December 4, 2020

Harris slams Senate GOP, says Barrett SCOTUS confirmation process is a ‘sham’

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who wants you to elect her as vice president of the United States, confirmed that she is proudly boycotting Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process, calling the proceedings a “sham.”

Despite the fact that the majority of the American people support confirming Barrett to the nation’s highest court, Harris, along with the other Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee boycotted Thursday’s vote to advance her confirmation.

“My Democratic Senate colleagues and I boycotted the Supreme Court nominee committee vote today,” Harris tweeted triumphantly on Thursday.

“Let’s be clear: this nomination process is a sham and shows how Republicans will stop at nothing to strip health care from millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions,” she continued, repeating the tired narrative that Barrett has already pre-judged any challenges to Obamacare.

Harris did not attend Barrett’s confirmation hearings, instead, railing against Senate GOP leaders’ decision to meet in person to conduct the process instead of delaying until after the election and choosing to attend via spotty teleconference.

Harris continued on Thursday by invoking the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name to score points against Barrett:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg advocated for human rights and equality, stood up for the rights of women, and so much more. Now, everything she fought for is in jeopardy. Republicans are trying to roll back Americans’ rights by replacing her with someone who will undo her legacy.

A Morning Consult/Politico survey published Wednesday found that 51 percent of respondents support Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court — and the share of voters supporting her installation on the court only rose after last week’s confirmation hearings.

When Trump first nominated Barrett in late September, only 37 percent of voters supported her confirmation. Harris remained steadfast in her relentless commitment to opposing Donald Trump no matter the will of the people.

Harris’s announcement that she opposes the legitimate confirmation of a Supreme Court justice that the majority of Americans support may be a preview into how Harris will govern the nation if given the opportunity — don’t expect her to serve America, expect America to serve her.

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69 Responses

      1. If it were reversed,the dems would have done this same .theyre lying to the public like it’s never happen before .its been done everytime when a seat comes open.they just go crazy every time things dont go their way .they say they would pack the court .see dont let these evil dems fool u .

        1. Timothy – your language is despicable. Just lets us know that you are not worth being listened to.
          You are among the ignorant people who are spoiling our country. While I really hate Harris, using that language is unacceptable.

          1. If Harris cares so much, then why didn’t she do her duty, show up and vote. She is a crook and one of the most dishonest people in congress, right behind Joe “The Big Guy” Biden.

    1. Actually, she wants to be President and knows that will happen quickly, if mealy-mouth-joe happens to win the election; he won’t have the mental ability, or physical stamina to last more than a few weeks and will step aside, so the harris-camel can be sworn in as president. Let’s present a united front and NOT allow any of that to happen.

        1. Only naturally born citizens are eligible to be president / vice-president per The United States Constitution.
          She needs to be thrown off the ballot.

      1. Randy We did. Trump has our two votes. I thank God for common sense. Kamala Harris is not a good woman for Americans. She is totally out of control and does not know what our country needs and is all about. Trump has delivered then China intervene with the help of the left and maybe just maybe Biden was sent to China to suck butt .

    2. I wouldn’t want her to be our local dog catcher, much less the VP (and soon to be President when Biden’s dementia gets bad.

    3. Actually Harris is plotting how she will depose Biden & take over. She refers to the Harris administration already as though she and Pelosi are already in office. Not bad for a child born of non citizens and patently ineligible for the Senate office let alone being a natural born citizen as stated in the Constitution. This cannot be allowed by Congress & the DOJ. This is conspiracy to commit high treason to userp the office. At least Obama, if that’s his real name , had 1 citizen parent although likely born in Kenya and being a foreign born citizen.

      1. And don’t forget that Obama-Soetoro was adopted by an Indonesian, became an Indonesian, was noted as a great student of the Quran, apparently went to college as a foreign exchange student, declared there is no greater sound than the Muslim call to prayer, spent twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright, who preached “God da## America!” And spent millions to have Perkins Koie law firm seal all those records forever!

        1. The former potus, Barak Obama, as he is known, is the illegitimate offspring of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham and some (???) black man.
          Her dad had his boss transfer him to Hawaii so he could get her away from the black boys. It did not work.
          Barak Obama was a foreign (Kenya) student @ U of H. He was already married and had 3 kids, I think.
          He was one of the black guys she dated. When she told Mr. Obama she was pregnant, he immediately packed his things and moved to the NE part of the U.S.A. to get away from her.
          Shortly thereafter, she met/married another black man from Indonesia where they moved and put her son, Barry Dunham, into a militant muslim school for several
          years. Because of her health they returned to Hawaii where Barry attended high school and was rsised by her parents.
          Read “The Obama Nation” by Jerome Sorsi.

  1. Kamala herself is a sham! She is not a natural born citizen and not eligible to be potus or vp! MUST be born on U.S. soil AND to parents who are citizens. She was born in Oakland, CA but her parents were not citizens, they were foreign nationals. Obama himself, was never eligible because his Kenyan, British subject father wasn’t a U.S. citizen. BOTH of them are frauds.

    1. There is no DNA to prove who Barry Dunham’s father actually is. His mom dated every black boy she could. He looks like his mother who, of course, is white.

