August 1, 2021

Kamala Harris sounds the alarm on upcoming Barrett confirmation hearings

Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett are set to kick off on Monday, but Senate Democrats are still trying to throw up roadblocks.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) just announced on Sunday that she believes holding the hearings is a risk for transmission of the novel coronavirus, and said that the scheduled meetings will “endanger the lives” of those involved. 

Harris tweeted on Sunday afternoon:

By moving forward with Supreme Court confirmation hearings tomorrow—less than 2 weeks after members tested positive—Chairman Graham and Senate Republicans are endangering the lives of not just members and our staff, but the hardworking people who keep the Senate complex running.

Harris’s warning was not accompanied by a call to delay the hearings. It appears that the vice-presidential candidate is just throwing objections at the wall to see what sticks, because she tweeted, just hours later, another attack on the upcoming hearings from a different angle.

Harris complained that Senate GOP leaders are “fast-tracking” Barrett’s nomination because “in November, the Supreme Court is hearing a case that could overturn the Affordable Care Act. They’ve been trying to dismantle the ACA for years, and confirming this nominee will help ensure that.”

Harris, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is expected to occupy the spotlight during Barrett’s confirmation. She has repeatedly voiced her concern about the risk for COVID-19 at the hearings since Donald Trump’s diagnosis more than 10 days ago.

Committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (D-SC) dismissed Harris’s complaints, telling Fox’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that “we’re going to do what every American has to do come Monday – go to work safely.”

Graham continued pointedly:

Anybody that has a concern about showing up can virtually interview Judge Barrett. She will be there. I will be there.”

And, to my Democratic colleagues, America has to go to work Monday including us. We’re going to work. We’re going to work safely. If you don’t want to come to the committee hearing, you can interview the judge virtually.

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125 Responses

  1. STOP HARRIS: She is NOT Eligible to be VP or POTUS since she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen a requirement of our Constitution as defined in Vattel’s Law of Nations as both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth.
    OUT NOW!

      1. She was born in Okland California that makes her pretty natural born to me neither of her parents was born in America however.

        1. her Parents were NOT us citizens, her Mother NEVER was. and that is a REQUIREMENT to be a US President. she is an ANCHOR BABY NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

      2. she was born in California But neither one of her Parents were US Citizens which is a REQUIREMENT to be VP or President in the USA

        1. They make their own rules , we need a new Government all together, neither side truly cares about its people they supposedly represent, if that was the case then please explain why no real change has happened in 50yrs the amount of time most of them have been in politics, we need to revamp the system fully fire everybody who is over 60 years old , impose term limits, and replace everybody we fired with a younger person who understands how we are and what OUR needs are

          1. I agree with that 100%.But its the people that keep voting these loosers in .all they do is vacation.out with all democrats.take the House,senate,Trump we got the prize

    1. She was born in the US so she is automatically a US citizen, according to the outdated “birthright citizenship” clause of the 14th amendment, unfortunately.

      1. She is NOT qualified to be President, NEITHER one of her parents were US CITIZENS at the time of her birth which is a REQUIREMENT to be a US President. you need to go back to school and learn history

        1. I hate to tell you because I don’t like Harris, but as long as she is born in the USA; she is natural born and can run for President. 🤬 Doesn’t matter about the parents. This is the reason so many women, from Mexico, China,etc. Try to get into the USA while pregnant. If they give birth while here their child is a US citizen

      2. Parents MUST be US CITIZENS to be a Natural Born Citizen in the USA and most every other country in this world. Roger Learn some Facts before you start spouting off, it really makes you look DUMBER than you are

      3. Not sufficient. Mere birth in the US does not mean she is “natural born” because her parents were not citizens when Harris was born in Oakland, CA.

        1. Ronald; The 14th amendment was meant to guarantee freed slaves citizenship,PERIOD!!! It has nothing to do with foreign invaders giving birth in the USA!!!

