October 6, 2022

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth admits he was ‘almost’ a Never-Trumper

Fox Star Pete Hegseth just came clean with an unexpected confession during a recent segment of Fox Nation’s “Friday Night Live.”

Though Hegseth is now a prominent supporter of President Trump, he revealed that he was almost a “never-Trumper,” news that most of his fans would never have guessed.

Referencing his new book, “American Crusade,” Hegseth said:

“If you’re looking at Chapter 2, the first sentence of Chapter 2 is: ‘Hi, my name is Pete Hegseth and I was almost Never-Trumper. That’s right. My name is Pete Hegseth and I was almost a Never-Trumper.’

Hegseth explained that “At the beginning, I mocked Donald Trump’s candidacy. He’s an armchair tough guy, he’s a New York City liberal. Why should we trust him, I reasoned. His celebrity left me unfazed. His style unnerved.”

The conservative opinion host said that prior to Trump’s 2016 presidential run, he had “just been following the well-worn path of Republican losers,” but Trump’s unconventional approach soon won him over.

“Losing is part of what the Republican Party did so well for so long,” Hegseth remarked. “They lost and then they kind of apologized for it or explained it away and it’s frustrating. But when you start to see someone who actually fights, it’s motivating.”

Though Hegseth may have been skeptical about Trump prior to his election victory, he is now solidly in the Trump camp, and reportedly even acts as an informal adviser to the president on occasion.


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