February 25, 2021

Harris says ‘conversation’ about court packing can’t be had without addressing Trump’s judicial appointments

Vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris just decided to jump fully on board the brand-new Democrat narrative that re-defines “court-packing” as placing GOP judges in vacant federal and Supreme Court seats. 

Democrat nominee Joe Biden has refused to give an answer to anyone about his position on expanding the Supreme Court, but his running mate took it upon herself during a Thursday interview to intervene on his behalf.

Harris told CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon that Biden doesn’t want to commit to a position “because our opponents are trying to create a distraction.”

She quickly pivoted to the new party line on the concept of court-packing, accusing Donald Trump of being the real proponent of the controversial concept.

Harris explained:

Seriously, if we want to talk about court-packing, can we please talk about — and I’ve witnessed this firsthand on the Senate Judiciary Committee. They’ve been, one after another, nominating people who are unqualified, people who refuse to say that Brown v. Board of Education is precedent. Do you know that they put 50 people on the lifetime federal court of appeals and not one is black? I mean — I just — I’m sorry, but I can’t have a conversation about court-packing, around something that has not even happened yet, which is who is going to be the next president, without dealing with what they’ve been doing for the last few years.

There is no issue that the Democrats cannot link to race at this point, and Harris masterfully illustrates the left’s unwavering commitment to deflecting any criticism from themselves directly on to Donald Trump.

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out on Wednesday, there is a real definition to the phrase “packing the court,” not that Democrats would ever acknowledge it — that would not be politically expedient.

Until just over a week ago, the phrase has been used to describe the idea of “expanding the number of justices to achieve a political outcome” — typically in reference to the Supreme Court — in order to achieve a partisan majority to advance policy goals.

It does not mean “filling judicial vacancies,” Cruz added. Democrats know that they can’t stop Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, so in their desperation to score political points against the GOP, they’ll try to paint Republicans that work with Trump to fill court vacancies as the real transgressors.

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62 Responses

  1. Why dont the demorats stop they know they cant win with lie after lie. We the people are not stupid…….they all need to be replaced

      1. Too many are not stupid but rather filled with irrational rage against President Trump! Hatred is very powerful—we see it in many Democrats!

    1. that is why they are trying to steal the election with fake votes and submission by mail of dead people and even pets.

  2. Democrats need to realize that the definition of court packing is expanding the court from 9 justices to any number over 9 to make the court accomplish a political agenda. The filling of a court vacancy legally required by a President is not court packing. Yes, there was a vacancy in 2016 that was not filled by the Senate. That’s the problem when the Senate and the President are not from the same political party as President Trump and the majority in the Senate are. President Trump and the majority in the Senate are both Republican, hence the filling of the Supreme Court vacancy.

    1. In 2016 Obama was a lame duck president and not eligible for re-election. In 2020, Trump is president, not lame duck and is eligible for re-election.

      1. The constitution says, Article 2 Section 2, The President shall nominate and senate will confirm, or not to fill a SCOTUS vacancy…. Thats just paraphrasing. It doesn’t say anything regarding whether or not its an election year. RGB said the President is elected for 4 years, not 3.

    2. The democrats are not a logical group of politicians. They are set on undermining anything that the president does by any means which includes twisting everything around so they can blame him. Outright lying is always the top option.

    1. what do you expect from someone who slept their way to the top – she doesn’t have the nickname headboard harris for nothing. She was willy browns mistress for years before she got appointed by him to be a DA in SF.

  3. It is the President’s responsibility to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court. The President has done this by appointing Amy Barrett fill the vacancy created by Ruth Bader Ginburg’s death. When you are adding additional justices instead of filling one vacancy, you are packing the court. End of discussion!

    1. This is fact. The president did his job when there was a vacancy of Ginburg’s death. The democrats are fired up because of doing so and by doing so there is a sway to the right and they are not having any part of it so they want to pack the court to get their way. Moving the goal post again to get their way. This is not right and we all know it. End of story, period!

  4. The demogogs changed the rules about a filabuster for court appointments and need they be reminded they were told not a good idea and sure enough it is biting them in the butt

  5. Do I understand Harris to be opposed to the incumbent president – whoever than may be either now or in the future – nominating judges to fill vacancies? If that is “court packing” will she be opposed to it if Biden wins? Would she oppose Biden nominating federal judges who are likely to support his programs? If, should Biden hold the Presidency and the Democrats the Senate, an opening on the Supreme Court occurs in his fourth year, will she oppose him seating a justice?

