May 20, 2022

History Keeps Proving John Kerry Wrong

It took approximately 20 seconds for former Secretary of State John Kerry to drop the first flagrant lie in his Democratic National Convention speech on Tuesday, when he claimed that the Obama administration’s so-called Iran deal had “eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon.” It didn’t get any better from there.

Kerry knows well that sunset provisions in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action provided Iran’s government with a pathway to building nuclear weapons in a few years. He knows well that Israel uncovered a giant cache of documents with instructions on how to jumpstart a program to build a nuclear arsenal, which undermined both the spirit and the rationale of the nonproliferation agreement Iran signed. He knows that Iran was developing ballistic-missile programs meant to deliver nuclear weapons.

Kerry’s big accomplishment was to destroy a sanctions program that was working, thereby saving the Islamic Republic from economic ruin. This allowed the Islamist government to strengthen its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Yemen and Iraq.

Now, Kerry says Trump “doesn’t know how to defend the troops”? Well, I’m not sure that the man who oversaw the billions in direct cash payments to a government that had a hand in murdering and maiming hundreds of American troops has the moral authority to level that criticism. Kerry himself acknowledged that sanctions relief would likely end up in the coffers of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard — now a designated terror group. Surely, then, he knew that the pallets of euros and Swiss francs he was shipping to Tehran in an unmarked cargo plane would also find their way to the groups triggering conflicts across the Middle East — not to mention subjugating people at home.

While many argued for a maximum-pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic, Kerry preferred the no-pressure route. The Iran deal, in fact, often seemed to be the Obama administration’s top obsession. Nothing would stand in the way. And while the media echo chamber was misleading the public at home, Kerry was placating Russia and allowing a humanitarian disaster to unfold in Syria in an effort to save the deal.

Around the time the Obama administration was chasing an Iran deal, the Syrian government, backed by the Islamic Republic, was crossing the president’s “red line” and gassing civilians. Michael Doran, a former senior director of the National Security Council, noted that from the beginning of the crisis Obama “showed deference to Iran on the nuclear front” and “the same deference to the Iranian interest in Syria.” Even when the Unites States began funding rebel forces in Syria, the administration reportedly wouldn’t allow Iranian’s ally to be touched.

When pressed on the matter by some Syrian civil-society workers in London, then Secretary Kerry snapped, “What do you want me to do, go to war with Russia?” Obama officials – led by Kerry — long peddled this false choice: the Iran deal or war. Well, we are no longer a party to Iran deal, and there is no war. Meanwhile, there is a highly weakened Iran, and there are growing alliances among our Sunni allies and Israel.

Kerry would continue to entertain Iranian officials even after he was out of government. When Trump ordered a drone strike of the terrorist Qasem Soleimani, a man who masterminded the killing of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi civilians, Kerry said the world was in “no way at all” safer, and claimed that Trump was risking an “outright war.” All Iran did was launch a performative counterstrike.

Kerry was wrong about Iran. Kerry was also wrong about Israel — a nation he doesn’t ever seem to consider an “ally” in his speeches about Obama’s alleged foreign-policy successes. And when the U.S. embassy was about to be moved to Jerusalem, Kerry warned it would lead to “an explosion” in the Middle East — more specifically, “an absolute explosion in the region, not just in the West Bank and perhaps even in Israel itself, but throughout the region.” Moreover, Kerry declared, it would have a serious and negative repercussions on relations between Israel and the Arab world, making peace far less likely.

Of course, outside of some typical Palestinian noise, the opposite has happened. Only recently, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to a historic deal that normalized relations between them. They were no doubt partly brought together by the Obama administration’s unprecedented coddling of the mullahs. Other Arab Gulf states are expected join the UAE, though it is well-known that many of them already have clandestine working relationships with Israel. This week, Sudan, the third-largest Arab nation, announced it was close to reaching its own peace deal with the Jewish state.

All of this seems pretty significant. It would surely have been massive news if the Obama administration had helped forge the pacts. Right now, though, Obama has one more Nobel Prize than he does a peace agreement. And time keeps proving John Kerry wrong.

