August 9, 2022

Report: Hillary Clinton In Running For Bloomberg’s Vice President Selection

Matt Drudge, founder owner of the, released a bombshell announcement Saturday morning revealing that surging Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is allegedly considering Hillary Clinton as for the role of his vice president.

“Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force..” said Drudge, via his official verified Twitter account.

The report went on to note Bloomberg would possible change residency in order to accomodate certain technicalities regarding the home state of a president and vice president.

“Bloomberg himself would go as far as to change his official residence from NY to homes he owns in CO or FL, since electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS to be from same state,” tweeted Drudge.

The 12th Amendment to the Constitution, which provides the procedure for electing the president and vice-president, states the “President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.”

Earlier this year, Clinton refused to rule out a presidential run of her own. “As I say, never, never, never say never,” Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live as she discussed a possible reentry in politics.

“I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it,” Clinton said. “But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

As of the time of the writing of this article, Bloomberg’s campaign has neither confirmed or denied Drudge’s report.

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