July 28, 2021

Hollywood activist says Georgia GOP should be ‘arrested’ over elections bill

Another has-been actress is attempting to claw her way back into relevance by speaking out against a Republican policy. The only thing that makes this time noteworthy is how it demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of the left.

Actress and prominent leftwing activist Debra Messing just called for Republican officials to be arrested for voter ID laws, Breitbart reported. The former “Will and Grace” star called lawmakers “brazen” and “disgusting” after they revoked Delta Airlines’ tax breaks over their protest of the laws.

“THIS IS SO BRAZEN. It’s disgusting. The @gop in #Georgia need to be arrested,” Messing tweeted Saturday. She made her outrageous claim while sharing another tweet with a Washington Post news story about GOP lawmakers rescinding a tax break on fuel for the Georgia-based airline.

One Republican lawmaker admitted it was because of Delta’s outspoken opposition to GOP Gov. Brian Kemp’s election security measures passed last week. The law and the legislature’s subsequent action against Delta didn’t sit well with Messing who kept retweeting commentators’ charges that the law was voter suppression.

Following the 2020 presidential elections, over 300 legislatures throughout the country have passed measures that would shore up election integrity. However, Georgia has been specifically and viciously targeted by woke corporations as the law is mischaracterized as voter suppression.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and even Major League Baseball have all come out against the law. On Friday, the league announced that its 2021 All-Star game would be moved out of the Atlanta metropolitan area because of the new law.

Corporations are eager to meddle in government affairs that don’t impact their businesses at all. However, when lawmakers then remove the goodies previously bestowed from that same government, suddenly they and their supporters like Messing have a problem with it.

Poor Messing hasn’t been relevant in decades, but she joins a cohort of other leftist starlets eager to reclaim a sliver of the spotlight by spewing their radical views on Twitter. Unfortunately for her, even the outlandish calls for arresting Republican lawmakers won’t have much of an impact in that direction.  Leftist actresses past their shelflife are a dime a dozen on the platform — just ask Alyssa Milano.

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49 Responses

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    1. Oh please after that election crap that happened. If there are arrest out there Dems need to get fitted for their bracelets. There is nothing wrong with showing IDs . You have to do it now driving and then the stupid vaccine ID. So Messing shut up.

      1. AMEN to that. It’s time for these folks who are “living legends only in their own minds” to shut up. We “ordinary people” don’t give a rat’s behind what they like or want.

    1. DAEBRA MESSING you think we care one bit what you have to say? well we don’t care what you have to say and we don’t care about you. So go back into your room and wine about it.

    2. She has better hope Hollywood, Dream land, lasts because she wouldn’t make it in the real world. She can’t read or can’t understand what she reads.

    3. tell messing to go mess with piglosis’ muffin it’s ashame people get so baffled because an election can no longer be rigged

  2. I call for HAS BEEN so so actress debra messing to be stoned into intelligent silence….with really big rocks.

  3. These people are crazy. To make voting honest it would be good to have a DMV ID, they are trying to stop anything that can let them commit fraud, again.

    1. Amen to that, Hollywood needs to stay out of Georgia Elections. Georgia is trying to keep from another stolen election and needs to have identification of who votes. So much hatred out there toward those who serve God and his teachings. God is watching so you can’t hide.

      1. no one should ever vote without picture id.here in NM you can vote with someone elses voting card. theres no photo id required.i could send my dog with my voter card into a voting place and they would let my dog vote. anyone that objects to photo id it basically trying to do something dishonest voting should be made harder not eaiser.

    2. Absolutely!! Voter iD has always been required until the far left lost control and now they want to ascertain that they never lose again with very lax rules!!

  4. Why doesn’t she try to read the law – maybe she can’t read & that’s why she only believes what the left tells her

  5. We could care less what Debra Messing thinks or what she has to say like all the hollywood so called people think. They are not smarter then so called normal people they just think they are. We live in the real world not them (air heads and emply heads)


  7. Is Hollywood still in the motion picture business or is what we see just more animation of B-flicks. Have twenty year old Twinkies that are fresher and more palatable then what they produce. Never heard of this latest cel frame chick trying to grovel.

