June 29, 2022

Hawley says Biden and defense officials should resign after Afghanistan withdrawal

Missouri Republican  Sen. Josh Hawley said during an interview Tuesday on “Hannity” that President Joe Biden and top military officials should resign in disgrace following the failed military departure from Afghanistan.

“Why won’t they admit it? It’s because they don’t want to take any responsibility,” Hawley declared during the interview.

“General Milley doesn’t want any responsibility, Austin doesn’t want responsibility, most of all Joe Biden doesn’t want to take any responsibility, but it’s time that they did, which is why all those guys should resign,” the senator added.

Hawley did not hold back from the nation’s top military leaders.

“Milley needs to resign. Austin needs to resign. I mean, Milley, he is sitting here trading gossip with Bob Woodward while Afghanistan literally burns — literally burns. The accountability has got to start right there. He needs to resign. Austin needs to resign. The president should fire them.”

Most importantly, Hawley addressed Americans till left in Afghanistan.

“Many of our fellow citizens still there, still trapped, and they’re denying it,” he added. “The administration is denying it. It is just shameful. For that reason alone, Austin and Milley ought to resign.”

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