March 8, 2021

Harris-Buttigieg 2028 buzz builds after WH CoS tweets, then deletes endorsement

America is barely a month into Joe Biden’s presidency, and speculation about Kamala Harris’s presidential prospects is already in the news thanks to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain — proving the Biden’s election was just a vehicle for Harris’s ascendance.

Maintaining the farce that Biden will be around for two terms, Jennifer Rubin, self-styled “conservative” opinion columnist, responded to a comment made by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defending the expense of the proposed COVID relief bill.

Buttigieg deflected criticism of the enormous COVID relief bill by echoing Biden, saying, “This is a moment where the greatest risk we can take, as the president has said, is not the risk of doing too much. It’s the risk of doing too little.”

In an apparent swoon, Rubin then tweeted, “Harris-Buttigieg 2028”

Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, then retweeted Rubin’s tweet before quickly deleting it.

Rubin, formerly the Wall Street Journal’s token conservative columnist, supported Biden-Harris in 2020, and it seems she will be supporting Democrats for the long haul.

A Harris-Buttigieg ticket isn’t that far-fetched, though both candidates failed to go very far in the 2020 Democrat ticket race. Harris dropped out of the race before the first primary, and Buttigieg, after winning the Iowa caucuses backed down to thwart Sen. Bernie Sanders and support Biden. Buttigieg was losing steam anyway as he is too white, too male, and too elitist.

Both Klain and Rubin are overly optimistic about the success of such a ticket. Harris dropped out early in the Democrat primaries because the more Americans saw Harris the less they liked her. Four years of Harris won’t increase her popularity.

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74 Responses

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    1. And to think in another one of your threads you deleted my comment for accidentally leaving the word “sh*t” intact and this spammer gets his message across.

      Dropping your bookmark forever. Last you’ll hear from me.

  2. God help us all. Those are two of the worst candidates I could imagine, however it is really good for the Repblican Party. Those two DO NOT have enough experience in anything that would warrant them the top two jobs in America.

      1. You’re 100% right these 2 make about as much sense as a fart in a whirlwind, both dumb as a rock, hooked on power. GOD help us with those loons.

    1. Well you have to give Camel Hairless some credit. She does work well on her knees….from what I have read and heard. And Pete….well we all know he LOVES a good fudge packing. Don’t ya know this is where liberal America is going?

    1. Several of you commenters on here are completely missing the point. The fact that these two democrats, inexperienced as they may both be, are on the ticket is exactly the point of the dems. They are both radical and both check off the required number of minority qualifications. All they need is 45% of the voters to choose them and the rest of the needed votes will be rushed through the pollster’s doors at 2am in unmarked mail bags. As many as they need.

        1. Hey that was my name for him. Buttplug is a very apt description. So is Madame B—job. Can you just imagine the sniggering behind her back by our enemies?

    2. You got that right, just wait until they try to take our guns,all he’ll will break out for these fraudulent illegals in the whole.

    3. Criminal Joe got in, didn’t he?
      By then, all the links will have been worked out in the Dominion machines, and it won’t even matter who you vote for, Heels up, and Butt higher will probably win regardless
      Bananas anyone?

    4. I prayed, hard every day for a Trump victory, I prayed every day for the results to be in Trump’s favor, but the Democrats still took it all.
      Now, with the kangaroo court in session, and a lot to be said, I pray, I pray to our sweet Lord and Savior that one of these Dems, or a surprise witness Blows the lid right off of the can full of worms, and exposes the real truth.
      A truth that all of the Democrats and their Rino friends will have to take with them right to the gates of Heaven, where they will forever be denied eternal life in the Glory of Our Lord, and the almighty God.

  3. I wish their was one good thing I could say about Biden and the others. But I cannot. Does that usually happen considering they are President and Vice President? Tried to look at this honestly.

  4. This is a woman who said kids and college students are dumb just plain stupid a month later she says that you know what we have to lower the age for voting because of the people at that age 16 and above are so intelligent
    Depending on who she is in front of at the time and stories will change to provide a happy ending to build the world doesn’t work that way

    1. This is also a woman who, on the elen degenerate show held up a head and said that was what she wanted to do to Trump.

  5. I just hope that she will be 6 feet under long before then. She is a snake and does not deserve to walk among decent people.

  6. Hopefully Harris never is installed as Potus. The illegal immigration catch and release I have a better idea when caught arrest them and hand deliver them to Pelosi,Bidens,Schumers,Schiffs,Waters,Rangles and all liberal democrats personal residences . I wonder how long it will take for all the libs to have a change of heart when it affects them personally

    1. You know, this alongside with all of the prisoners being emptied out by the liberal judges I’m talking about rapist child rapist murderers and so forth being let loose without any kind of are ankle bracelets or anything, I have been noticing a trend happening around the country. Young kids are disappearing left and right. Coincidence?