    2. You are absolutely right. But don’t worry because I think she will go the way Hillary went. Will always try to divide,
      to tear down the GOP. She will keep trying as Hillary did, for years, complaining that something was ‘fixed’.
      Poor me, I was supposed to be winner, because of popularity vote. Well, her quick retreats, because a situation
      is not to her benefit. But ‘ out there ‘ she dives into the applause, that grin she has is demonic.

  2. All of us DEPLORABLES &many independents & moderate DEMO–C–RATS know a lot about KUMALOT HARRIS “PARTY GIRL GALORE ” so there is no surprise of her BABYISH HATE GAMES !!! Because of that there is no place for her at the TOP ,there is honestly no place for her doing any part of trying to run our U.S.A. where she is now !!!

  3. I wouldn’t want here near the White House she not fit to vice president she lies lies……………….and she’s going to hell she broke one of the commandments they shall not lie she couldn’t tell the truth if it hit her in the head.


  4. No surprise, if she isn’t agreed with she throws a tantrum and behaves like a petulant child. God help us if Biden/Harris win this election. She will end up as President within a couple of months of Joe taking office, she and dirt bag Pelosi will take control and RUIN our great nation. I believe there is a war brewing no matter who wins, if that happens the public will lose.

  5. The Bottom Line ?

    Even More Reprehensible ?

    The Prayer Across America ?
    TRUMP IN 2020 !

  6. This message board just becomes more tasteless and grotesque every time I view the comments. But they apparently represent the voice of people of the lowest character in this country. The UnAmerican Digest just seems to breed this sort, a sad reflection on the character of the President who attracts them to him.

    1. If you evil Republicans would just let down your high morals and values and love the alternate lifestyle nongender specific trannys and kidd lovers like myself this would be a better country.
      Vote Biden for freedom

      1. Oh yes so they can abort babies after there born raise taxes go communism you silly fool hope you like your freedom taken away

      2. Republicans don’t hate people with alternate lifestyles. Don’t listen to the Democrat Party or the media, please. We are all God’s creation, & He loves us all equally.

        1. Those alt lifestyle people are in our faces attacking our normal natural way of life then they deserve our undivided hatred!

      3. Dear Alt: I hope you really get what you want. I wont be here to see it, but I will be laughing my but off while I am rolling around. I know that you think you know what you want, so I hope that you get it. You see dems have wanted to be [email protected] for such a long time, that it hurts them to be free thinking people. They like being told that they are good [email protected], Even dem leaders think of themselves as good [email protected] So you see dems don’t have leaders because they are all [email protected] None of them can think, that is why when they don’t get their way they start throwing tantrums, if that does not work then they start Burning Looting Murdering little children. Just remember this equation, [email protected], Communism, Maoism, Demoism, Bidenism, Harrisism are all the same thing. So if you want to be a [email protected], Communism, Maoism, Demoism, Bidenism, Harrisism [email protected] I wish you luck. All you need to do is move to Russia, or China, they love having [email protected]

    2. Wow seriously your going there? You should be proud to be an American and if your a true patriot someone who served this country and protected it like I did! there should be no way you’d want some one like Harris who was a pariah on society placing many African Americans in prison for things she admitted to doing herself! Barrett made her look foolish putting her right in her place! It’s sad what has happened to the Democratic Party, the democrats of today are nothing like the democrats of yesterday! Way to many people out there thinking they are entitled! Your not entitled to anything you don’t earn! Corruption runs deep in those party lines and the last thing we need in high level positions, are corrupt politicians!


    1. Stanislaus you carry my dad’s name. First time I see this name. Where are you from?? I like the way you express yourself.

  8. if they can cheat there way in and get by the battles this country is going to the dogs or down the toilet whatever you want to call it

  9. You are a true witch do you think you really count I dont think so
    go lay a egg cackle then visit all the roosters You are trash

  10. Now if memory serves me correctly, I do believe the Democrts tried to impeach the President of the U.S. and I do believe they spent a lot of taxpayer’s money to do that SHAM. Judge Barrett has more smarts in her little finger than Harris has in her whole body. Harris should keep your mouth shut, because we know how she got where she is and it wasn’t nice.

  11. Harris is just another immoral bimbo who slept her way up in politics. What she has to say has absolutely no validity. The democrats could not find anyone decent to run in this race…and came out with two of the worst candidates. Any people who would cast a vote for them… are in the same category.

  12. She doesn’t want to be VP, she wants to be President. That’s why the Dems have put her up for election to VP. As soon as they can do it they will get rid of Biden. Sure hope the those people relalize that.

  13. Harriss’ behaviour, along with the rest of the demonrats , should show any thinking American just who they are! Harris is aping obuttheads arrogance, condescension, and sense of entitlement. If they don’t get their way, they have a tantrum. Piglosi is doing the same thing! Do we want the likes of them running our country? I should rephrase that to “ ruining” our country. Obutthead started it, if Biden can steal this election, the Obutthead agenda of ruining, bankrupting, selling out our country will be fulfilled! Do not let that happen! Vote RED, keep our country free!

  14. He’s “”Impostor in USA & born in Kenya !!!!24th Oct.”20 watchers/ listeners : Allemange ( 12:24AM samstag ) Heute ..

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