June 14, 2021

Hollywood leftist suggests some members of the Supreme Court may be ‘members of the KKK’

Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette asked her Twitter followers on Monday how many Supreme Court justices are members of the Klu Klux Klan, sparking anger and controversy across social media.

The tweet served as one of several highly-opinionated posts by the actress. Another controversial tweet on Monday stated:

One April tweet referred to all Republicans as racists:

Arquette is correct that there has historically been one justice who served as a member of the KKK. Justice Hugo Black was a known member of the Klan, nominated by Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt 1937.

The nation has come a long way since 1937. The court of nine now includes three women and one African American justice.

Arquette may have expertise as an actress, but her political accusations are sometimes far from accurate.

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48 Responses

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  2. These actors forget how they made their millions. We the people bought the tickets. Just like the sports stars, we paid to go to the games that made them millions. But we are racist. Just like obama got to be president. We racist white people elected him. I sure hate being called a racist. A KKK member and everything else they call me except a deplorabe.

  3. Tom,
    It is quite obvious that the D in Democrat stands for Dumbest since that is what they have been showing us ever since the 2020 election with a President that can’t give a coherent speech even with a teleprompter to guide him and VP Harris behind him to make sure he does not slip up and tell the truth.

  4. I am sick and tired of these spoiled RICH and really not that great of actors preaching about how bad it is, when what they do is scripted and the producers are the one’s making that actor who they are. If the ANTI AMERICAN Hollywood would get off there MILLIONS and help all the HOMELESS THAT IS LIVING ON THE STREETS well, but of course that won’t happen, everyone needs to do away with Hollywood and stop supporting there pocket and show them what’s it’s like to be without. GOD BLESS THIS GREAT NATION AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  5. Arquette Is an idiot opening her mouth so the whole world can see just how stupid she is. Another situation where a democrat thinks if they accuse you of something then it must be true unless you can prove that its not true. Shows how idiotic she is. Also what she’s saying must be something that’s true of democrats she knows because the democrats are always accusing the republicans of doing things and being involved in things that are wrong that the democrats themselves are guilty of. They do this all the time. It one of their methods of operation accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of as she says hates humanity, racist, and hates America. That is a democrat.

  6. The actress needs to study her history. The Good Ol’ Boy Southern Democrats founded the KKK to keep the newly Republican-freed black people terrified with violence. The demokrauts founded Antifa, a group that uses the tactics of Nazi Germany SS and Hitler Youth (violence and murder) to keep any opposition silent. They also founded BLM who does the same. What do all of these groups have in common, other than being started by democrats? The hatred, violence and murder that they use as tactics to silence and end their opposition.

    As for current racists, one needs to look no further than Creepy Joe Biden who was mentored by a KKK member, a fellow demokraut.

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  8. The dems don’t need facts, remember. they are above the law and they don’t need to have facts, what they say is the law. And the imbicel people in Hollywood are just sheep that follow anything the media or the dems say without trying to find out the truth. Who cares what Rosanna thinks or says.

  9. Why would any media give that moron Rosanna the ink it take to print her drivel. I still live by the addage, it is better to remain silent and thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  10. Who really cares what she says, her and the rest of the Hollywood elite brainless need to get a real job

  11. The KKK was a Democrat organization started after the civil war. so if you want to know how many justices are KKK, all you have to do is subtract the number of republican justices from the total number of justices, and you will have your answer.
    Hey ! Rosa maybe you could explain why the black people have always supported their oppressor’s. How do you keep them in line, you can only put so much sugar in the cereal. I would think that after the first 100 years, they would figure out that, they were being taken for a ride. Just asking that is all. Oh! did you finish your math education?

  12. Seems she is too stupid to know which group started the KKK It was not the republicans , she needs to check her history I believe that shows that it was the democrats that started the KKK to rid the world of the Blacks and the Republicans !!!!!!!!!!

  13. What an airhead! Is there anything at all between those ears besides air? If there is, then prove it! Such a moron.

  14. I agree. She’s looking at the wrong party. Instead of the GOP she should take a good look at the Democrats.

  15. Another washed-up, no-talent, liberal Hollywood imbecile trying to get her name back in the news. SAD!

  16. Who cares what Arquette says? She’s just another flake who says things that she knows nothing about.

  17. Rumor has it…Ruth Ginsburg was the “Grand Wizard”
    This is just as stupid as this rediculous statement by some
    person who lives their life in the”Land of let’s Pretnd”

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  19. they complain about diversity ? why do they all think that coming up with stupidest remarks will kick start their dead careers Arquette isn’t sharp enough to sling cheese burgers ,let alone trod some soundstage .let’s all to Rosanne for concise political info ,oh for sure .

  20. Hollywood leftist suggests some members of the Supreme Court may be โ€˜members of the KKKโ€™ – is it John Roberts?

  21. Most of the Hollywood only have a brain for MAKE BELIEVE. They don’t live in reality. There is no KKK in the High Courts only judges who know and serve the law according to how the constitution is written. Think before you claim falsehoods!

  22. There’s no diversity in Hollywood, if it’s not in a script, they have no idea what it is. The bad thing about Hollywood, most of the people have no idea about anything that’s meaningful or even intelligent. How many even completed High School, and those that did and went to college, take anything besides basket making I and II.


  24. R. Arquette needs to shut her no nothing mouth and loose her money. The people in Hollywood think they are above the rest of us with their fleeting fame. Bunch of idiots how need to just shut their mouths as they are no better than the rest of us.

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