David Harsanyi is a senior writer at National Review and the author of the book “First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History With the Gun.” To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


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Christa Owens (@guest_1038591)
1 year ago

I am scared for this Country and all of us CHICKENS…

jjofaz (@guest_1038617)
1 year ago

More than one reason for calling Kerry…”Lurch”.

The Redhawk (@guest_1038673)
Reply to  jjofaz
1 year ago

JON FREAK KERRY aka the VN COWARD/Senate incompetent/SEC STATE LOON has all the Makings of the BUCKET OF HUMAN WASTE that he is 1!!!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1038722)
Reply to  jjofaz
1 year ago

Kerry the dunce has spoken! enough said.

Carol V Basler (@guest_1038619)
1 year ago

John Kerry has been wrong about everything since his name first hit the press. He just ha to get his name out there whether it is valuable or not. He certainly doesn’t know the difference.

russell d remmert (@guest_1038622)
1 year ago

kerry is a waste of space and time

Jim Floros (@guest_1038632)
1 year ago

Just another TRAITOR to OUR NATION !!

Severa Hill (@guest_1038635)
1 year ago

Fear only paralyzes you and your thinking. Be strong, stay strong and keep the faith and fight for our freedom. I love my freedom. Trump will take care of that if no one interrupts him. He does it anyway because he loves America ! We have trained people to keep America and all of us safe. I already know what happened with the previous administration every body knew what they did.

Leonid Bokarius (@guest_1038637)
1 year ago

This kerry bastard is one of the worst cretins and disgusting entities in country’s history.

Christine Muhic (@guest_1038650)
1 year ago

Obama and Kerry should both be in prison. They both displayed their preference for the safety of terrorists over the safety of Americans. Obamas rules of engagement provided protection for the Islamic terrorist enemies while endangering our heroic American military men and women. Obama’s secret nighttime delivery of arms named “fast and furious” was carried out just like his nighttime secret delivery of billions to Iran named the “Iran Deal”. African terrorists who supposedly opposed Gaddafi, were delivered arms from America as one of many deals Obama made without Congressional input. Some of these arms were among the arms that showed up among those recovered from the terrorists who attacked and killed our military heroes and consulate in Benghazi. The Muslim terrorist ties displays from Obama and Kerry were numerous and yet never received non biased investigation. Obama did what he wanted when he wanted secretly and without anyone’s, except perhaps crooked Hillary’s, collaboration.

Gary m (@guest_1038789)
Reply to  Christine Muhic
1 year ago

If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

ILoveEzell (@guest_1038659)
1 year ago

What. An. IDIOT!!!!

Mike (@guest_1038716)
1 year ago

Kerry needs to get back to selling ketchup!!

GW (@guest_1038774)
1 year ago

Kerry is another one of the IDIOTS

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1038800)
1 year ago

John Kerry never sold a bottle of ketchup.
He’s not a Heinz.
All Kerry did was snag a Heinz with loose legs (couldn’t keep em crossed); then he used her money to launch a failed political career from his anti-America; anti-Vietnam War rhetoric that was being pedaled on every American street corner at the time; and you heard the same thing from every corner. Lucky for Kerry because the alternative was a Hippie life-style, abusing drugs and reeling out embellished and exaggerated “woe is me” war stories. The BIG difference for Kerry was falling into the Heinz fortune.

Kurt Walker (@guest_1038817)
1 year ago

The “swift boaters” should have taken care of John Kerry when they had the chance.

Larry Gaines (@guest_1038916)
1 year ago

John Kerry is a Traitor and he needs to be locked up in GITMO for the rest of his life.

Bv (@guest_1039255)
1 year ago

John Kerry is just another communist bastard that needs to be hung when the civil war starts.

ROSEY (@guest_1039604)
1 year ago


paw paw (@guest_1040195)
1 year ago

I understand that John Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian. I often wondered just how much that influenced his dealings with Iran. Also, I’m curious if his son in law was vetted in anyway; after all, the guy could have been or may be connected with terrorists. Kerry was/is so soft on Iran; makes one wonder.



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