          1. Yes Ronald please review the Supreme Court Case MINOR v. HAPPERSETT. Specifically Sections 8 through 12. In particular; “…subject alien women and alien minors could be made citizens by naturalization,” further; “….it will not be contended that this would have been done if it had not been supposed that native women and native minors were already citizens by birth. “

    2. Why are people so ignorant is beyond me, Suzanne you MUST do u’re home work before you start some s***, get u’re FACTS straight, what’s your problem with Sen. Kalama Harris??? She is an American born. Like I said get u’re FACTS before u start pointing fingers. U all are disgusted, America belongs to ALL of Us, got it!!!

      1. Lori, you need to get the facts..Tell you approve of Harris and OAC and all the other Democrates agreeing to do away with the police and closing their eyes to the terrible fire and destruction, lootinng, and death that is going on in our need to get the facts…….


      2. It is people like you the ones that protect the ones planning on destroying this country. Wake Up , unless that makes you feel uncomfortable. The other side will cut you NO SLACK when the opportunity comes. Kamala will eat you alive.

      3. she is NOT qualified to be PRESIDENT because Neither one of her parents were US CITIZENS at time of birth. she is nothing more than an ANCHOR Baby. also she moved to Canada with her mother where her mother became a Canadian Citizen. you need to learn CIVICS and HISTORY.

      4. Lori: Please read the court’s decision in the Supreme Court Case MINOR v. HAPPERSETT. Specifically Sections 8 through 12. In particular; “…subject alien women and alien minors could be made citizens by naturalization,” further; “….it will not be contended that this would have been done if it had not been supposed that native women and native minors were already citizens by birth. “ I believe that this sums it that one or both parents must be native born for the child to also be considered citizens at birth. As it is stated that the child can become a naturalized citizen. And this may open up another can of worms as I doubt that she has been naturalized either(?).

    3. I keep wondering, why isn’t anyone in Congress talking about this!!!! Why isn’t anyone speaking up and talking about the fact she isn’t eligible? Strange!!!! So will it just happen if Biden wins? We can’t let this be!

      1. Not talking in Congress? True as all their speaking is among each other dem or candy A** Repubs and the the topic is Will the boys out there guarantee the money we’re to get fo4 doing as we’re paid to do and ya it’s Screw the voters as Soros, big business and billionaires can make our stupid Gov. salaries look like change to kids. They you know will pay if we play their ways. I’m dang sure game as th3 dolts who put me here in Congress are 85% blind to what we’re doing as they believe we’re on their team as we pulled the wool over there country hicks eyes at each time to vote as we bsvthem with big words lies and hell they gobble it up as we shake hands pat backs give out combs and pens cheap way of buying a vote be put as I said they gobble it up even contend they are staunch supporters of us as we down deep are laughing as it’s so damn easy to scam the Hicks for 2/4 more years of easy and under the table money. They don’t seem to even see they work for us and not the other way around. Boobs will swallow our bs come election time again so go easy take all you can for your votes and watch your money and power grow as the fools come in groves to cheer us on in the great jobs for them we’re doing . L. O. L Screw the loons so let’s lie and slip them a pencil or a Cegar and they are in our hands for 2/4 more easy years.

      2. because CONGRESS is full of DemonRats and they want to destroy our country, the want to SHRED our constitution and make this country a COMMUNIST Hell HOLE

      1. Obama had ALL of his records made secret when he ran for President. Birth, school, everything
        We still know nothing about who the real barry soetero? Is.

    4. Well! I would agree with you to certain point, she was born from parents that were not US citizens, that being at the time that US citizenship office was doing what ever was necessary to reach a goal, the majority of the officer were not US citizen born and there was lots of cheating and lying, I can believe some of this officers lied to become citizens themselves whish while working there were some that were found to be illegles and …. you can take it from there………

      1. On reparations, how much will she be contributing since her father said both sides of her family ancestors owned slaves in Jamaca??