  6. All the Democrats know to do is use the race card for everything because they don’t know anything else except take all our rights and money away. AND LIE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

  7. Lying, Twisting The Truth, Deflecting, Inventing Unrelated Examples, Distorting Reality, Never Answering The Question. These are all common Democratic tactics, that seem to define who and what they’re all about. We the people of this country, need to have the facts from both sides of the aisle. Enough of the game playing. You are elected to represent us, not your personal or collective agendas. The Framers of our Constitution, should have included a Fourth Branch, responsible for making sure, the other three are performing as required by their defined responsibilities. The latter Branch would serve as an impartial Internal Affairs Review Board. Those who failed the review, would be ineligible to run again.

  8. Headboard Harris is slowly finding out what it’s like to be in closely scrutinized times. To NOT be in control must be tearing her apart. Because BIDEN is near comatose (without drugs holding him upright mentally) the press is turning to her for answers … Yep, the same guys that SHE thought would be after PRESIDENT TRUMP & COMPANY.

    Yet …. the American Dream for Her is to get The Oval Office, and become the ruler of the Free World. She is borderline insane to have such a notion …. ideas like that only come from those desperate for POWER. She doesn’t give a DAMN about BIDEN, for he is merely a means to her end. “Kammie” is finding out day-by-day that she is not going to make it. The good news? It will come early November 4, when she and Creepy Joe will be buried by a Republican avalanche. Then she will become but a footnote in US political history.

    She has been DISGRACEFUL since she took center stage at the Kavanaugh hearings. The ledger that she will have compiled by Election Day will be insurmountable

    1. Stupidity is inherent in democrats. I wonder how her husband feels about her sleeping her way up and having everyone in the world know it. I see a divorce in my crystal ball.

  9. “The cat is out of the bag”
    Harris just let the cat out by finally acknowledged that they will put as many judges in the Supreme Court to fullfill their agendas. As Amrricans are not stupids or ignorants, we know the difference from replacing a vacancy and filling the court. One judge is not equal as many judges. Kamala Harris just showed us that she is in charge. This is why she said before, “The Harris administrstion”. She is using Joe Biden as a puppet to get to the presidency. This is tipical of the Dems. Can anyone remember what happened to Bernie Sanders after his meeting with Obama? How many more scandals will we hear about the Dems before election day? God bless Americs!! God bless president Trump

  10. And not to mention Nancy Pelosi already started proceedings to remove Biden. This way Nancy one step closer. But Kamala wil be President Not Biden.
    Brown, Pelosi and Newsome are ALL RELATED Swing partners, cousins, Nephews all flock together and their families have for decades.

  11. The Justices who have been appointed by President Trump are truly qualified, and will make their decisions according to the Constitution. This reality is “unqualified” for Harris and the rest of the demonrats because these honest Justices will not bend to meet the Demonratic liberal destruction of this Nation. Harris does not have the morals, principles and values that true Americans possess. Harris is a Traitor to the USA as her Communist blood demonstrates.

  12. Kamala Harris fits the definition Slut when she was shacking up with Willie Brown a married man to advance her political career.If Biden becomes President and dies in office, do you want a Slut to be President of the U.S.A.

  13. I’m going to use a word that some people have applied to the president, despicable, not only are the Dems despicable they are also evil. And any time you would elect people like Biden and Harris just because you don’t like the way somebody “acts” I would consider you to not be very smart at all because if they get into office it will take a civil war or 50-60 years to fix the mess they’d make.
    I have relatives who have no conception whatsoever of what they would do to the country and some some of the pundits I hear on T.V. seem not to fully comprehend the resulting catastrophe. If they win you will hear things like how to Fox News off the air and shut down Rush and the scarved witch will talk about “punishing” Republicans. She has hinted at that in the past.

  14. Why shouldn’t Trump pick the judges he wants? Every president before him has done that. Even some of the very best Presidents. Sometimes, that’s the only way you can get true fairness.

  15. If Kamala Harris wants to blame anyone for empty positions being filled, she should look no further than obiden since this dynamic duo left all the positions open in the first place. And just what were they doing instead of nominating candidates for all openings?

    1. They were playing dirty politics, trying to screw over a political opponent, by using the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, and other federal agencies to spy on the Trump campaign. Then he was busy helping China steal the country blind. Ya! this pair were really busy, trying to destroy the nation, to get rich.

  16. While Harris wants to talk about the judges that Trump has appointed that are republicans. Why doesn’t she want to mention that Obama got over 400 judges appointed?

  17. Feinsteins religion is very telling, it is hard to believe in nothing, but she tries very hard to keep her faith. The DOG LIVES IN HER AND IT IS QUITE VICIOUS.

