May 25, 2022

Hillary Clinton greeted with chants of “Lock her up” before speech at New York State Democratic Convention

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a twice-failed presidential candidate. She has surfaced again as the 2022 midterms loom large for Democrats — but the same issues are still following her.

Clinton was greeted with chants of “Lock her up” as she made her way into the Sheraton Hotel in New York Thursday, the Daily Caller reported. Clinton was scheduled to speak there for the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention.

Clinton, who represented the Empire State as its Senator from 2001 to 2009, has been in the news again because of special counsel John Durham’s report released more than a week ago. In it, Durham asserts that her campaign operatives were responsible for fabricating the narrative that former President Donald Trump had illicit links to Russian banks.

The report found that attorneys who worked for a firm that was representing Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign combed through servers, first at Trump Tower and then the White House. The indictment referred to it as “Law Firm-1” but said the tech firm hired had “exploited” access to those servers.

Durham has already charged Michael Sussmann, an attorney for the Clinton campaign, of making false statements to the FBI, according to The Hill. Sussmann had brought the so-called evidence to the authorities, but at the time did not disclose the fact that he was on Clinton’s payroll.

The Clinton machine is working hard to discredit the scandal despite the evidence, as is the usual practice for Clinton and her comrades in the media. For her part, Clinton is once again busying herself taking potshots at the former president.

“Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones,” Clinton said Wednesday, recycling her shopworn “vast rightwing conspiracy” narrative. “So it’s a day that ends in Y.”

The Clintons somehow slip away unscathed from every scandal they’re embroiled in, but not this time around. Even if Clinton isn’t directly implicated or punished, the political fallout has finally caught up to her and has forever ruined her chances of becoming president.

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