    5. WELL the FREAK LYING MACHINE is INVENTING CRAZIER ISSUES than even DERANGED Pelosi, PIMP UPCHUCK, DAFFY DURBIN and Dementia JOE to HOLD UP a Legitimate Constitutional Process…..Is it COVId she FEARS or having to Sit with a case of the CLAP for hours and unable to SCRATCH????

    6. I agree, but Nothing will be done unless people Spread this like wildfire to let the TRUTH be known. I heard this when she was first announced as “China” Joes running mate after Gov. Whitmer was kicked out of the Process thank the Lord. Now Communist Supporting “Commie” Kamala is just as bad as “Adolf” Whitmer. I don’t know which is worse.

      Pray for Judge Amy Barret to be appointed as New Supreme Court Justice. I am sure “Commie” Kamala, who should be disqualified as a vice-presidential candidate anyway, will treat Amy worse than Kavanaugh was treated. Pray for Amy.

      Toot, Toot, I hear the Train coming; All aboard the Trump Train Now and vote for Freedom on November 3, 2020.

      God Bless Trump / Pence and family, and you the Average Freedom Loving, God Loving American Citizens.

      1. Thank you, John Z., take care of yourself, too, and let’s board the Trump Train as soon as it pulls into the station, wherever each of you will be.

    7. karris is a pathological liar. Remember she also threw now Supreme Court Justice, judge Kavanaugh under the bus spreading one lie after another. She will try it again to the next nominee for a Supreme Court Judge. A highly respected Judge. Harris thinks the American people are stupid. The majority of Americans want to see this lady nominee appointed to the Supreme Court by President Trump. Let’s face it the Demo-looms are DONE.

      1. She is not as respected as you think. Most people don’t do their due diligence in being on top of the situations we find ourselves in.

    8. If this is a true statement, why isn’t the media letting the people know. Sound like another round of Obama. The Democrats covering up everything and lying to the Americans of the US.

    9. Problem with your statement is that regardless the fact that her parents were not US citizens, she was born in the USA. Had she been born outside the USA your statement would be valid.

    10. Now your talking. It’s just another dishonest way of the democrats dealing with their fear of Donald Trump because he’s an open book and says what he’s going to do and does even with every damn Democrat trying to make his job nearly impossible. The more they fail the more Fear they have

  2. Then do not have a meeting just place her in the Court and do it without evil rude Democrat hate and bashing

      1. They’d never tell the truth. Funny, how Harris is saying the Right is doing that now, never mind it’s exactly
        what they would do given half the chance!!!


      1. I tend to agree with Will. She got where she is now by climbing into the beds of influential married men…..What else is new?

    1. She worked either near or for the mayor of San Francisco after graduating from college and law school and ended up being his paramour for many years although he was married. All the steps afterwards occurred because of her ‘knowing the right personI(s)’ but that is not so unusual in this world. Let’s just say she knew on which side her toast was buttered. I have heard several people in the know say on TV, radio and newspapers that she has no core values, is an opportunist and will sway with whichever way the wind is slowing. Not a good way to be in government when so many are depending on their ‘leaders’ to be stable and have character. (Like Mike Pence!)

  4. If I got any more guff out of the Democrats, I’d cancel the hearings and take the vote.
    In past years they didn’t have hearings. There’s no requirement for hearings. Hearings are only a courtesy. Putting Barrett on the court is in compliance with the Constitution. Biden and the Democrats know it, even if they lie about it. If they try to pack the court later, all of their power play schemes will bite them in the butt. They’ll find out they work for us.

  5. A golden rule: if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything all . I say “Trump and Pence for Four More Years!” 😘🤗

  6. The Golden Rule : If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. I say ” Trump and Pence for Four More Years 😘🤗!”

    1. The Democrats look at it a little differently: If you can’t find something nasty to say about someone then just make something up.

