May 20, 2022

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth admits he was ‘almost’ a Never-Trumper

Fox Star Pete Hegseth just came clean with an unexpected confession during a recent segment of Fox Nation’s “Friday Night Live.”

Though Hegseth is now a prominent supporter of President Trump, he revealed that he was almost a “never-Trumper,” news that most of his fans would never have guessed.

Referencing his new book, “American Crusade,” Hegseth said:

“If you’re looking at Chapter 2, the first sentence of Chapter 2 is: ‘Hi, my name is Pete Hegseth and I was almost Never-Trumper. That’s right. My name is Pete Hegseth and I was almost a Never-Trumper.’

Hegseth explained that “At the beginning, I mocked Donald Trump’s candidacy. He’s an armchair tough guy, he’s a New York City liberal. Why should we trust him, I reasoned. His celebrity left me unfazed. His style unnerved.”

The conservative opinion host said that prior to Trump’s 2016 presidential run, he had “just been following the well-worn path of Republican losers,” but Trump’s unconventional approach soon won him over.

“Losing is part of what the Republican Party did so well for so long,” Hegseth remarked. “They lost and then they kind of apologized for it or explained it away and it’s frustrating. But when you start to see someone who actually fights, it’s motivating.”

Though Hegseth may have been skeptical about Trump prior to his election victory, he is now solidly in the Trump camp, and reportedly even acts as an informal adviser to the president on occasion.

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Jo-Ann Jo-Ann Sangataldo (@guest_1000109)
1 year ago

Same thing happened with me. I debated my relatives saying he was not someone I would want to vote for. I did vote for him and Now I’m one of his biggest supporters!

Marie (@guest_1000126)
Reply to  Jo-Ann Jo-Ann Sangataldo
1 year ago

Great for you!

Charles Moscarello (@guest_1000110)
1 year ago

Great for you a I have always been for Trump and will be. 4 MORE YEARS

Helen Phillips (@guest_1000111)
Reply to  Charles Moscarello
1 year ago

Have been a Trump supporter since the beginning. He’s the business man we needed to lead our country.

Rose Button (@guest_1000112)
1 year ago

Like or dislike should not be a reason to vote against any person that steps up and does what he/she says they will do No one can please all. The fact that a person will call a spade a spade And fight to make their word good should be enough for any well meaning honest person to stand behind. It’s easy for people to criticize when they never have walked in the persons shoes they criticize. Results speak. America has come back to be the leader. Results have occurred in favor of America because a non politician has had the “balls“ to go against socialism, wealthily Liberals that sell America for their own gain and break the “status quo”. Americans (too few these days just like common sense is no longer common) wake up! If we those the “balls” we’ve gain in the last 3+years we will never have the America that many have bleed and died for — freedom.

Mike W (@guest_1000113)
1 year ago

I know a lot of people like that. When Trump first announced he was running and hit the campaign trail he was saying things a lot of people liked – but no one ever really gave him a chance. There were how many Republican challengers and now how many Democrats who tried to challenge him? Has any president ever faced down that many challengers? Hell the Democrats started out their primaries with 20 plus candidates and more jumped in along the way. We were told each of them was perfectly capable of defeating Trump. Where are they? They are down to the corrupt pervert – Lyin’ Hidin’ Joe Biden – and he is a dumpster fire The DNC is actively looking to replace him. If these charges are brought he may be disqualified. NY governor Cuomo is really going to be embarrassed if along with all of his other failures – he has to put Bernie Sanders back on the NY ballots.

Antonio Di Girolamo (@guest_1000114)
1 year ago

Since I came to this Country (1958)at age 15 other than JFK President Trump is the best President this Country has had. Iam an old USMC and Proud US citizen and a Trump 2020 man

Jan Rasmussen (@guest_1000115)
1 year ago

Always for TRUMP! He just seemed more down to earth and straight forward! He doesn’t have that holy than though attitude and really loves a cares about this country! He loves God and even us folks that are just ordinary folks! He is trustworthy and works harder than any president I have seen and I have been around a while! Dad was a Democrat along time ago, until he had his belly full! He would be so disgusted with them now! We pray for him daily! He’s a good man!

Doug BeVier (@guest_1000116)
1 year ago

When I voted for Trump 2016 I was looking for a business man with a backbone. And with the ability to get things done. I normally do not donate to political people. I had it with the RNC and DNC over the years not being truthful. President Trump’s has been everything I expected and more.

