March 2, 2021

Hillary Clinton says she was ‘born to handle’ the COVID-19 pandemic

On more than one occasion, former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has taken shots at President Donald Trump on various issues in which she claims she would have handled them differently or better if she would have won the White House in 2016.

According to Breitbart, she added to those thoughts over the weekend in an interview with The New York Times in which she claimed that she was “born to handle” the coronavirus pandemic.

A preview of the interview, which was conducted by New York Times opinion writer Kara Swisher, was published by Axios on Sunday. Clinton was asked a number of questions, including her thoughts on whether she agreed with previous reporting from The Times which suggested that female leaders managed the COVID-19 pandemic better than their male counterparts in other countries.

“You noted that a lot of countries that did best in the pandemic were led by women. … Do you think a woman president in the United States would handle the pandemic better?” Swisher asked.

“I have no doubt, especially if it were me. I have no doubt. I mean, I was born for that,” Clinton responded.

Not unexpectedly, the interview contained its fair share of Trump-bashing, with Clinton making a baseless claim that “most Republicans” want America’s 45th president out of office, claiming that they’re just too scared to say it out loud.

The former secretary of state told Swisher that she can’t bear the thought of Trump winning a second term on November 3, saying it would “literally” make her sick to her stomach “to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions.”

While we can’t ever know for sure how a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton would have handled America’s COVID-19 response, it’s not a stretch to say that the number of infected Americans — and those who’ve died as a result — would likely be much higher.

The main reason why is because it’s highly doubtful that she would have taken the same preventative measures in closing down America’s borders from China and Europe to prevent the spread that Trump did. Her party admonished the president for taking such measures early on, calling him xenophobic.

The only thing we know for certain that Clinton was “born” to do, is losing her shot at being president. She’s shown impressive consistency in that.

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75 Responses

    1. Clearly, Hillary is delusional. She is a “legend” but only in her own mind. What she needs is a jail cell i a federal prison for Benghazi, Uranium I, her “secret server”, not to mention, imprisonment for several people who died (were murdered) shortly before they were to testify against her and hubby, Billy “I can’t keep my pants zipped.” Clinton.

      1. You said it perfectly! Hilary is a joke, and the only thing she was “born for” and good at …….is avoiding jail time for her many crimes.

      2. Earlier I read H.Clinton was born to be president. Now to handle the Covid Pandemic. The only thing
        she was born for was to make trouble!!!

  1. Hillary Clinton couldn’t handle Bill’s Willy (she outsourced that to Monica), and she thinks she could handle the Virus? She’s still as Delusional.


    1. There wouldn’t be a (Fauci created, Gates & Soros funded) virus if Hillary was the President. The DEMONrats wouldn’t need this anymore. China’s contributions to the money laundering Clinton Foundation already had HRC doing their bidding.

      1. You nailed it. Wish more people could figure this out, not just the leftist commies but the never Trumper elites on the right.

    2. So right! Sacrificing our Seal Team heroes at Benghazi was a cover-up so she (and a certain other few big-wig demos) could stay in power by riding on the glory of getting (fake) bin Laden (by $$$$ off Iran to serve him up). Anyone with half a brain knows the only steps that would be taken would be self aggrandizement (enhancing power, wealth, position, or reputation by exploiting the situation).

  2. Born to Corruption…Plus she has Fauci would drink her bath water and Soros watching. It could be like a midget circle jerk…

  3. the creature is again wrong like most things that come out of her mouth. i have to remind the creature we are all born for one reason. that reason is to praise God

  4. Like she was born to handle Benghazi? Ask the 4 families their opinion on that one.

    She totally disrespected and COMPROMISED all SECURITY with her bathroom server. She was born, quite sure of that. Born to lose more likely.

    She’s no Amy Coney Barrett for sure.

    1. Killary handled the BenZ mess perfectly, they
      got dead and she escaped responsibility.
      Perfect for her.
      🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🥁

  5. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to be speaking against President Trump! She needs to be brought to court and talking about her private server and destroyed emails. She needs to be finally brought to justice and jailed along with her husband about their laughable charity scheme that they have been living large on! She needs to be jailed period!

    1. China has the goods on her, we can
      ask them for copies of her server..
      maybe the first pay per view public
      execution? I’m in at $99.95!
      Vote all red (not that lawyer!)

  6. Another delusional Democrat why do we keep seeing her face she thinks she is still in office or what. She needs to let it go she is a has been. Can’t remember anything that she could control. Number one’s her husband number two is her temper have you seen how she lashes out oh my goodness there’s something wrong with her the Democrats have hate in their heart they need to pray more

  7. Just a fantasy but it is too bad she didn’t win in 2016. Let me explain. If she won, instead of President Trump contracting the virus, she would have gotten it and I doubt very highly she would have recovered from it. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  8. It is sad that this country even gives her the time of day. Looking at her record would be enough to make any one sick on their stomach.

  9. Only thing Killary was born to do is try to kill 90 % of this world with a deadly vaccine for CV19. Also she was born to be president of GITMO but her crimes were so severe she lost that campaign like the 2 previous ones.🤣😆😂🤣

  10. Hillary can’t cure Bill’s sickness. surely not able to handle the virus.. and damx sure not the country her and pelosi are a good reason why america is not ready for a woman president. Like they use to say .have her hand on the button of a nuclear missile when shes having a bad day…

  11. Well I guess you misread it when you said you were born to handle the virus don’t you think? I dont think you were born to do anything but lie cheat and steal

  12. I think Hillary couldn’t even handle Bengazi so how could she handle Covid19. Talk is cheap as is Monday Morning Quarterbacking. These people are all talk and no action.

    1. Oh she could handle their money tho n proudly. The only thing she can handle well. She doesn’t even handle her husband but who couldn’t understand that too. Get lost Hillary like you already have.

  13. Hillary still a LOSER EVEN IN A RACE SHE’S NOT qualified for as she did in Bengazi and selling the secretary of states office to the highest bidder for cash for her foundation.
    Can you say : QUID PRO QUO FOR THE SECRETARY OF STATE!!!!!!!!!

  14. Like she handled Bengazi!!! Hillary needs to crawl back under her rock and stay there, or fly away on her broom! Fix COVID – my eye!!!!


  16. Becoming sick to the stomach is a very obvious nervous state of FEAR. YOUR SINS HAVE FOUND YOU OUT.
    You have no heart. Only God knows if He will have mercy on you.

  17. This is all lies INCLUDING hillary Clinton’s statement. Their is no virus never has been the public has been lied to from day 1 to manipulate and control the population.

  18. God didn’t put you here to handle the virus killery ! The devil did , to look like a fool. Which you are your a lying, cheating, thieving, murdering ,fool .You couldn’t handle a rock sitting on flat ground .

  19. She is hardly worth the time to listen to. Her remarks still convey a Narcissist attitude that she and only she can solve our problems …… Good luck with that approach!

  20. Any of these pos politicians like her that take money from any foreign country should immediately be hung for treason. Prison is not acceptable punishment for treason.

  21. I have no idea why anyone would even interview Mrs. Clinton about politics. She was and is a corrupt Democrat( I know I’m repeating myself there)who still see’s herself a someone with a political future. In reality, she bit the dust in 2016, hopefully.

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