  7. Kamelian Harris
    She would take sides with any party. This one is nothing but a Poser. She’s a Trouble maker from the git. She doesn’t even know what color she is

  8. They can have virtual hearing or just do away with it .they will just attach her and show how sorry humans they are .just vote her in and stop listening to the evil left..

  9. Karmala is correct, you all should
    be ashamed of yourselves. We are going to make America better again like it was before Trump.
    I am Joe Biden and I approve of this message.
    Biden Campaign 2020

      1. She worked either near or for the mayor of San Francisco after graduating from college and law school and ended up being his paramour for many years although he was married. All the steps afterwards occurred because of her ‘knowing the right person(s)’ but that is not so unusual in this world. Let’s just say she knew on which side her toast was buttered. I have heard several people in the know say on TV, radio and newspapers that she has no core values, is an opportunist and will sway with whichever way the wind is blowing. Not a good way to be in government when so many are depending on their ‘leaders’ to be stable and have character. (Like Mike Pence!)

    1. You are senile Biden the whole world knows it😂😂😂Face it your wife has to control you to make a right turn. She is the one exploding the truth. You need to leave her she doesn’t have your back it’s obvious

    2. too bad biden you just lost many votes for your campagin. trump will win in a landslide and when trump is re-elcted. go back in your basement with the biggest liar harris. president trump in 2020 god bless america and president donald j trump.

    3. Admit you are just the Dems puppet, you’ll be gone form office so quick you eyes will be spinning around. Harris wants to take over the power for the Dems. But none of you will be ever truthful to the American people. We can see through the smog of you campaign.

  10. If the Democrats win it is the “end” of the America as we know it!!! If you want Harris as your next President vote for Biden…”she” will be running the show!! Trump is not Mr. Personality but he HAS DONE what he said he would do (without pay) and is working FOR America !! All of those “young” College Students (who don’t know their History etc.) are voting FOR a change….believe me…they will get one…a BIG one….a Communistic America…You won’t be able to “make a MOVE of Freedom….it will be another world!! GIVE YOUR VOTE A GOOD THOUGHT!!

  11. You privileged racist white people need to wake up and see that Trump is evil and Biden is the answer to all of Americans problems. Watch sports and relax, see my peps rise to our potential and make obscene money. Life will be good again after November.
    Biden 2020

    1. If you want to talk about racist and privileged just watch the ridiculous growing up hip hop shows and then you will see who is privileged and makes tons of money to waste while others struggle….

    2. It is very easy to make billions throwing a ball!!!!!!! And it was done in America.May be China will keep you earning like this. HA HA>

    3. Le Bron you had better do more research and look up Biden’s site to see what Joe has in store.
      It won’t be a country u will be able to do as u wish, your life will b totally destroyed and you will b a puppet of Joe, Only a short spell, than he will b gone & other radicals will run Country not your so called sweet Joe,communist China so be careful what u wish for in November. You better take another look and do research, I am serious and follow and read day and nite for months now. Your only fooling yourself.

  12. Willie Browns wife knows the risk for transmission of alot of virus’s was real because of Kamala Harris sleeping around with Willie and that “endangered the lives” of those involved.

    1. Sisters don’t sleep around, they service the brothers to keep us strong. White women are the ones that csnt keep their legs closed and sleep around spreading STDs. So shut up!

  13. Kamala,
    It must really suck to know there is a woman that happens to be white and religious willing to back this country, is extremely educated, and doesn’t have to pull the race card to be considered. Not only that, she and her husband also adopted minority children just like a democrats do, which shows she is NOT racist and you all are faulting her for that. You democrats and liberals are so pathetic.

    I am a minority myself and comparing Barrett to you Kamala, I absolutely will be on Barett’s side than side with a bitter, nasty, loose moraled, obnoxious, smug minority woman. May God bless the Republicans and get Barett solidified in her role as quickly as possible.

