May 17, 2022

Harris laments COVID-19 pushing women out of workforce as Biden administration dodges on reopening schools

Amid a catastrophic weather crisis sweeping the Southwest, the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and political unrest gripping the nation, Vice President Kamala Harris just sounded the alarm about another national emergency: Women leaving the workforce.

Harris declared on Thursday that women leaving the workforce due to coronavirus is a true “national emergency” that Joe Biden and the legislature need to address in upcoming coronavirus relief legislation.

According to the Times, “2.5 million women who have left the workforce since the beginning of the pandemic,” compared to 1.8 million men that have left the workforce in the same timeframe.

Women have reportedly been disproportionately forced out due to the combined pressures of pandemic-related layoffs and burgeoning childcare duties compounded by school closures — closures which the Biden administration is shockingly comfortable with.

Harris is alarmed about the number of women exiting the workforce, and said during a conference call with women’s advocacy groups that “our economy cannot fully recover unless women can participate fully … In one year, the pandemic has put decades of the progress we have collectively made for women workers at risk.”

Harris stumped for the Biden administration’s latest coronavirus relief policy, claiming that provisions within the bill will provide tax relief and billions of dollars in childcare assistance.

Though Biden’s bill would provide billions in assistance for reopening K-12 schools — the biggest reason women are being forced out of their jobs — Biden’s administration has been unable to come up with a concrete timeline or plan to actually open the schoolrooms of America.

Harris’s platitudes about supporting women in the workplace feel about as empty as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s triumphant proclamation earlier this week that Biden is helping the nation’s small businesses recover from coronavirus by nominating a woman to lead the Small Business Administration.

When it comes down to taking real action to support American businesses and workers, there is no real plan.
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Shirley (@guest_1142856)
1 year ago

Pure BS. She cares about no one except Her own high opinion of herself. Big loser and fraud.

DONNA Weber (@guest_1142868)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

Why should she be any different than the rest of the demonrats

Frank (@guest_1142874)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

I TOTALLY agree, TYPICAL democrat!!!!

Robin Lynn Muench (@guest_1142914)
Reply to  Frank
1 year ago

No sir…she is evil to the core! She doesn’t care about the American people, just POWER. Democrat is too mild of a description of her! No, I’m not a dem, I am a proud conservative! God help us all. That craxy woman will be President soon…mark my words. Biden is home eating apple sauce and drinking milk.

DD Wesner (@guest_1142888)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

JUST WAIT, they have “ONLY” been their a MONTH and the WORST IS YET TO COME, like the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND !!!

Joanne MORTENSEN (@guest_1143433)
Reply to  DD Wesner
1 year ago

more like evil leading the blind you may as well talk to a box of rocks when you address biden he is only good for signing his doom to America, that the evil doers put in front of him

Eddie Price (@guest_1142909)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

How about getting them back in the workforce and then it won’t be a National emergency. Open the states back up you imbecile!

patricia (@guest_1143910)
Reply to  Eddie Price
1 year ago


Bo (@guest_1142969)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

And who do you think trump thought only about it sure wasn’t America or it’s citizens

TIMOTHY TROSTEL (@guest_1142984)
Reply to  Bo
1 year ago

maybe you should just look at all the good things trump did ! what did he do with his pay checks ? what are you another commie?

Kayla Martinez (@guest_1143031)
Reply to  Bo
1 year ago

quit drinking the liberal Kool-Aid! That’s all President Trump thought of!!!!!! Guess you think Biden-Harris and even Obama is thinking of America! WOW!

A Seeker (@guest_1143050)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

You are NOT WRONG! You hit the TARGET!

Ken of Mo (@guest_1143814)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

Woman wouldn’t be leaving the work force if their children were still in schools. Is this idiot to damn stupid to see that fact.

maryAbboud (@guest_1151145)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

i agree.

ICE (@guest_1142871)
1 year ago

DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN Could care less he gets paid regardless of whether women are able to work or schools are open. The less education the younger generation has the easier it will be to keep them on Government programs such as welfare This is one reason BIDEN is not pushing for schools to reopen that and if women can not work because they have to care for their children that is that many jobs that are available to his PRECIOUS ILLEGALS !

bruce (@guest_1142887)
Reply to  ICE
1 year ago

Whoa! getting kind of harsh, but I agree you hit the nail right on the head.

Cmac (@guest_1142891)
Reply to  ICE
1 year ago

Kamel doesn’t give a d**n either. All this is for her is a phot-op to get her face and name in the news in preparation for her taking over from Slo Joe.

