May 24, 2022

Hillary Clinton selling coffee mugs mocking her missing emails

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has started selling coffee mugs that mock accusations about her missing emails.

Clinton has started selling the item as part of raising funding for Onward Together, described as “supporting progressive groups working to build a fairer, more inclusive America.”

“Take a sip from your new mug as you read the news…” the Twitter post read.

Other products include vintage Hillary T-shirts and tote bags, along with inspirational shirts. There is even a Hillary pantsuit onesie for infants.

Clinton’s new mug refers to thousands of missing emails from a private server Clinton had as Secretary of State and the messages had been demanded by Congress.

The 2019 case led by then-President Donald Trump ended up with no consequences against Clinton.

The products also follow speculation that Clinton could run for president again in 2024, even though President Joe Biden would have a second term available and has said he plans to run again.

The new store may be nothing but a promotional piece, but the spiteful product that seems to flaunt alleged criminal activity is not something that seems to support a person hoping to run again for president.

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