June 14, 2021

Harris-Buttigieg 2028 buzz builds after WH CoS tweets, then deletes endorsement

America is barely a month into Joe Biden’s presidency, and speculation about Kamala Harris’s presidential prospects is already in the news thanks to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain — proving the Biden’s election was just a vehicle for Harris’s ascendance.

Maintaining the farce that Biden will be around for two terms, Jennifer Rubin, self-styled “conservative” opinion columnist, responded to a comment made by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defending the expense of the proposed COVID relief bill.

Buttigieg deflected criticism of the enormous COVID relief bill by echoing Biden, saying, “This is a moment where the greatest risk we can take, as the president has said, is not the risk of doing too much. Itโ€™s the risk of doing too little.”

In an apparent swoon, Rubin then tweeted, “Harris-Buttigieg 2028”

Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, then retweeted Rubin’s tweet before quickly deleting it.

Rubin, formerly the Wall Street Journal’s token conservative columnist, supported Biden-Harris in 2020, and it seems she will be supporting Democrats for the long haul.

A Harris-Buttigieg ticket isn’t that far-fetched, though both candidates failed to go very far in the 2020 Democrat ticket race. Harris dropped out of the race before the first primary, and Buttigieg, after winning the Iowa caucuses backed down to thwart Sen. Bernie Sanders and support Biden. Buttigieg was losing steam anyway as he is too white, too male, and too elitist.

Both Klain and Rubin are overly optimistic about the success of such a ticket. Harris dropped out early in the Democrat primaries because the more Americans saw Harris the less they liked her. Four years of Harris won’t increase her popularity.

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