July 7, 2022

Hillary Clinton says she’ll ‘never be out of the game’ of politics

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she will “never be out of the game” of politics during a new interview ahead of the release of her first political novel.

“I will never be out of the game of politics,” Clinton said on ABC News. She clarified, “I’m not going to be running for anything.”

“I really am worried about what’s happening at home and around the world,” Clinton said.

“So I’m never going to get out of, you know, being involved, worried, and hopefully trying to help in some way.”

The interview came as she ramps up marketing for her first co-authored novel “State of Terror” available Oct. 12.

The New York Times has also featured the novel in advance of its release.

The novel is new ground for Clinton, but the themes are not. Her novel may offer her new opportunities to speak out about her politics interests, but do not appear to be part of any future run for office.

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