  8. I WANT VOTER ID—DEMONCRAPS STEAL,LIE & CHEAT IN THE ELECTIONS. Need to hold the DEMONCRAPS accountable for there CORRUPT dealings. They committed FRAUD in the election & the two seats in Georgia. I WANT AN HONEST ELECTION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Nothing but DEMONS in the Capitol. TRUMP WON THE ELECTION BY A LANDSLIDE!

  9. Dems find it’s hard to CHEAT with this legal way to vote. Should be implemented in all 49 states that are left. That way our elections will be fair and not torpedoed with fraud by a Democratic nuclear Submarine!

  10. 🤔is Hollywood in Georgia now??? Why don’t she worry about her own state!! She can go complain to drunken Pelosi if she wants

  11. Debra—Saw a Movie you were in and saw you in sitcoms by accident while changing channels. You ought to stick to what you do even if it isn’t done well. HAVE YOU read the Georgia Law?? Voter ID IS needed due to the DAMNED DemocRATS cheating, Thats why we have the VILLAGE IDIOT in the White House. You know people won’t KNOW you are stupid IF you KEEP your BIG MOUTH SHUT and remove ALL DOUBT!! Do your acting and STAY the Hell OUT of Georgia’s Business—In other words SHUT UP, you misinformed FOOL!!!

    1. Hollywood already wants the illegals. That’s why they support them. All because they can get them for 25 cents per hour to do their lawns.

  12. With voter ID requirements the Civil War dead can’t still vote Dumbocrat. Having either DL number ID number on your voter registration tends to keep people honest. When I renewed my drivers license Six year’s ago I had to produce a birth certificate and a picture ID. Have enjoyed early voting. When I first started voting in 1960 only one day to vote. Never heard people complaining about voter ID then. If the Dumbocrats want to complain we could back to voting on Election Day

  13. Debra Missing? Never heard of her before she started pouting off by showing how stupid she is. Her and AOC could be twins in the brains department. Another way to get into the limelight so she may get a job somewhere like washing dishes in a diner. I will admit one thing though is that someone should be locked up but I think it should be every demonRAT in Georgia.

  14. Here in Florida, not only do we have to provide a photo ID, but a signature match as well. No hardships in this state. Even the hispanic voters turned out in droves. If every state applied the same rules, we can at least cut down on all the fraud in the former election.

  15. Debra Messing is nothing more then a Narrow minded Idiot that
    spends most of her life pretending to be someone she’s not just
    like Brain Dead Biden does everyday.! !

  16. Who gives a Damn what that spoiled overrated
    women has to say.?There are thousands of women
    that have the idea right for this nation we should
    have no place for the likes of this one.!

  17. How about the nation Boy cot Hollywood idiots. They love the millions paid them but only want what feels best for them, not the country at large . The Hollywood elites need to just shut up they are no better than the lowest individual in the nation.

  18. ID’s are used for many reasons in many countries. I just wish they were required in 2020 so our country would not be in the destructive mess it is now!

  19. Messing needs to quit messing with what others do to provide election security. She’s just a washed up has been and since she isn’t working thinks she matters, but she never mattered to anyone except hersself

  20. A pathetic soul who need the Lord .Pray she sees the light before it is too late.Remember we are to pray for our enemies

  21. Messing should stick to acting which she is not very good at either. She definitely keep her mouth shut when it comes to politics. Nobody cares what she thinks.


  23. Enjoy it while you think you can. You are a has been actress that thinks if you run your mouth enough you will be relevant. You will never be relevant at Gitmo b****. Maybe your buddy Nancy will be your cellmate.

  24. Better stay with acting because I’m sure you’re one of them and sold your soul to get the one part you had. IDs are need every where you go, you dumb witch. Voting needs to be checked as We the People know how well the demorats cheat. Too bad the @$$holes got caught.

  25. Messing should be silent as she shows her IQ when she starts talking and it’s lower than we thought. Showing an ID to vote should be the first thing on the list of things for an honest and true election. Anything else is not American

  26. This woman should keep her big mouth shut she is a poor excuse of human being, she is just as dumb as a jack-as, just stay in Hollywood we don’t need your BS anymore.

  27. WOW, now they are letting some dumb actress decide on the rules for the left?? What a joke! Guess she isn’t getting enough advertisement. But as we all know Actors and Actresses are forced to vote Democrat or lose their acting privileges.

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