Diane Elmer (@guest_1142872)
1 year ago

She has no clue ..oh, and she’s talking to the leaders of other countries? I don’t know who’s worst her or Biden.

Robin Lynn Muench (@guest_1142923)
Reply to  Diane Elmer
1 year ago

She smokes too much pot. She admits being proud of it. When the 3:00 am comes, how in hell, is she going to handle it? Biden will be asleep, not that he could help anyway! Pretty scary stuff. You saw what happened with Hillary and Benghazi! She either giggles all of the time or is pissed off. Evil and messed up woman!

William J Heard (@guest_1142875)
1 year ago

Perhaps Harris should recognize the numbers of ALL who have lost their jobs due to business’s closed by the economic destruction accomplished by the restrictions which are not really working. We are supposedly still locked down in Calif but to look at the stores and traffic on the freeways, it seems most are ignoring the draconian demands as in Florida and the number of cases are dropping. Hmmm, maybe herd immunity is finally developing after all, since the distribution and administering of the vaccines are all fouled up again ……. Seems she could be showing more concern over the people suffering and in need of power, water and heat from the Polar storm right now ………….

Lila Wallum (@guest_1142971)
Reply to  William J Heard
1 year ago

And put them on a row boat without oars.

patricia (@guest_1143911)
Reply to  William J Heard
1 year ago

done by the democrat administration

Orsen (@guest_1142877)
1 year ago

Can someone take her and Pelosi fishing please

Steve (@guest_1142930)
Reply to  Orsen
1 year ago

On it!!

Wes (@guest_1142879)
1 year ago

Shirley is right on. Never seen so many narcissistic people trying to tell others what is best. Just leave us alone. We did not go to Dumb University like they did. I was taught to do things right. I make mistakes. But I do not go out and intentionally ruin others lives. I have been helping people for over forty years. These people need to go to re-education camp. They are nasty. Their values and moral sense got lost somewhere. Counseling is a must.

Joan Hinman (@guest_1142885)
1 year ago

It is to be expected. He or Kamala do not care for the citizens of the USA.

Pam King (@guest_1142889)
1 year ago

She wants to look important doesn’t she. Anyone in their right mind can see right through what she is doing. I would like to know where all the crap of women thinking that don’t matter. Women do matter, God tells that we are the helper of our husbands and that we are equal to him. We have our own place and women who are married and have children are to be home with them to raise them. That does not mean women can not work, I a am so sick of hear that women thinking they are not be counted.

Steve (@guest_1142932)
Reply to  Pam King
1 year ago

Agree. Plus…if she cared so very much then why is she such a forceful pusher of fetal collections, I mean Planned Parenthood.

RDB (@guest_1142890)
1 year ago

Will anyone realize what and where the demarate party started? It started with the KKK. And no! They’ve become close to being the Brown shirts, called “NAZIS”.

RC (@guest_1142894)
1 year ago

No doubt many won’t agree, but I feel that in many cases women should leave the workforce. Don’t misunderstand. There are jobs women do better than men and also jobs men do better than women. As a very young man I experienced the soft tender touch of tough old Navy nurses. A man simply doesn’t have that ability. One very important job is being a stay at home mom and taking care of the kids. In my opinion, there aren’t many jobs that are any tougher than seeing that a couple of kids get off to school in the morning and seeing that they’re simply well cared for. Put with those things keeping the home up properly and one has what I feel is one of the hardest and important jobs (occupation would be a better way to put it) around.

Phillippi (@guest_1142898)
1 year ago

Harris is a dumb a..!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1142913)
Reply to  Phillippi
1 year ago

Camelhump is an American hating POS, just like biden!

Kathy (@guest_1142910)
1 year ago

Her and creepy Biden care about nothing but themselves and China. They are going to make us pay for their millions of free loading illegal immigrants with our hard earning tax dollars. They stay home having children on your money while you work to death to pay it. Now that’s the Biden way.

