September 30, 2022

Hillary Clinton emerging as Democrats top option in 2024 presidential race

There are very few things in life more satisfying than watching Hillary Clinton lose. America could get another chance come 2024.

Clinton, the geriatric twice-failed presidential hopeful, may be Democrats’ last best hope to run for president in 2024, according to The Hill. With President Joe Biden terribly unpopular and only lackluster options otherwise, pundits are eyeing her as the next candidate.

The former secretary of state is already positioning herself as the opposition to former President Donald Trump, the man whom she lost to despite all predictions and her own hubris. “Are we going to give in to all these lies and this disinformation and this organized effort to undermine our rule of law and our institutions, or are we going to stand up to it?” she said of Trump.

Other Democrats who would be a natural choice have fallen short. President Joe Biden running for re-election would be the first logical choice, but he’s unpopular and very old. Vice President Kamala Harris, the second choice, only enjoys a 28% approval rate, according to USA Today, which takes her out of the running.

The problem for Democrats is that Republicans actually welcome a “replay” of 2016, author and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Tuesday on Dan Abrams’s “NewsNation” program. “Hillary Clinton wants the nomination,” he said.

“She knows the Biden administration is falling apart, which is why you’re seeing her surface right now,” O’Reilly continued. “So it could be a replay. But voters make up their own mind.”

A repeat of the 2016 matchup might be exactly what Trump would need for a win. “When Donald Trump asks me … I told President Trump, run on your record,” O’Reilly said. “That’s where your strength is.”

The problem for Clinton is that the reasons she wasn’t elected in the first place are all still there even if she runs against Trump. She is shrill, unlikeable, and radical — but it will be fun to watch her lose all over again.




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