September 30, 2022

Hospitals end vaccine mandates after federal court ruling

Multiple hospital systems ended their COVID-19 vaccine mandates after a federal judge ruled against President Joe Biden’s mandate for health workers.

“Hospital operators including HCA Healthcare Inc. HCA +0.55% and Tenet Healthcare Corp. THC +1.25% as well as nonprofits AdventHealth and the Cleveland Clinic are dropping the mandates,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“Vaccine mandates have been a factor constraining the supply of healthcare workers, according to hospital executives, public-health authorities and nursing groups,” the report added.

The new changes by the hospital systems come largely due to the concern of staffing shortages. Dropping the mandate has allowed the hospital systems to avoid cutting staff during a time when workers are already difficult to find and retain.

The dropped mandates have also been seen as a win for personal health freedoms among Americans. Many see the mandates as government overreach.

Others argue the number of breakthrough cases also pushes back on the narrative that the vaccines are the only solution to stopping the spread of COVID-19, especially as new variants emerge that have led to increased numbers of breakthrough cases.

The battle is long from over, but at least some freedoms are being restored for those resisting vaccine mandates among America’s health workers.




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