Krystyna (@guest_1142912)
1 year ago

I just see a question “should Obama join the congress ?”
I say No !!!!! It would be like rewarding Him for His crimes against USA Government,
He deserves to be endited and prosecuted for his crimes !!!!!!!!

cheryl (@guest_1142925)
1 year ago

We need Trump back in office to clean house of all the trash to be taken out. He was standing up for our country. He was the one who supported the 2000 stimulus check, not the idiots that are there now. We already have homeless people here not to mention all the people out of jobs. Yet we have all these immigrants brought in to receive the first stimulus checks of 1400. Please stand up for our country and PRAY for a miracle.

judith (@guest_1142944)
1 year ago

That woman is wacko, She was part of the BLM and Antifa group that let the Roitors in the capital. She probably slept with everyone in the government to get where she is. She should be IMPREACHED along with Pelosi, Schumer, waters, warren Hillary for the mess they caused President Trump. These crazy Democrats will get what’s coming to them sooner or later. Let’s Hope it is sooner. This virus, that they are say is dangerous is nothing but the flu, they want to scare the America people into getting this vaccine. Why 2 vaccines, We have the worse flu’s than this and never had to get a vaccine for it. That vaccine is just another way to control the people and track you. don’t take it. it will give you virus instead of preventing you from getting it.

patti miller (@guest_1142949)
1 year ago

I can’t even stand to look at her or dementia joe they are evil anti-American traitors If i had one wish right now it would be President Trump was still our president!

Kayla Martinez (@guest_1142981)
Reply to  patti miller
1 year ago

I agree with you on wanting President Trump back as our President. I miss him so much, as does many Americans! But I have to say, dementia is in no way funny. I don’t know, if he really has it or not. He’s caused chaos for 50 years. I have family members who have suffered from dementia and it was horrible! So, it’s nothing to make light of.

Kayla Martinez (@guest_1142951)
1 year ago

He is the most arrogant man, who has ever served (so far.) Most American’s never want to hear his voice or lay eyes on him, ever again. He’s Anti- Israel and pro Iran. Biden has destroyed everything President Trump accomplished , through his executive orders, which are unconstitutional) Less than a month and he has caused so much damage! He and Harris. She hates this country and they are trying to take away our God given rights!

Buck (@guest_1142953)
1 year ago

“Come on man” if the kids go back to school Herd Immunity will happen faster. There goes our Scamdemic!

Rev4God (@guest_1142954)
1 year ago

If she really cares about the problems with America, she and the rest of he clowns should all resign and let the true president and his workforce start fixing our nation with God’s help. God is not going to bless America because of all the deceit and corruption.

Sad (@guest_1142958)
1 year ago

Everything being posted his the truth. This 4yrs., are going to be weird and disgusting. Anyone serving should see a nut doctor and be cleared to run for office. This determination should be done by an outside physician. God help US ALL!!

sandra hochella (@guest_1142965)
1 year ago

Harris has no plan nor does sleepy joe. seems to me like we have sown the wind and now we are reaping the whirlwind.

Kathleen (@guest_1142991)
1 year ago

She’s so deplorable. What a phony!

Scott Romain (@guest_1143054)
1 year ago

As I said yesterday, stupider by the day

Larry Gaines (@guest_1143122)
1 year ago

Harris is a Crooked Bi**h and only cares about herself and will screw the Citizens

McRant (@guest_1143146)
1 year ago

1. Taxpayer dollars are being used to pay full salaries and benefits to teachers who refuse to work….for more than a year now. Chicago teachers say forcing them to go to work is racist (of course). LA teachers say they won’t go back until the police department is defunded (of course).
2. STOP PAYING THEM IMMEDIATELY! Guarantee back to work in one month.
3. Why shouldn’t parents who have to lose income by providing home education and care for their kids be paid by the funds teachers are getting for NOT working?

Roy Miller (@guest_1143167)
1 year ago

Bo are you completely blind and nuts. !! Trumps goal was always for the American people. Did someone give you a scoop of horse manure for brains ?

Brindley (@guest_1143204)
1 year ago

Ms Harris only cares about her self…her English/Jamaican/Indian self. She as the President both have short-term memory loss and invent situations and/or commentary to benefit self. They both, as has been recorded for time, received their vaccinations (COVID–Pfizer) before Christmas when, according to them, there was no vaccine. She is simply belaboring the point that now women have to care for the children because the all powerful UNIONS that contributed millions to their campaigns are in control….in all areas of work from school to oil and gas and everything else that the Unions control. As we see daily, the left hand does not know what the right hand thinketh or sayeth or doeth. They speak with forked tongues!!! Look at the states where schools have been open all school year–since August–NO MAJOR COVID OUTBREAK IN GRADES K-12!!!…NOT AMONG STUDENTS NOR TEACHERS. Texas has been open since the beginning of the school year….NO OUTBREAK!!! It’s all about the LEFT narrative…and hoping that more will continue drinking the Kool Aid!

horntex (@guest_1143271)
1 year ago

They’ll just use that as a phony excuse to replace them with illegals.

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