April 22, 2021

Kamala Harris campaigns for Vice President, says she would be ‘honored’ if Biden chooses her

Democrat nominee Joe Biden is reportedly planning to announce his vice presidential pick by August, and the race for who will be his running mate is heating up.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is angling hard for the position since it would set her up to replace Biden if he steps down after his potential first term. 

Failed 2020 presidential candidate Harris accelerated rumors that she is at the top of Biden’s list by telling “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert on Wednesday that she would be “honored” if Biden chose her.

Biden had previously pledged to choose a female running mate, and he is now under increasing pressure to choose a woman of color as well due to the contentious fight over racial justice.

“I’d be honored if asked, and I’m honored to be a part of the conversation,” Harris told Colbert. “But honestly, let me just tell you something. I will do everything in my power wherever I am to help Joe Biden win. I believe this is the most — and this is not rhetoric — I truly believe this is the most important election of our lifetime.”

Harris raised eyebrows in the early days of the 2020 election by viciously attacking Biden over his anti-busing record. When asked about how the two have reconciled since then, she dismissed her previously harsh criticism of Biden by tacitly admitting that the debate was just a show for the cameras.

“It was a debate, she said. “Literally, it was a debate. It was called a debate. … I am 1,000% supportive of Joe Biden, and I will, again, do everything I can to make sure he’s elected.”

Who do you think Biden will choose as his VP? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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40 Responses

    1. Kamala Harris is nothing but a big racist just like most of the black politicians. But don’t forget people like Ben Carson and there are a bunch just like him, great people.

  1. Did Harris pay The American Digest to run this tripe? Kamala Harris is the most ruthlessly ambitious Indian female in America, willing to do anything, anything to get ahead. For someone who ruthlessly slept her way to the top, she is known to lie, cheat and steal her way to greater “success”. She even claims credit for the success of the Civil Rights movement in the mid 1960’s while she was in a diaper, suckling her breast milk. She has harmed hundreds of thousands. She has cold cocked people who helped her over and over. Everyone knows Joe Biden won’t make it in office for more than a few months. Harris isn’t even legally able to become a US President as she was an anchor baby of 2 Foreign Students. She is not an African American. Her father is Jamaican, and has more slave owning ancestors than slaves. Willie Brown regrets breaking the law to help Harris, but Harris will do anything. Anything, and Willie is and was a Fool who was bought and paid for himself.

  2. Biden will select Michelle Obama. We all know that. If by chance Biden were to win the election, he would step down, bring Barack back into the White House. Michelle would become his puppet and the United State would be set up once again to suffer under Obama’s want to destroy this country.

    1. Yes you nailed it, and if this were to happen , biden would not be in theWH DC a 100 days and he would be out on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave waiting on the trash truck to pick him up. I’m just trying figure out were clinton is going to fit in, sec of state again ???

    2. Right now, Michelle says she is not interested. But, right up to the last minute, my bet is also Michelle. This gets her husband in for another term. I pray the DNC does not go for it and Trump is elected!

      1. I think Hillary is in the loop. She’d give her grandkids away to be POTUS. I hate that nasty smirk on her face.

      2. To stop this from happening we must all vote for President Trump, if the Obama’s or Hillary is chosen for Biden’s running mate we are doomed, Obama will do anything to get a 3rd term, he is the one that has been trying to destroy Trump from the day he was sworn in to office..

    3. Maybe, but Moochelle likes control too. Think she would take his advise, but ultimately would want to be POTUS. Probably would cause rifts in their marriage. Why would Moochelle want to return to the WH, when she has a gated mansion 2 blocks from the WH & an estate on Martha’s Vineyard?

    4. Amen my friend. I believe you’re 100% correct the last thing we need and the office of the presidency is 2 individuals that cannot tell the truth. They don’t know how to tell the truth they don’t watch it tell the truth I last seen Kamala Harris wants to do other than smoke a joint is the ruin people’s lives especially people of color

  3. I wonder if she will give old joe the ” WILLIE BROWN DELUXE TREATMENT ” it only cost a nomination to be the VP

  4. Harris has even bought herself new soft knee pads just for being Biden’s VP. CANT IMAGINE HER AS Pres tho. She woul$ turn this country into the exact copy of Kalifornicate her dream state of communion. She is not worthy of being a VP and by all means being the Pres of this country but then neither is Biden.

  5. In the unlikely event slo joe wins, I’d take bets on his life span? With calamity harris as vp, the treasonous sow klin ton, will have her puppet in place to commit murder and become illegitimate Czar. Say bye bye joe, you were a real asshole like the rest of the left, and will not be missed, rot in hell. P. S. Any tribute to you and obo will be summarily destroyed.

  6. It don’t matter. Donald Trump will beat him likea base drum. Who in their right mind would vote for a communist?

  7. Good old Kamala truly shows her ignorance. ANYONE WHO WOULD WANT TO WORK UNDER BIDEN IS AS STUPID AS THEY COME, AND Biden needs no more stupidity….he has enough for all of America.

  8. If the debates were only for the cameras, why on earth should we care to watch them? I did not watch Dem debates, because they were not debates, they were arguments and name calling-quit after 10 minutes of the first one, but heard about the others when snippets were run on TV. Ugh! Politicians do not know how to debate! Congress does not know how to debate-they know how to interrupt, and call names, and deflect and intimidate, but they certainly do not know anything about debate. But then, you need to actually listen to and respect the other side in order to debate. Haven’t seen that in a long time in the US.

  9. Does anyone know that Harris, either grandfather or great grandfather was a slave owner? What they don’t say is Blacks owned slaves as well. More slaves went to South American then America. The democrats are allowing our history to be buried. Sacramento is removing Christopher Columbus because he was a barbarian, however, times were different at the time. Heck, the vikings were the same but the world was a different place then now.

  10. Kamala Harris is another Nancy Pelosi. Same mold. She is a snake in the grass. She thinks of heroin purse & to hell with other people. Look at her beloved Calif. What did she do for the homeless? Nothing!!! She is mean, vicious, & definitely not in this for the people.

  11. I’ve watched her during congressional hearings on CSAN. She is an uppity, snippy, b****. I guess she thinks because she gets to wear pantyhose she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. A know it all who will demand a crown. I can’t imagine her facing a world leader with that ego and arrogance. We’d be at war in the first week. That’s okay Kamala we have a VP.

  12. Maya your not qualified your attitude and disposition is not rite for anything else but what you do is just try to dominate others you have no skills for such a position
    You have no record of accomplishments our skills to work with world leaders

  13. Have fun debating Spense, Babe!!! I had a thought while showering today, a horror movie plot, Pelosi as V.P.

  14. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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