May 24, 2022

Hillary Clinton holds political fundraiser for Senate candidate

Hillary Clinton returned to politics on Monday as she raised funds for Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan in her first fundraising event since 2020.

The virtual fundraising event included a minimum donation of $2,900, with options up to $20,800 to serve as an event co-chair.

Clinton was involved in two fundraising events for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020. The Monday event marks her first event in the new election cycle.

The event also occurred as rumors have circulated that Clinton would return for a presidential run in 2024. So far, the former first lady has been quiet regarding whether the rumors are true.

The event would be unusual, as Biden has another term yet available and Harris would be the most likely next pick. However, low approval ratings among both White House leaders have already led to speculation about Clinton’s return.

If so, she should at least have Ryan’s support as her involvement has been a needed boost to his early efforts to take the primary and face a Republican challenger in November.

For now, the speculation will continue as Clinton works to strengthen others headed into the midterm election.

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