  8. Heck, it makes no real difference who they run they can and will be victorious. Hell, they can pre-print ballots with votes for Donald Duck and Daffy Duck in enough umbers to win. They did it for Biden they can do it for anybody.

  9. What a disastrous thought for the future. Millions of ILLEGAL people tuning around the country doing NOTHING to help the country.

  10. No Harris for president, She would not make a good pimple on President Trumps butt, And Biden is one of the worse presidents we have ever had, He is just a Nancy and Summer and that bug-eyed thing from California’s pulpit, Whatever they want he is going to deliver because they hate President Trump and it looks like they hate America.

    1. Of all the people in the world we are stuck for four years with these morons. Do Kamala step know how their step mother(ops forgot we can’t use that word) got to where she is? I will refresh their memory.She slept around. So proud of our VP. Aside from the Democrats being liars, cheaters, morons and losers we can now add whore to the list.

  11. the saddess part of all this is to think I have to live with liberals and have to except there ways I live in a very liberal community and state I better never hear one complaint from them I will cram biden down their throat. Harris has no brains at all her and biden need to be in the basement together also harris I do not believe she is black!!!

    1. Grammatical corrections:

      Begin a sentence with a Capital letter (The). The people are not “liberals” but “leftists” (Big difference). … brains at all, (use a comma to separate the two thoughts) she (not her) need…….. together. (period. then new sentence) Also, I do not believe Harris is black.

      (note): Harris is not “black”, as her father was from India and mother was Puerto Rican. Also, Harris is NOT a natural born citizen, so, therefore, was (is) not eligible to be vice president or president according to the Constitution of our Republic.

    2. Grammatical corrections:

      Begin a sentence with a Capital letter (The). The people are not “liberals” but “leftists” (Big difference). … brains at all, (use a comma to separate the two thoughts) she (not her) need…….. together. (period. then new sentence) Also, I do not believe Harris is black.

      (note): Harris is not “black”, as her father was from India and mother was Puerto Rican. Also, Harris is NOT a natural born citizen, so, therefore, was (is) not eligible to be vice president or president according to the Constitution of our Republic.

      1. Democrats don’t let trivial things like the Constitution get in the way. After all, Obama served two terms as president, even though he is neither a natural born citizen nor a U.S. citizen at all.

  12. Since the bastards pushed Trump out of the way to get into the presidency, the least they can do is act like Trump and try to match the job that he was doing.

  13. Yeah my comments were vetoed almost immediately when I hit the Enter Button !!! Thought I had actually found a place where I could speak the TRUTH and it would be posted !!! Guess I was wrong !!! “God Bless America”

  14. Both nitwits & Biden will be incarcerated soon – mBiden criminal pedophile – Harris – Ho criminal instigator then there is Buttagieg – plain stupid who is to stupid to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel

  15. She was stopped from running for president in the start now how can she be let in the back door if she is not fit for the previous run

  16. All part of the plan…before the election saw her husband jumping around saying…my wife’s gonna be president………. horrible…

  17. This is a major “duhh” moment. Anybody with the sense to come in out of the rain has already figured this one out. I give Joe Biden 6 months in office, tops, before he either voluntarily leaves office, or is forced out under the 25th Amendment. If he makes a year, I’d be surprised. Then, Harris becomes POTUS, and Nancy Pelosi becomes the VP. Isn’t that nice to think about? NO! The DNC and their puppet masters arranged for Harris to be VP, just so they could insert a person of their liking into office. They picked this ultra liberal, radical, leftist, to be China Joe’s VP “pick”, which will allow them to put an otherwise unelectable person into power to do their bidding.

    1. I only disagree with one thing you said: I do not believe Biden will make it through the first 100 days.
      I also believe the United States will be in civil war before 2021 is ended. Liberals have pushed the people too far, and the people are very close to pushing back.
      The fake attack on the Capitol is part of the Liberal plan to be protected by the military when war does occur.
      My only question is; who arranged the Capitol attack: Psychotic Pelosi, Sanctimonious Schumer, or Beijing Biden?

  18. That was the plan from the start, if you didn’t know that, you weren’t paying attention! If you think, “Beijing Biden Is Bad, Wait until we have a, “Dedicated Self Serving Communist Running The USA!” GOD SAVE AMREICA!

  19. Why didn’t the world listen when senator Joe McCarthy was telling us about the communist infiltration of our government? Now out Republic is gone and we are under a banana republic rule controlled by NWO multi-billionaire despots.

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