlers are behind this crap, he doesn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain, he’s not a president tell him to go ta hell, the kids need this, the kids need that, the kids need education, Bullsh!t go back home where you belong, we have enough of our own kids to take care of.

      1. I could NOT give a sh!t about all the wetbacks. I wished our military would drop napalm on their dumb butts !

    2. I am so sorry for all of you that live in Texas. It is a wonder that some redneck’s haven’t already opened up and started killing them.

  2. Biden and Harris are the laughing stock of the entire world. Even most of their voters are ashamed as and sorry they voted for them.

    1. I agree that those voting for them have to be really ashamed if they listen to the correct news channel. Fraud was perpetrated on the Americans during the election campaign. However, the election was not won by legal votes. This election needs to be overturned. The legislatures of Swing states need to do something to set everything wright again. Can’t depend on courts to do so. Supreme court is a complete joke of justices that dress up in their black robes and try to look so important. They did not do the job they was appointed to do – defend the Constitution.

      1. Well as we all know Black is Satan’s color’s and I think we all know they sure ain’t for the American People. We seen that with the Fraud Election. We have a complete Fraud Government.

  3. Give Trump credit where credit is due. He helped to control the border crisis he was left with due to Obama and Biden. What does Biden do? He reverses everything that worked due to Trump at the border as well as most everything else Trump did that was working. Welcome to Democrat control.

    1. For some reason Biden flips everything that President Trump perfected? He’s trying to put our country to 3rd world status and bankrupt us. I guess if he put’s the USA in a tailspin, we will forget about the deals he and Hunter did with Ukraine, China, Russian mayor’s wives and pole dancers collecting child support and pistols in garbage cans, etc… Anyone miss President Trump yet?

  4. Close the border! Send all who come back! It is inhumane to keep them in detention, they need to be sent back to their own country! We cannot take care of them, we have our own people to consider, the homeless population in some cities is overwhelming! Get THEM taken care of first, they are our countrymen and women they should be first priority, NOT illegals!

  5. Biden need to be impeached he not fit to be president or run this country he dangerous to America Trump did a great job at the Border Biden should have left things alone at the Border only thing I see Biden doing is destroying America at all costs Republicans and Americans need to get rid of Biden and Harris🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Biden must rescind his executive orders on immigration and go back to Trumps regulations. What Biden is doing is illegal so why is he allowed to do this.

    1. Greg ,this clown is only trying to save face ,a complete show for his constituents ,do not fall for this ,he is a democrap , think again buddy,no integrity

  7. I`ll unite this country and be a president for all the people, i`ll work with the republicans ,I`ll send out stimulas checks immediately , I invented the vaccines ,Chinas Won`t eat our lunch ,THIS commie President has not told the american people the truth on anything ,what a waste of human tissue ,this guy is a clown

    1. If I weren’t a believer in Christ I would enjoy seeing g him ripped out of the White House & hung for treason by accepting a stolen election.

      1. not just accepting but com-licit in it…look at Camel a’s reaction when told she would be President, or is that VP?

  8. This just adds more fuel to the fire. Clearly Biden and Harris don’t care about America’s citizens. They aren’t concerned about the illegals either. They only care about gaining power over us that are legal voters IAW the constitution by allowing the voter base to increase through the addition of illegals! What really gets me is the fact that SCOTUS is doing nothing to stop it. Why do they even exist?

    1. They’re scared of Chuck Schumer & his threats to pack the court which would render them irrelevant

  9. Biden is being controlled by Cheata and her husband .
    Blacks are being lied to and not smart enough to realize it.
    BLM has become a joke with millions being aborted daily


  11. Wow a Democrat tells the truth? Good for him, how bout the others stand up against this communist takeover, how bout it? Stop everything hes doing which guts the constitution and the bill of rights! And stop the virus malarkey!

  12. Where is Hollywood, crying for the inhuman treatment for these kids.. boo hoo! Where is the weirdo Hollywood people who cried when Trump was in office but are now quiet when”basement Cheatin Biden” is now at the WH?

  13. What Carol Exposito said!! This is treason what he is doing to the USA. He has to be stopped at any cost!!!

  14. I want to know what the supreme Court judges were promised by the Democrats. Some kind of payoff had to reach these judges to get them to deny even hearing the requests of so many Republicans. They will answer to a higher court in a few years. That judge ill deny he knows them and will have them thrown into the bottomless pit.
    There won’t be an excuse. The representatives senators and the Democrats all were cognizant of the mental problems of Joe Biden. I’m sure they thought they could control any short comings. The communists in his advisers have taken advantage of his mental state. Pelosi I am sure sees herself as the first dictator of the country.
    As for the USA, it will crumble faster than the last great empire–Rome. In two years there will be a round robin of groups all battling each other. The New Babylon (USA) will be destroyed. Nothing but wars and death will become the norm.

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