  14. If the heifer doesn’t want to go to the hearings for our new SC candidate stay in the basement with creepy Joe. The Senate doesn’t need to hear her derogatory statements. Judge Barrett has forgotten more about the law than Harris has ever learned. Send her back to Jamaica and see if they will accept her back.

  15. The democrats think they own America.
    They think they can control everything.
    I feel they are in for a major wake up call. They have been using the virus to control us for now. But this will never be the new norm. They just need to suck it up, their time is coming to and end. That’s why their so desperate right now.

  16. I wish the supporters of Biden/Harris would understand that the Democrats mean what they say!! They Will raise our taxes sky high; they WILL open our borders to every kind of scum; they DO support killing babies at 9 months and allowing them to die even if they survive an abortion; they DO support giving criminals more rights than their victims (they DO THAT NOW). They don’t mind killing babies so WHAT, WHO will STOP them when they decide WHO ELSE should die because of age, disability, etc. Do the supporters think THEY will be EXEMPT?!!! THINK AGAIN!!! I could go on but if there is so LITTLE REGARD for HUMAN LIFE, then nothing else will really matter in the long run!!! NO MAN IS INHERENTLY GOOD!!!

    1. Amen!!! First the babies, then the elderly, then comes the people with deformities and then the ,mentally impaired. Just like Germany, wanting a perfect race. Wake up America!!!

  17. In my opinion, stop listening to Harris’ chatter. We urgently need to choose the 9th judge. The country is on the eve of the elections, and the court is paralyzed because of the even number of judges. The time for chatting is over, it’s time for action .

  18. The Democrats are a pack of Atheists.
    During their convention this year, they left out Under God, when they said the Pledge of Allegiance, and never ever said anything about Law and Order, or stopping any violence in any of their speeches!
    Harris also sent money and encouraged other people to send money to Minneapolis, and other cities, to get Marxists BLM and ANTIFA out of jail, for Rioting, Looting, and Burning Business’s!

    Harris is an Anchor Baby, and along with Feeble Senile Joe Traitor, never ever belongs near the White House, Oval Office, and especially the Presidency of the United States!

    ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. WANTS IT ALL..They don’t care about people any people..But will turn the anger/hate Once again on the Jews and now also the Christians.. WATCH AND SEE..COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBOR HOOD SOON

  20. This lady is so in the dark about everything she is pathactic . Anf they know it the democrats picked two of the worst canatates they could find because they have no winners and they know it.

  21. Like Trump said, “what a waste of time”. Let’s go to work and get Mrs. Amy Barrett to rhe Supreme court now so we have a balance Supreme court system. We shoulr not give the dems a light to talk or listen to their madness. From now on, we must focus on the election and vote Republicans by the millions and take the house, the senate and our country back once and for all. Enough said and also we must prepare for what is coming the day after the election. God bless America!!! God blesd Trump and God bless Amy Coney Barrett.

  22. how do u stop Harris? U know the dems will stick up for her. All the dems r so wrong and useless in everything they do.

  23. Harris is not worried in the least about the China flu. Like any corrupt Democrat, she pretends to care. She simply wants to postpone the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett. It is obvious to anyone paying attention!

  24. Harris is not qualified to be president because she is a prosecutor with very little knowledge of international matters. Anyone can win a court case, not everyone can efficiently handle the many problems that arise each day in our nation. In other words, she is not a complete package. Her ignorance and limited knowledge of history is a huge handicap. She cannot run this great country with that irritable smile. Leaders around the world will eat her alive. The being an anchor baby is the least of her problems.

  25. Ms. ‘ kneelin’ Hairryn, eh?
    Her own family come here legally
    The big “HUH” moment????
    If da Ms. Hairryn cares, that is the least of her worries
    Only wants the 15 min of fame that will plaster her future to the trail of ???????

  26. Ms. Harris is a communist and represents her party well….There entire party wants to destroy America .They want to establish their own communist govt.!!!!!

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