  18. It’s not about stupid. It is about telling that lie. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals reminds us that if you tell a lie often enough, long enough, somebody will start to believe. Where there’s smoke there is fire! Whoopie Goldberg is still telling people that nobody was ever walking on the moon. That is why the Marxists keep spinning the whoppers, the bigger the better. Howard Zimm rewrote our American history with a decidedly Marxist, anti-American bent. That version was adopted by school boards and is being taught throughout our school systems for over a decade. That is where all these kids come from that are tearing down our statues and monuments. That is what produced a Colin Kaepernick. Nobody was paying attention while those lies were being spread. The Left has been working on this since before the 70s. It is here and it is growing. It will take another 50 years of organized effort to counter its effects. Starting in the schools. Just like the Left did.

  19. The “Oath” That Elected Government Officials swear to when they take any office should include a “Termination Clause” when a Elected Official is Proven to have Not fulfilled their Obligations & Promise to “We The People” of The United States of America!!

  20. Harris and Biden are a scary duo. Yes, it’s Harris and Biden, not the other way around. If these two win, America will look like Nicaragua in 6 months. We’ll be standing in line to buy tissue paper. Kiss your first and second amendment rights good bye. Everybody will be trying to move to another country. We have fought hard for our freedoms, and we cannot and will not allow this to happen.

  21. Democrates even screw democrates , their policy is lie to me and you , their not telling you there true agenda . Bankrupt America , then who will you be bowing to ?

  22. What happend in our Country now is a FAR CRY from the IDEALS which our FOUNDING PARENTS wished for the future GENERATIONS! They HONORED the LAWS of God! The Ten Commandments, the Two Golden Rules and the Beautitudes! And they tried to pratice NEVER TO COMMIT the SEVEN DEADLY SINS! What are the SEVEN DEADLY SINS?
    1. Pride! 2. Envy! 3. Glottony! (If you do not know this word, please, look it up!!) 4. Greed! 5. Lust! 6. Sloth (If you do not know this word, please, look it up!) 7. Wrath! (What is with all the burning of buildings , the detrucion of the PHYSICAL RECORDS in honor of our HISTORY and the damaging of properties of others, and the KILLINGS? Those were and are actions of Wraths! However, be wear, the WRATH of God have NO LIMIT! Never try to be in competation with HIM with regad to who is MIGHTIER? He is the ONLY POWWER In this UNIVERSE which HE ALONE CREATED! NEVRE TO CHALENGE the CREATOR, Who is slow in Agner and Long in Patience! When HE decide that the MEASURE is UP, HIS WRATH could not be Matched! HEAVEN, HELL or PURGOTORY? OUR CHOICE! By how we are now living our lives, at this very moemnt until death visits each soul! Yes, SOUL! That is the BREATH of God when He created ADAM. God never letting go of HIS POWER! HE is now giving US the TIME that we need to return to HIM by living in HIS WORDS! This time is for us to do our needed REPENTENCES, be ready for HIS CALL to return to the EARTH! To face HIS JUEGEMENTS! That TIME IS NOW! One never knows, if one will be here TOMORROW? NOW IS THE TIME, REPENT RIGHT NOW!!
    Try to spend each day not to engage in any of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS! HELL is COLD, DARK AND PAINFUL! There is NO END of pain in HELL and it is for EVER! Where God is absent, there is no LIGHT, thus, no HEAT (The Fires of Hell is simply the extrem coldness that appears to be red!) and NO MERCY! We are now living within the TIME OF MERCY! Once this TIME PERIOD ends, we all must face HIS JUSTICE! To each whose very own reward, or punishment! Believe it or not is OUR PERSONAL BUSINESS! God is with US 7/24! He know exactly what is going on within each one of us! Not one thing that HAPPENED within each minite through out this UNIVERSE is unknown to HIM! Because, HE is the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS WHITHIN THIS UNIVERSE! Who could out done or out think over the ONE WHO CREATED ALL THINGS, including oneslef? NO ONE, but HIM alone! Live within HIS WORDS, and do not WORRY! “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! Carary your corss and follow me!” Do it, and give HIM ALL of our GRATITUDEDS with LOVE! This is the TIME for all us to collect ouselvse and do our Penences… HOPE FOR HEAVEN! Stop committing SIN! “Go and SIN NO MORE!” John 8:11. Jesus, please, be with us, have mercy on all of us! Amen! Look at the Cruifix and think…”HE WAS SINLESS… and this was how HE DIED for ME….? Am I worhty………?” Heaaven is waitng for all those who LOVE GOD by LIVING IN HIS WORD! “If you love me, keep my Commandments!” John 14:15

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