September 26, 2022

Harris: Biggest concern is being ‘out of touch’

Vice President Kamala Harris said in an interview that will air on Sunday that her biggest concern is being “out of touch” with the American people.

The upcoming CBS “Face the Nation” interview clip was shared on Twitter.

“My biggest concern is I don’t ever want to be in a bubble when it comes to being aware of and in touch with what people need at any given moment,” she said.

“I think it’s critically important. People are— people have a right to know and believe that their government actually sees and hears them,” she also said in the video.

The comments come as Harris faces low approval ratings to end her first year in office. Much of the criticism has come from her appointment to lead the immigration response that has grown worse since her time in leadership.

The effort to change perceptions and reality will continue to face Harris in the coming year as she seeks to help America — and help her party in the coming 2022 midterms.




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