Don Henson (@guest_1000117)
1 year ago

He is our greatest president, totally committed to us and country. We love him he does what he says no lying just truth thats a lot in my books esp for free

Anna Rose Palmer (@guest_1000123)
1 year ago


Anna Rose Palmer (@guest_1000124)
1 year ago


Lori DeWitt jarvis (@guest_1000132)
1 year ago

He an man with an plan.! He tells it as it is . Great working man and his side kick.

Catherine Carnahan (@guest_1000134)
1 year ago

President Trump is my savior, he gets things done in an unconventional way, AND HE GETS IT DONE. President Trump promises and delivers. He’s my ‘salty sailor’s, he speaks up and can’t be bought. You gotta love this man as he fights for the citizens of the United States.

PAUL R (@guest_1000136)
1 year ago

I always have been for President Trump and I’m sure i always will be. All Presidents make mistakes. Do and say things that people don’t understand. Thats just part of the position. With President Trump his mind and heart is with and for America and the American people. (“HE TRUELY CARES”). This President is made for America! With that being said, I wish he would do more for Seniors on Social Security. I’m positive he would creat another program which is how social security is figure and calulated no matter what age is the good retirement, the amounts received are far to low. and most of all the COLA program thats a complete joke. Why not do what they did with medicare, take the cap off FICA WITHOLDING. Mr. President do what you know is right. approximately 65 million seniors carry alot of votes and support. Be the President, the one that took control and finally did something, make people more proud of you then we currently are.

PAUL R (@guest_1000139)
1 year ago

I’ve been a Trump supporter since day one. In fact I will always be for him, he gets things done. Plain and simple! The Democrats fear him, because they can’t control him. He’s the President for the American people. His love is deeply rooted for America. It’s such a tragic thing that today’s left wing Democratic / communist / socialist party hates America as much as they show and say. They want the Illegal aliens to receive our hard earned benefits, our jobs, give them free money none of them earned. If people would take the time to recall our history they will find what and who the real immagrants are of this country. With that being said, I do however, wish President Trump would do a great deal more for Seniors on social security. Both in increasing all their monthly benefits, as well as changing and fixing the COLA program. (” it’s a complete joke”) Example: take the CAP OFF FICA withholding like its been done for Medicare. Strengthen social security don’t kill it for millions of good Americans. Remember approximately 65 million voters and supporters.

Vern (@guest_1000142)
1 year ago

Yes, President Trump is a very good President, love America and We the people.

Jim (@guest_1000146)
1 year ago

In August of 2017 I wrote an article ” Why I am voting for Donald Trump” Needless to say I got some good responses as well as negative one. I, having run a manufacturing facility, knew a CEO of a large enterprise would approach the business of running this nation like a business. I voted for him in hopes of Supreme Court appointments that would support the constitution of the U.S.A. Because of my experience in the private sector I also knew he would take the A-PIE approach, which he did. And while so many were ridiculing him for the constant changing of key personnel, I supported him and began to like my choice more. A nalyze what the situation looks like…. P lan a revised direction… I mplement the plan….. E valuate the plan – then the A-PIE starts over again. As a CEO, decisions have to be made quickly or you are no longer in business. We call that CMI or the Continual Measurable Improvement process. Politicians do not understand accountability, yet to remain successful in business it is a basic requirement.

Jim (@guest_1000147)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

Correction.. to my most recent post August of 2016.

Manny (@guest_1000166)
1 year ago

I remember sitting in a swimming pool in Cancun talking with a local from Mexico City who was at the same resort for a big wedding. He asked me what I thought of Donald Trump running for President. I told him my feeling at the time was that Mr. Trump was not interested in being President he just wanted the notoriety and the ability to influence the Republican platform. That was my opinion at the time. As time passed I started paying attention to what Trump was saying and started believing in him. I saw an interview that Oprah did with him some 20 or so years ago and was very impressed. Over time I became and I remain a very strong supporter of our President and I believe he will conclude his eight years in office as one of the smartest, best informed and best president of my lifetime. I’m an Independent I voted for Goldwater and “slick willy”. But I will vote and support Trump forever!

Annette Collins (@guest_1000206)
1 year ago

Way to go but, can we really trust you?

jose (@guest_1000224)
1 year ago

TRUMP, is the most qualified Person to be the PRESIDENT of USA. He is making America great without the support of the DEMOCRATS. Democrat agenda for the last three years is IMPEACHMENT, and now they are working for another one, inspite of our present situation. I’m working with my friends campaigning for our Dear President.



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